New and improved Zagat app now available on Google Play, now free for Google+ users

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Truth be told, I’m a big Yelper. Whenever I’m away from home and visiting a new city, a rely on the opinions of the locals to tell me where I should (and shouldn’t) be eating. It’s been almost 2 years since Google acquired Zagat back in 2011 and for many, it seemed they weren’t doing much with it. If you were worried the service would go the way of Reader, Buzz, or Wave, fear not — Google is finally giving the Android application (and service) some needed TLC.

Rebuilt from the ground up, Android users can now find the new and improved Zagat application in the Google Play Store. In a first, the service is now 100% free for Google+ users. The app still features Zagat’s trusted 30-point reviews for restaurants and in the coming months, expect expansion to 50 additional US and international cities in the future, along with the inclusion of nightlife and shopping destinations.

Looks like everything is still on the up-and-up, and if Yelp’s “untrusted” reviews weren’t quite cutting it, might wanna look to Zagat to help you find those new dining spots.

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  • bob

    Doesn’t matter how good the app is when the content is crap.

    • Muhammad Ali

      Is the content really crap? Sorry, I’m still getting used to this whole reviews and recommendations culture.

      • bob

        Crap in the sense that the content is nonexistent. Its like the windows phone app store. Nothing is there that you really want or need.

      • Chris Chavez

        It seems good when you live in or near a big city and want to eat some place fancy. I feel like it’s not good for finding hole-in-the-walls. I think Yelp is better suited for that.

        • ratnok

          9 cities is a joke. Google Maps “Explore” is far superior.

  • B2L

    Wonderful, it only supports 9 cities.

  • blest

    Only 9 cities so far… I’m good.