Here’s Eric Schmidt holding the Moto X



It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s most likely the sort-of-but-not-really announced Moto X. In Eric Schmidt’s hands, no less. Word is the colors will be customizable, and it looks like Mr. Schmidt went with the white. We’ve been waiting for an official unveiling since Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed the existence of the Moto X back in May, but aside from a teaser ad that hit the internet earlier this month we are still waiting.

Motorola’s approach to launching their new flagship has been curious, to say the least. It’s the first phone designed under the watchful gaze of Google, and it could be the hardware maker’s only hope in turning their fortunes around. Moto is prepared to put a massive advertising push behind the handset, but will it be a hit? I’m inclined to think Erich Schmidt believes the Moto X will.

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  1. It looks pretty nice. I do wish Motorola can step their game up so I can stop supporting other countries instead of our own. If Moto could at least understand that the people want high specs, small bezels, a good looking phone and maybe a good off-contract price, then they might have a chance in being the next Samsung and or HTC of the android world.

    1. I think we can probably get any combination of 3/4 of those and do pretty well.

      1. I hope so.

    2. Motorola have been king already. They were sleeping to much with Verizon, that is why they did not sell as much as Samsung nor Apple.

  2. I think this will be a big hit with the masses. Good price, reliable product and support, and flash appeal to the non tech community.
    Would I buy one? No, but it’s not meant for us.

    1. why do you say “it’s not meant for us”? it’s been described as their upcoming “hero” phone and seems to be geared toward the high-end user… am i missing something here?

      1. I am basing my statement on the rumored specs. The S4 & HTC One are far superior spec wise, which would make them more of a choice for techies. The Moto X is solid, hut definitely not Top Notch stores when compared to those other two.
        The Moto X is a great option for the average user and offers solid pricing (based on rumors) & fun customization. Most techies could care less about “pretty” cases and engraving. They want a muscle car under the hood.
        I hope that clarifies some.

  3. It looks very nice.

  4. If this is a sub-$300 phone (off contract), with excellent battery life, and a HUGE marketing push, it stands a real chance.

    Wonder if they were able to convince Verizon to sell this off-contract…

    1. Convince Verizon? Good luck with that.

    2. I was wondering the same thing…hopefully they used the better spec’d Droid ultra and maxx as selling points to help convince Verizon that an off contract phone won’t kill into there 2 year contract sales. Plus maybe the Droid ultra will just be a better spec’d moto x with same software and sensors, but exclusive Droid branding, giving Verizon the real flagship we all want.

      1. And an ince big Verizon logo watermarked onto the screen right? Upping the ante from the Note II

    3. If they convinced Verizon to sell it off contract I would be shocked and amazed. I’d probably punch myself in the face to make sure it was real life.

      1. ….

    4. Do you know anything about technology ? How come it will be 300 off contract when this device will have the best sensors etc? Learn about this before you type nonsense.

    5. All I care about is out of the box experience. It’s a thing that everyone cares about and it’s very important. Makes me think of the S4 lagging out of the box. Happens to a myriad of Android phones.

  5. Welcome back to Android Kevin!!!

    1. I have some bad news for you…

      1. what is it? Kevin posted this via his iPhone?lol

        1. Kevin’s still an iPhone guy! lol

      2. Onions have layers!

  6. Not bad. I hope there is truth to the rumor that the back AND the front colors are customizable. The black front with the white back is not a good look IMO.

    1. I think that’s only the Nexus game. It’s pretty sad to see a white back and a black front though, haha.

      1. Check the other pictures of this event. Mr. Schmidt’s phone clearly has a black front. Hopefully, it’s just because it’s early or that he’s just experimenting.

  7. Hoping it does well.

  8. Has size been confirmed? That surely looks like a smaller phone – maybe 4.3?

    1. It’s probably 4.7.

      1. I hope so.

  9. Have the real specs been leaked? I really doubt Motorola would put a midrange device with all this type of hype.

    1. Why not? Using mid range specs, they can put out a cheap phone and grab market share. Which is what they need. Putting out a high end device wouldn’t grab nearly as much. Once they have the money coming in and people hooked, they can then move onto a higher end device in the same line.

      1. Well, $500 million is a ton of cash for advertising. Selling at cost or just marginally breaking even will not yield a $500 million profit though. The Nexus 4 is already a flagship that turned midrange based on what the market leaders are producing at this point. I wish Google would speed up their yearly Nexus iterations. August September would be a perfect window instead of November.

        1. No one said anything about selling at cost or marginally breaking even.

          1. But it can be implied because the devices are being sold for mad cheap. Look at the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 as a textbook examples. Sure, you can say market shares, but releasing a quality premium device and marketing it well can help too. I rather take the later route instead of a midrange route.

          2. Except they stand a much better chance of selling many more midrange devices.

          3. Less profits though. Huawei doesn’t make as much profits at selling something on Metro PCS or Unlocked compared to Samsung with its S4.

          4. I’m not seeing how it is less profits. It’s actually the same model any other company in any other industry follows. Your bread and butter is in the low to mid ranges. Anyone who has ever sold anything can tell you that. Sure, those nice high end doo-dads look nice but they don’t usually sell ANYWHERE near as much.

          5. In other words, you are telling me that the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Mini produce more profits the Galaxy S line? I highly doubt that for Samsung.

          6. Maybe not for Samsung but Motorola isn’t Samsung. And Samsung didn’t even get to where they are now by banking on their high end first. This is all very basic business. Might want to brush up on it before going any further with this conversation. While a lot of us here are into the high end stuff, the fact is that most people could care less.

      2. i disagree with this…look at the hottest selling phones(android world)…samsung s4…may be cheaply made but it has high end specs so moto should do the same with their build quality and BAM….instant success

        1. Except Motorola doesn’t have the same name value as Samsung does at the moment. Hence why they need to do this.

        2. not instant success… it took samsung a few years to develop galaxy brand… and htc has had high end specs that perform just as well as galaxy s series n they arent “instant successes” there’s a lot that goes into play, but that 500 million dollar marketing budget is the best first step to take.

  10. am I the only one that thinks this looks like the HTC one?

    1. It looks a bit similar, yes.

    2. The back sure looks like the HTC One. Don’t forget that front of HTC One also looks so much like Blackberry Z10. Every design is now recycling of known designs.

      1. exactly

    3. Learn about technology.

  11. Does any one say htc one much????

  12. Can we expect some software editing by Motorola or is it expected to have pure Android? I think I might buy the X Phone to ditch my Nexus 4. If not, I’ll go with the S4 when I can afford it.

    1. I think it will be like the Google Edition HTC One, where they might make some small adjustments but otherwise will be pure stock Android.

      1. So those “adjustments” are to preserve the integrity of the product’s features? Such as Zoey and the Ultra Pixel in the HTC One? I am kinda up in the air on those products because why spend extra cash to flash another rom with ease? I just hope they announce the Specs soon.

        1. Yea that’s what it looks like.

    2. If you get it from verizon, it will definatley have bloatware. But motorola’s ui, even before google bought them, was always very close to stock.
      There’s probably gonna be a GE tho

  13. im just glad that we have a phone company whose CEO name is easily pronounceable!!!

    1. nef quintero?

  14. What’s that rectangle next to the camera?

    1. Looks like a rear facing speaker grill to me.

  15. I’m not interested in it but I hope it does well. Always like moto hardware, and with google at the reigns you’d hope software will catch up.

    Right now I love my note 2, it moto has something comparable in the near future, I’ll jump.

  16. i would not care so much if it did have midrange specs so as long as the software runs smoothly with the hardware. some other companies(i wont name) are able to produce fluid experiences with dual core processors… just saying… yes i am looking forward to a Motorola come back!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Perfect statement. And we all know you’re talking about Apple’s iOS or Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

      1. Yeah.. I knew that too.

  17. It’s a nice looking device, if the specs are competitive with other high end phones Moto will have a winner on their hands.

  18. Just launch the damn thing already!!

  19. actually looks like a sexy lil device…i hope it operates as one

  20. To me, this phone looks great. It’s too bad it’s going to have such middling specs.

    1. No one knows until the final announcement.

    2. The specs might not be the same as a S4 or a One but I have a feeling it will run smoother than both.

  21. I can see this coming in at $199 and moto making a killing on case upgrades or other goodies they might throw in…I’ll definitely consider this if performance at least matches my N4.

  22. Even if the specs are not high a custom rom will make it perform close to a high end like my og note its 1 year n a half old anf its fast n keeps up whit gs4 n iphone 5 no complain there just hope its affordable n ill be jumping to it whit the quickness

  23. This device is looking better each day. This device will be revolutionary. Google and Moto did it again.

  24. I agree that the back looks like the HTC One which could mean that will have a non-removable battery.

  25. too bad it looks just like the htc one

  26. All I know is, this is my next phone. I’m sold.

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