Moto X print ad revealed, boasts first smartphone you can design yourself and assembled in the USA


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Starting tomorrow, you might find an all new ad for the upcoming Moto X in your favorite newspaper. According to Ad Age, Motorola will get the hype machine rolling with a print ad that touts the device’s unique “made in the USA” manufacturing process, and “the first smartphone you can design yourself.”

While we’re not exactly sure if that means simple color options or diving a little deeper into the devices specs. You can find the ad hitting newstands tomorrow, July 3rd, just in time for Independence Day. What do you guys think? Not to be that guy but it reminds us of another ad from a certain Google rival


[The Verge]

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  1. Made in the USA? Yes please! Designed by me? Yes please! Thanks Google & Motorola!

    1. Assembled in the USA. Parts still made elsewhere.

      1. hence the word assembled

      2. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

        1. hate to burst your bubble, but it’ll probably come almost completely assembled from another country and only a few components will be added in here on us soil in order to get the “assembled/made in usa” certification. they have special zones for this and companies do it all the time.

          1. Judging by the split votes on your post (4/9) it seems people aren’t sure of the validity of what you’re saying one way or another.

          2. Regardless, its a lot better than Apples slave labor.. And opens jobs here in the states..

      3. And for what it’s worth I’m sure the minerals for the parts were mined in other countries also.

        1. Will the tools used to obtain those minerals be made in the USA?

      4. What did you expect? The USA doesn’t have every resource ever to be made on the planet. That’s kind of a given. LoL!!

      5. processors made in Texas, displays made in Kentucky.

      6. Made in USA > Made in China.

        It doesn’t matter, components in ALL devices are made around the world. The final assemblance matter.

        Assembled in USA > Assembled in China.

        Designed by you FTW!

      7. At least they’re not using Apple’s deceitful ways.

    2. Made in the USA is not always a good thing. We should be looking for how to get the best value for our dollars, not necessariy what is the most nationalistic apporach. Some people are wiling to pay a premim to have an item “assembled in the USA” and that is their prerogative, but some people are more concerned with sretching their dollars as far as possible, and getting the best value available for said dollars.

      1. Explain the premium that Apple charges for their phones and iPads.. And they are all done on Slave Labor.. When a company cuts cost with production, it doesnt trickle down to the consumer. The company just looks at it as extra profit.. So in the end if Moto is spending a little more on assembly to bring some jobs back to the states, thats fine, as long as they cut into their profits instead of jacking up the price so their profits per phone stay the same.. I really dont see Moto raising the price of their phones.. Esp the higher end phones..

        1. Really Apple is your example? A company everyone knows charges a huge premium for their devices and will continue to do so as long as their customers allow it. Slave labor means they are forced to work against their will, be realistic. Look at numerous android manufacturers that produce devices with often equal or better hardware for way less. That is why android is expanding the mobile phone market to places Apple will never reach. Either they have to raise their price or they have to produce an inferior product or they have to eat the loss themselves. It is simple economics. Next time try using some logic and common sense.

  2. Welcome Back! The revival of Motorola. Can wait to design one for myself, maybe the search for The perfect Android Phone is Over!!

    1. Not if the rumored specs are any indication…

      1. What’s wrong with the rumored specs?

        1. They’re fairly average, to be fair. Last years specs at best.

          Edit: Hardware wise, that is.

          1. I think it’s likely those are the lowest end specs, and you can upgrade to get more of a “hero” device.

          2. Here’s hoping that’s the way they play it.

        2. Sort of makes me wonder if the specs we’re seeing are “placeholder” specs that can be customized and changed. Anyone know if everything on a phone needs to be the same as tested with the FCC to gain approval, or just the radios?

          1. I’m pretty sure the FCC needs to test every variant, hence why each individual carrier variant goes through the FCC. I don’t think a placeholder is likely because it just doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of things. If you care about specs, prepare to be disappointed. If you care about experience and usability, I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

          2. I think it’s the radios such as Bluetooth, wifi, cellular radios, etc.

        3. Dual-core S4, 720p display — I’m out.

          1. if you can not change the specs from the already rumored specification, what is the point designing my own Moto X. Do i get to choose the color?? if that is the case I am out as well.

          2. Well, whats in the Bionic, I forget.. And Im still rocking mine, still fast.. Actually will be a shame to replace it, and if the specs are even just a tad better in the Proc and Graphics, I dont see how it will suck, unlike my OG Droid.. That was more of an “I can’t wait to ditch this POS”

        4. Nothing, if it were 2011.

      2. That’s also assuming the internals aren’t customizable as well. What if the rumors were wrong that the internals can’t be “upgraded” and what had been leaked were just the “base” model specs (just like a car engine). So, if one could choose a faster processor, more RAM, more storage space, bigger battery, etc… for additional fees…just like a cpu? I think that’s definitely a winner.

      3. Ah, but see this phone won’t be about the specs. It’s not a coincidence that this ad looks like an iPhone ad. I think it will be marketed in a similar way except with even more emphasis on the emotional connection to the user, hence the “designed by you” tagline and “assembled in the USA.” They’re not gunning for the latest, greatest, most feature packed smartphone, they’re going for the one that’s beautiful in it’s simplicity. Why would Google go head to head with Samsung and HTC, their partners, instead of directly targeting the people still clinging to iPhones?

  3. I love it…

  4. I am personally hoping for the actual casing being customizable…options of: anodized aluminum, plastic or kevlar…etc. If they did options as such then they could set each material as an upgrade from the other…also doing the same with memory and storage.

    1. Here’s what I think is doable: different color casings and choice of low, mid, or high-end hardware along with regular, or large battery sizes.

      1. I don’t know if that would happen though.

      2. HTC kind of already did that with the One X, One S, and One V. I mean, they were advertised as different phones. But they came out at the same time, with the same version of Android and Sense, and even the same name, “One”. What you’re suggesting kind of sounds like the same thing.

      3. They could have multiple ‘base models’ as well with different screen sizes. IE 5″ and 4.3″.

  5. Is a removable battery an option?

    1. if it’s designed by you, then it should be.

      1. LOL you guys are hilarious

  6. Gtf outa here! I’ll be the first to admit I thought these rumors were ridiculous. I’m still skeptical… I could imagine color options and storage space options. If it goes any we deeper then that all the props to Google and Moto.

    1. Props to them even for minimal customization. Am I the only one bored with the fact that Android phones are bland particularly when compared to the likes of Windows Phone? Bring it on Moto, even if it is only color!

      1. Yes. I was SO tired of having a black phone. Like really!? That’s why I’m loving my HTC One. And I was more than happy to accept that the Silver One was a more readily available option.

        1. In just tired of gray scale in general. I would never buy a Windows Phone, but man that colored polycarbonite that Nokia and HTC are rocking is gorgeous, especially the cyan. It wouldn’t surprise me if Moto is using the same stuff for the X.

  7. It would be awesome to be able to decide what spec is going into the phone I want. This is dream come true!!

    1. How long have we been doing that with cars?

  8. ZOMG…. Seriously this has me excited about the Moto X again. Depending on how much you’re able to customize, this could potentially make me very upset that I gave up on it because of spec rumors and went with the HTC One.

    1. Your not alone …But I can definitely live with my choice the one is an awesome phone………

    2. I think the specs are solidified. This says “designed” by you not “engineered” by you. Expect minor customization such as color, storage space, and carrier. Like an iPhone but with color as an option. This phone will be more about user experience than specs (again like Apple). The marketing already shows it. The days of Motorola having commercials with robots, explosions, and masculinity (DROID commercials) are over. This is the new, softer Motorola.

  9. This is great cause I’m a kickass smartphone designer. I know what the people want, and by people i mean me.

    1. Ok then, Mr. Jobs.

      1. You will buy what I give you and you will like it!

  10. OK, lets be realistic. They’re not going to be building custom motherboards and software loads. Customization will be cosmetic. At best you might (low chance) have a few configuration options (good, better, best kind of setup). but other than that, it’ll be all looks. Anything else would be prohibitively expensive.

    What you do stand a chance of getting is a custom designed casing. Basically a custom paint job.

    1. Here’s my expectation:
      – Choice of exterior color (choices being those on the logo)
      – Choice of storage (possibly ranging from 8 GB to 64 GB)
      – Choice of carrier

      1. If you can select carrier wouldn’t that mean the phone could be potentially locked to that carrier?

        I don’t see carrier selection. I do see GSM only, though.

        1. You should be expecting for it to be locked to carriers. There is no other way to offer a CDMA device. This is no Nexus remember. Assuming that the XFON we’ve been seeing is the device they’re hinting at in the advertisement, and it likely is, we’ve already seen CDMA variants crop up.

        2. It had already been announced that the Moto X will be on all Carriers, except for Tmo, last I heard. So GSM or CDMA and LTE.. Could just end up being a world phone too, wouldnt that be nice.

    2. I can go online and custom order a computer, why not a phone? What I suspect is a handful of options, like memory, carrier specific radios, case material, things like that, then you wait a week or two for the phone to be assembled and shipped to you.

  11. It’s really too bad you can’t fully customize it, choose anywhere between 8-64 GBs, metal vs plastic and color.

  12. Would be different and probably get allot of hype
    1st phone you can choose your proccessor
    1st phone you can choose your ram
    1st phone you can choose your battery
    1st phone you can choose your camera megapixels
    1st phone to have more the 3 color options out of the gate …….
    Everything ala carte…-……himmmmmm interesting theory……? Anyone…….?

    1. yeah select if you want QWERTZ or not <3<3<3

      1. I like that one also not a querty guy myself but hey another choice

      2. Yes please. I’d love me some QWERTY Keyboard. 5-Row maybe?

        1. I’m looking forward to the return of QWERTY slider smartphones. I figure since they’ve been able to make them so thin, why not make one of an average thickness complete with physical keys? I’m not holding my breath though.

    1. I remember this one – I followed it for a good year and a half hoping it would actually come to fruition. Vaporware.

  13. I want the fastest processor, the most ram, brightest screen, largest battery, and the coolest color. At around $1089, sounds right.

  14. MOTOROLA is back!!!

  15. Can I get it loaded with Blur?
    (Not that I want to, mind… I just want to know if I have that option!)

  16. Yea mines going to have no bezel and a giant screen, if this is true

  17. Take it for what its worth. So its not manufactured 100% in the states. Its not 100% manufactured outside of the states like every other phone. Jobs are being created. Its a great decision and they should be commended for it

  18. I think people are going to read way too much into the customization aspect. I just don’t feel like it will be that modular outside of color, carrier, and probably the option of a Google Edition. If there was hardware customization wouldn’t we be seeing the different variants cruising through certification? Judging by the new logo color customization is almost a given as is widespread carrier availability. I think people are going to hype this up way too much and then be disappointed.

    Personally I’m expecting color and carrier choices with a focus on simplicity and usability and a marketing push very similar to Apple’s.

    1. Agreed. Motorola’s CEO said a main focus was on affordability. Can’t do that with 2013 specs.

      1. This just feels like an answer to the rumored affordable iPhone before it’s existence is even confirmed. That was rumored to have color choice as well and you can already get the “same” iPhone across carriers and choose your storage size. The marketing push and rumored specs just reek of Apple, and in my opinion that’s a good thing.

  19. It would be amazing if they created a system similar to how we buy custom computers from Dell etc(within reason of course). Go to a website, pick your processor and a few other realistically customizable features (color etc). That would be incredible.

    1. I haven’t seen a Dell computer in years (i live in NYC). REALLY bad idea.

      1. Zin was just using Dell as a general example. Lots of computer companies (Apple, Alienware, HP, Razer, Asus, etc.) use configuration pages on their online store fronts for their computers. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think many would disagree about it being a bad idea…myself included. I would leap at the chance to select specific internal hardware options for my mobile device.

  20. I want mine to be just like an iPhone!!!!!

    1. *Maximum Troll Level Reached*
      *Rebirth Skill Unlocked*

      1. Lololololololol

  21. Moto, as long as you let me have something like the Nexus 4 hardware wise, with a Maxx battery, a much better camera and maybe 2GB RAM to future proof myself, you’ve got me sold.

    1. …and a back casing made of something less fragile then glass please.

  22. When I saw the ad, the first thing I thought was “I wonder if there is any significance to the positions the man and woman are in when they jump.”

    The man looks like an X, while the woman looks like an I. I wonder if that is supposed to be Roman numerals. like XI, or 11. Official announcement and reveal on the 11th of this month maybe?

    Or maybe I’m just looking too much into what is actually random.

  23. Notice how they stated that this is the beginning. I’m wondering with time if we would be able to deeply customize our phones. Maybe that’s what KeyLime Pie will fix. And the slogan would be “Everything is baked into a Pie” or something. LoL!!

    I’m imagining Android getting some type of universal driver that works with everything and can be easily manipulated, and even when manipulated will still work with other devices because the driver can just do that.

    2013 is turning out to be a good year. I can’t wait until 2014 to see what’s coming out then.

  24. Will be interesting to see how far they go with the options. Ideal world but still doable would let us pick 720p vs 1080p, choice between 2 processors or so, paint job, and priced all the way from $300-$650 or whatever depending on options picked. Would be kinda cool to see how well it did

  25. This sounds great and all, but if the “design yourself” part is corporate hyperbole for minor superficial adjustments, I will not be impressed.

    “With the new Moto X, you can choose your design. Choose between black, white and coming Q2 2014, not-black!”

    1. Called it!

  26. Assembled in America, 99% made in China. And 95% of the world said “who cares?”

  27. Please, please, please Dont call it MOTO X. People are tired of MOTOblur, MOTOthis, MOTOthat. MOTO is a gay prefix for anything.

    1. Motorola and Apple team up to announce…. the iMoto! The ultimate consumer electronics cliche!

  28. What about the rest of the world? Any Information on this?

  29. Who reads papers these days?

  30. It’s still better than what Apple said. Designed By Apple In California

  31. Motorola has long had the capability to do manufacturing in lot sizes as small as one and ship within 24 hours after receipt of that order. Since this looks to be final assembly only and not manufacturing, it will be even easier.

  32. Referring to the ads:
    I honestly thought the Motorola ad was much better than the Apple ad and that’s not just the Phandroid in me taking. You look at the copy in both ads and the Apple one seems almost to be aimed more at Apple employees than regular consumers, as if to reassure them that Apple is still great. It doesn’t really mention anything about the consumer at all. The Motorola ad on the other hand is very clear – we’re letting you design your own phone using the best talent we have at our disposal. Love it!

  33. I don’t care about the modest specs. Hey, if I can get a nice phone at a nice price in the color I want on my network, I’ll be happy as Paul Revere with a cell phone.

  34. Wordplay is huge here. first they say “assembled” in the USA. Its all good..we know majority of all things are manufactured outside of the states. But its a good start to say that its assembled here.

    But hmm… they said ” they say it couldnt be done”. Something makes me think its more than just a skin color/paint job you can customize.

  35. i do know that i bought the galaxy nexus on release day…so my upgrade is eligible for august sometime. And im tired of poor battery life. So ill be watching this release and reading many reviews.

  36. THIS IS AWESOME!! MADE in the USA not CHINA! THANK U GOOGLE/MOTOROLA!! No more cheap hardware from CHINA.

    1. lol you do know it say assembled in usa not made in usa…..i can bet you that most of the part are made in china and being send to the US for assemble….

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