Jul 29th, 2013


Over the weekend, T-Mobile officially set into motion their latest promotion concocted from the mind of their wacky new CEO, John Legere. According to the press release where I could literally picture wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men strewn about, well-qualified buyers on T-Mobile now have access to the carrier’s hottest smartphones for no upfront cost.

In a direct response to AT&T Next (which was in response to T-Mobile JUMP and well, you get the picture), devices like the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can all be had for $0 down, with around $25 monthly payments. Full list of available devices can be found below.

T-Mobile unprecedented deal

This offer can further be combined with T-Mobile JUMP, the carrier’s early upgrade plan that tacks on an extra $10 a month to existing payments, but allows customers the flexibility of upgrading their device every 6 months. Couple all this with their $60 a month Simple Choice plan that offers 2.5GB of data along with unlimited talk n’ text, and it seems T-Mobile is really doing whatever they can to, not only stick it to AT&T/Verizon, but offer more flexibility at the right prices.

T-Mobile says they’re providing potential network hoppers “ZERO” reasons not switch to their network and according to Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert, the best is yet to come with their Un-carrier 3.0 plan still arriving later this year.


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