Sony introduces the SmartWatch 2 with NFC

Part two of Sony’s announcements at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai was the introduction of the Sony SmartWatch 2. Taking a few cues from the original, this SmartWatch has been upgraded with even more of a stylish look, as well as enhanced functionality thanks to the advent of NFC. Folks can pair the SmartWatch with their NFC-enabled phones by simply making the two touch each other. The connection is maintained via Bluetooth, of course, so everything from there is a standard affair.

The SmartWatch will feature many different apps and features, interfacing with your Android phone to do things like answer phone calls, check notifications and messages, change music tracks, GPS-enabled features for runners and bikers, remote presentation control, and even the ability to control your smartphone’s camera. It also features the ability to check email, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, check your calendar and more.

As we’d heard before, Sony’s latest SmartWatch 2 has been built with dust and water in mind, meaning you won’t need to worry about a little rain in the morning or a little sand at the beach. Of course, like with any watch, we wouldn’t take the chance of doing a cannon ball with this thing attached to your wrist, but if you’re just heading into a weathered world there won’t be much to worry about.

The “watch” part of the device remains functional without a connection, so if you can’t get your Bluetooth paired up for some reason or you just don’t want to drain the battery, you’ll have basic time-telling features. You’ll also be able to access previously-delivered notifications and messages, set your alarm, and use the device as a flashlight.

With its 24mm wrist band support, the watch should be able to fit mostly any custom wrist band without fail (meaning fat-wrist people like me should have no reservations). Sony says we can expect this beautiful little thing to launch this September.

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  • Keith Young

    that looks like it might be worth a look when its in the shops

    • bob


  • reznorfan0

    haven’t seen anywhere if this one will actually function as a watch when it isn’t tethered to anything. Seems stupid that the first one wouldn’t, which made the pebble such an attractive thing. But I’m about done with waiting on the pebble…

    • Marcus Martin

      did you not read the article…smh

      • reznorfan0

        sry. I read the cnet one which didn’t mention it, and skimmed this one.

  • Hector Marquez

    This looks way better than the original SmartWatch I bought about a year ago. I feel like I would use that thing way more often if it looked like that. Especially considering it is dust and water proof, and that display looks like it has a much higher resolution than the original.

    • Jordan Caviness

      i will be buying if <$200

      • DavidVarghese

        I’ll buy it if its less than $100… any more, and I wouldn’t see the use of it, other than looks.

        • Amber Collier

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  • Sean Royce

    I really hope it doesn’t have a sub par display. This thing looks pretty awesome.

  • Harley22x

    Is it compatible with iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry? Or is it just Android?

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      press release only mentioned Android

      • Harley22x

        Ahh okay, that’s too bad.

        • King of the Zafferties

          This is an Android fourm. GTFO.

          • SuperMarino

            Really, why would the support of other platforms piss you off that much?

          • lolwut

            It’s platform-ism

          • Harley22x

            I am using the Disqus app. I read the articles, but it isn’t clear what site posted what. I seen a smartwatch, asked if it supported more than Android. Why is this a problem for you? Or are you just trolling?

    • androidscales

      no one cares for windows phones or bb

      • Harley22x

        Well… I have a Windows Phone, my Mom does, my girlfriend does, her friend does… And yes, sadly enough i know many people with a Blackberry z10.

        • Abstract

          I am so sorry :(

          • lolwut

            The iOS/WP/Android/BB wars are getting obnoxious

            I, for one, like to purchase products that are compatible with multiple platforms

          • DannyB2

            Then do! Nobody is stopping you.

            Definitely go over to iPhanboy sites and complain to them about walled gardens and lack of multi platform compatibility.

            Try going to any Microsoft fanboy site and complaining about multi platform compatibility.

          • Abstract

            You misunderstood me.
            iOS and Android are the champs in this ring, either is an excellent choice.

            The remaining two need a huge game changer to remain a viable option. The big boys have too much to offer lol.

          • Harley22x

            Yeah i don’t like Blackberry either. But here, Blackberry share is really high. I notice a lot of people going to Android and Windows Phone from iOS and Blackberry. I notice that most new Windows Phone buyers are coming from Blackberry, and Android users from iOS

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    It is about time that they added NFC to a smartwatch IMO. I will be looking for this to hit stores.

  • FreakFly

    I’m disappointed by the design of this. how boring. And an LCD, so much for outdoor use, or battery life. There are already better options out there, although the NFC (if capable of more than just pairing) could be nice. I’m going to wait until all the players come to the table before making a final decision, but right now, it looks like Kreyos is my front runner.

    • Unorthodox

      “how boring. ” Right, they should have gone with a triangular display. That would have been totally not boring.

      • FreakFly

        Good thing I’m concerned about the design of the product and not just the shape then, huh?

    • Turk February

      Your Beloved Kreyos is square too. did you even think about what you posted?

      • FreakFly

        You realize I said design, not shape, right? Did you even think about what you posted?

  • izzyt

    i like this, i will buy it.

  • ineptone

    I’d been wavering on the first iteration for months and decided to wait when the announcement was made a new version would be introduced. Needless to say, I’m sold. This things looks great and sounds much more useful day-to-day than the first. Bring on September.

  • Goro ki maro

    No mention of price yet? How do I know if I can get excited about this
    or do i need to wait like I waited until the 2nd generation watch was
    priced right to try? Now I’m hooked and having some “upgrade fever”

  • simpleas

    Looks great!

  • Scott Stafford

    Yup, $199, and I’m in.

  • TheScientists

    This is the 1st time I’ve wanted to buy a Sony product since the 90’s. Good job, Sony.

  • jpio906

    Hopefully this lives up to expectations. Like a display you can see in sunlight, and a battery that lasts a week while paired to phone.

  • Jason Farrell

    Never again wearing anything on my wrist. Watches are for grandpas and dudes who want an excuse to show off expensive manjewelry.

    • timothy simon

      ^this is from a person who has haristyle like jesus. you’re ancient dude.

  • Blkegk

    I hope the screen is sapphire instead of gorilla glass.

  • mrbcoolman99

    This watch is water resistant not water proof. You drop this thing is some water it’s done. They could have a least made it water proof.

    • timothy simon

      Then don’t drop this thing in some water. Problem solved!

      • mrbcoolman99

        How about you drop off a cliff!!!

  • Marsg

    that’s a good looking watch, very elegant and low key, if there’s one thi that Sony knows how to do , its making sexy tech, even if some of them are too extreme, coughsonyxperiazucough

  • yinshen495