Chromecast support grows with Vimeo, Redbox Instant jumping on board, Plex remains optimistic

Chromecast Plex Redbox Instant Vimeo

It was last week we gave you our Chromecast review and in case you missed it, we had mostly great things to say about Google’s tiny dongle. One of the areas we weren’t too excited about was a lack of real video casting supported by the Chromecast. Currently, only Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Movies support streaming video content directly on the Chromecast (Chrome tabs don’t count). We still kept our hopes up with Google announcing that Pandora, AOL, and Revision 3 were to be added in the near future.

Still, we’re chomping at the bit for more services and today, we found a few other content providers looking to jump on Google’s Chrome-train. According to GigaOM, Vimeo and Redbox Instant have confirmed that Chromecast support is already in the works and that’s not all. Plex initially tweeting that they’ve been receiving loads of Chromecast support requests, later following up with them “actively investigating and optimistic.”

The Plex media platform allows users to stream locally stored content to any device that supports their service (Android, iOS, Google TV, and soon…. Chromecast?). Also rumored to be in the works is HBO GO after some configuration files were discovered, hinting that testing is already underway.

While Chromecast’s launch may have been a little premature, we think the addition of these services should help round things out nicely. Any specific video sites/services you’re still hoping will see the light and join the Chromecast revolution?

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  • Scott Tompkins

    Sweet…if Plex gets on-board that’ll be one less thing I need my Roku for.

  • JPB

    What’s an AOL?

    • MITM

      I think they’re some music group that used to send me free CDs in the mail
      Some of them were like 1000 hours long!


      • moopuna

        hahaha this wins! Well done sir

      • Crickerman

        damn… I thought they were coasters…. learn something new every day

      • DannyB2

        AOL (America Out-of Land) was a business with a “pave the earth” campaign of sending out CDs in the mail with the intent of causing the entire North American continent to sink into the ocean under the weight of the free AOL CDs.

  • Philly Jim

    Soooooooo Chris on a scale of 1 to 10 What say you on the future of Chromecast….?

    As I wait Patiently for Amazon to send me mine….lol

  • MITM


  • Michael Foreman

    That is great to hear this from content providers. If they can get Plex to come in, that is huge for me.

    • Guest

      hahahah this wins… well done

  • George Garrett


  • Andrew

    XBMC. That is all.

  • jnt

    Quickpic! Let me send my photos / vids to the TV seamlessly… Also, Pandora… yes I still use and love it, even with Play Music All Access Music Google Market Android Play Music.

  • PhineasJW

    Forget XBMC.

    How about VLC? Play anything. Press a button. BAM. Now it’s on the widescreen.

    • ninjustin

      How forget XBMC?!? If you had XBMC’s interface on your pc and could chose to play locally or to Chromecast that would be amazing.

      • PhineasJW

        Well, I’ll take that too. :)

        Wondering how much this little Marvel processor can handle. I’m doubting it can crunch high bit rate MKVs.

        • Craig Hawkins

          I was watching videos on Chromecast using Plex in my browser at 1080P MKV source and it plays pretty well. It has some frame drop issues, but it’s pretty good for casting a tab. I can only imagine it’ll get better as Plex adds real support (hopefully).

  • CrazyLIkeAPsyhicFox

    Any specific video sites/services you’re still hoping will see the light and join the Chromecast revolution?

    Yes, all of them.

  • TheJunkie

    Who cares about all those? I’m already sold. I just want the dongle. When can I get one?

    • gnico

      in a few weeks when amazon, google play and best buy restock their inventory with it.

  • Balthazar_B

    Spotify, Slacker, Instagram, MOG, TuneIn, Showtime, Flickr, 500px, BBC…for a start.

  • rekem

    I think I’m the only one who can’t get excited for this thing. Maybe it’s because I’m one of the few that uses HDMI mirroring on my devices all the time.That’s all I want, because it works with every app and you’re not at the mercy of app developers to support it. What worries me is that phone makers will start leaving that out of phones now, particularly Nexus devices. Wireless is good, some features seem interesting, and $35 is a great price but for a little less than that I can get a SlimPort cable for my N4. Guess I’ll just wait and see. I’m hoping it’s hackable. I trust xda to get the most out of this thing way more than Google.

    • JRomeo

      you could also use Miracast to do the same thing as your HDMI mirroring, and its even better because its wireless.

      • youareme7

        I’ve had lots of issues with Miracast, it has a short range with my N4 and the video and audio have lag issues unless it’s basically right on top of my push2tv. I wish it worked better!

        • JRomeo

          I have read online before that the push2tv300 is much better than the push2tv200, especially if you download the updated firmware. still waiting for Chris Chavez to do a comparison between this and chromecasting.

  • irishrally

    Plex on any tv with just the Chromecast would be insane. The most portable HTPC ever.

    • dgarra

      Already kind of works if you have a laptop.

  • Fred Gissubel

    vudu vudu vudu

    • bbaker505

      I second that!

    • gnico

      That is what I’m waiting on! Vudu is how I get my Syfy Being Human fix as I don’t use cable.

  • William Schneider

    Dish Anywhere, with Hopper/Sling. Let me bring my living room to any hotel room.

  • Robert Macri

    Its pretty damn awesome… Received mine yesterday and the youtube quality from both phone and chrome is 1080p awesome. I even got the CEC to work with my AVR so it automagically switches the input to the chromecast. I can’t wait for Pandora on the phone.

  • Jimmy Buck

    It needs Plex and Amazon Instant. If that happens, I’m replacing the Roku.

  • Anfronie

    The more the merrier…Pile them up!


    I think the real problem is it couldn’t store videos offline! So the device depends on network too much! That makes it so unstable when the network is not stable!

    • Wh0Dun1t

      It is so unstable when the network is unstable? Seriously?
      Well throw away your cellphone because it will be unstable when the network is unstable.