Jul 29th, 2013

Chromecast Plex Redbox Instant Vimeo

It was last week we gave you our Chromecast review and in case you missed it, we had mostly great things to say about Google’s tiny dongle. One of the areas we weren’t too excited about was a lack of real video casting supported by the Chromecast. Currently, only Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Movies support streaming video content directly on the Chromecast (Chrome tabs don’t count). We still kept our hopes up with Google announcing that Pandora, AOL, and Revision 3 were to be added in the near future.

Still, we’re chomping at the bit for more services and today, we found a few other content providers looking to jump on Google’s Chrome-train. According to GigaOM, Vimeo and Redbox Instant have confirmed that Chromecast support is already in the works and that’s not all. Plex initially tweeting that they’ve been receiving loads of Chromecast support requests, later following up with them “actively investigating and optimistic.”

The Plex media platform allows users to stream locally stored content to any device that supports their service (Android, iOS, Google TV, and soon…. Chromecast?). Also rumored to be in the works is HBO GO after some configuration files were discovered, hinting that testing is already underway.

While Chromecast’s launch may have been a little premature, we think the addition of these services should help round things out nicely. Any specific video sites/services you’re still hoping will see the light and join the Chromecast revolution?

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