Motorola DROID Ultra landing page leaks in manufacturer’s website

Motorola seems to have inadvertently tipped the world off to another phone it’s planning to bring out sometime soon. This one is being called the Motorola DROID Ultra, and aside from a name, the fact that it will be thin, available in a bunch of glossy colors, and will sport Kevlar (all things Motorola are known for), the landing page doesn’t really tell us much else.

Motorola Droid Ultra landing page

With the DROID moniker attached to it we imagine it’s headed straight to Verizon, though that doesn’t rule out a DROID-less variant for other countries. The ULTRA name would imply that this is a high-end handset of some sort, though we can’t be too sure.

The “bunch of glossy colors” bit makes it sound as if this was the Motorola Moto X we’ve been hearing about, a phone that is said to be coming in over 20 different color variations. Could Verizon have gotten a version of the Moto X tailor-made specifically for them? It’s possible, and it would be a bit surprising if that turned out to be the case.

In any instance, we hope to hear more about this mystery device at some point this summer, and we hope it’s every bit as “ultra” as its name implies. PS: the page is now forwarding to Motorola’s consumer homepage.

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  • sc0rch3d

    August 13th, mark that date on your calendar. I require birthday presents.

    (no, that’s not my real birthday, but I would like presents anyway)

    • Sam Rajendra

      Moto X is launching early August, with a release in late August.

  • rabidhunter

    The Moto has been up to something secret and tasty.

  • AmneonX

    The Moto X and Droid Ultra are different devices.

  • izzyt

    Motorola a slumbering beast that is waking up from its slumber!

  • j

    Missing the “A”. Normally I’m not the grammar police, but c’mon. Really…???

  • ant-roid

    And put all my eggs in one basket? I think not…

  • deh2002

    If they don’t bring out something than what’s been leaked, I can’t see them selling many phones this year.
    They are already so far behind the other players. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia has outsold them with Lumia devices this year considering moto hasn’t released a new phone for going on 8 or 9 months now I believe. If I’m wrong about that timeframe let me know please.

  • scoter man1

    I would love to see the “Droid” moniker dropped so I don’t have an iJunky ask me if I have a Droid.

    • contraus

      I agree completely. What’s worse though is when an Android owner incorrectly calls his/her own phone a Droid.

  • BoSamps

    in the other article it said that there wouldn’t be any more DROID things…

    • BoSamps

      As in no more DROID in the name

  • RockMarz

    Theres a leaked ad on the web for the moto x..its states the first phone that is customizable. .thanks have plug um.

  • Alan

    Blooming better be a GSM variant. My OG RAZR is beginning to show it’s age. But with the X being somewhat of a disappointment, this may be what I want…