Is Samsung going to name its smart watch the “GEAR” ? [TRADEMARKS]

We’ve been doing a bit of trademark snooping recently, and came up on one very interesting character mark by the big, bad Samsung. It’s being called the “Samsung GEAR,” and while the primary description suggests the name could apply to literally everything under the sun, the secondary one specifically focuses on watches, clocks, wristbands, bracelets and the like which can communicate with phones, PCs and tablets using the internet and other communication methods. It’s a fitting name, when you think about it — analog clocks and watches use small gears to turn the various hands. It would certainly be very easy to market in that regard.


By all accounts, it does sound like this could be the smart watch Samsung has been rumored to be making lately. The latest trademark filing by the Korean OEM is just one of many recent goings-on in this landscape.

Just yesterday, we uncovered a trademark filing from Qualcomm for the “TOQ,” a smart wristwatch according to its description. Sony also unveiled the SmartWatch 2 a week ago — see where we’re going with this one? It’s no coincidence that all these moves are being made in close secession.

It sounds like these OEMs and vendors are gearing up to bring us some very interesting products, and they could be on their way as early as this holiday season. We typically don’t see a boom in new tech until early January, though — right around the time CES rolls around. Whenever this is all set to go down we’ll be glad to strap in for a ┬ámost exciting ride. Check the trademark filing out for yourself.

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  • FatPaws Fox

    Awesooooooome >.< 'n btw.. FIRST!

  • master94

    I was kinda hoping for Galaxy Watch because Samsung doesn’t have enough things named Galaxy :P


      Galaxy S ATIV iWatch

      • Marsg

        5 months from now…………
        Galaxy S ATIV iWatch Plus
        2 days later
        Galaxy S ATIV iWatch Active <—– waterproof, in case your James Bond

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Nailed it! LMFAO!

        • John Kiser

          I’d figure any sort of smart watch would need to be out and out water proof to some extent to begin with given rain will easily more readily hit your wrist when you are out and about especially in summer months when most people wear tees and things. Watches are almost always exposed to a bit of water and not tucked away in your pocket.

  • Marsg

    Crossing fingers that it doesn’t actually look like a gear

  • AtWork

    gear? sounds to subbtle. what about phandroid