Jul 12th, 2013


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s most likely the sort-of-but-not-really announced Moto X. In Eric Schmidt’s hands, no less. Word is the colors will be customizable, and it looks like Mr. Schmidt went with the white. We’ve been waiting for an official unveiling since Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed the existence of the Moto X back in May, but aside from a teaser ad that hit the internet earlier this month we are still waiting.

Motorola’s approach to launching their new flagship has been curious, to say the least. It’s the first phone designed under the watchful gaze of Google, and it could be the hardware maker’s only hope in turning their fortunes around. Moto is prepared to put a massive advertising push behind the handset, but will it be a hit? I’m inclined to think Erich Schmidt believes the Moto X will.

[via Twitter]

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