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Something unfortunate happened to the Falcon Pro Twitter account overnight. It seems users were being blocked from signing in on version 2.0.3, an update that was meant to “reset” the tokens for the app after the developer reached 100,000 tokens. It’s not likely that all 100,000 tokens were actually used overnight, which is leading developer Joaquim Verges to believe Twitter is punishing him for the workaround he’s been using to keep allowing new users to get tokens (which we understand is against the terms of service).

We’re not exactly sure why this is happening just yet, but Verges has decided to take the application off the Google Play Store until further notice. If you have Falcon Pro 2.0.3 on your device and you can’t sign in, the developer is providing the .APK for 2.0.2 that should allow you to sign in as normal, just as long as you had a token for that version before the limit was reached.

Go ahead and download the .APK and hit the “Sign In” button as normal. Verges says he won’t be putting Falcon Pro back up until he can figure things out, so this is the only route to take if you’re finding yourself locked out of the premier Twitter experience you paid for.

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  1. Except that this dev is probably going to get blocked from Google Play permanently now…

    1. Why would he be blocked from Google Play?

      1. My thinking is because he allowed more and more people to buy an app that could not support all the purchasers to use at one time.

        1. He hasn’t reach 100,000 purchases, so he hasn’t used up the tokens. Its the pirates that are causing trouble.

      2. Twitter is going to start strongarming devs that try to skirt their API limits. Starting with one who is openly doing so, in fact, boasting about it on twitter, is likely.

        1. Ah, I thought you were implying Google would look to do it on their own.

  2. Twitter I hate you, why are you doing this to the best Twitter client out there? Why?

    1. so people can use their crappy one duh

  3. The Falcon Pro debacle has been interesting for sure. In the end this is the best move as I did not like the fact that a user that paid for the app may not get access. To keep resetting the tokens which allowed more people to buy the app wasn’t good; it should have at least been redeployed as free. In addition to the Twitter violation there could be (or should be) a Google Play violation. For the record, I love the app and am a purchaser myself, but the rules must be followed.

    1. He didn’t reset the tokens to take away tokens from those who bought the app just to sell more. He reset the tokens to allow people who buy the app access instead of people who pirate the app. He hasn’t reached 100,000 purchases, which is how many tokens twitter allows.

      1. I agree that it wasn’t the intent, but it is what the result was.

    2. Agree with the free part…. I purchased the app just last week after TweetDeck quit working (thanks, again, to Twitter, since that was their app and they no longer bother with it except on desktop platforms, from what I understand) … And just 3 days in, I can’t use it. I wouldn’t be upset about it except I paid money, based on positive reviews given from many varied sources. … If you can’t guarantee access to an app, do NOT offer it as a paid app. You pay for it, you should be allowed to use it all the time. If you know that isn’t the case, don’t ask for money.

        1. Yep…. I’m back on TweetCaster and twicca for now… which, at least,I can use without paying money, so if anything happens to them, I’m not out the cash. smh

        2. Actually, I was able to get the previous version of Falcon Pro back on my phone, and it is working…. so I’ll use it again for now… until the next thing happens…. but lesson learning. I’m not paying for another app. *sigh*

  4. Got mine signed back in post-token-dump, and seems to still be operating. We’ll see if they can pry it away from me…?

  5. Mine works perfectly fine thankfully.

  6. This is Twitters version of cock blocking. Thankfully I updated right away so mine’s working great. If they’d make a client that was as good as a 3rd party client then I’d consider using theirs. Such an underhanded tactic.

  7. I think Twitter should work out arrangements with developers of top-tier applications. They hurt themselves the most by squashing popular, well-made apps that might have otherwise spurred on more users of their service.

    Nonetheless, I hardly ever use Twitter and only login once every few months. Since day 1 I never understood the allure of it, especially when much more comprehensive apps are already almost certainly being used on the same phone anyway (i.e. Facebook).

  8. Can I just get my money back? This is nonsense having to get a token every time and looks like I missed it so now my app is useless.

    1. You can request a refund by going to then once you locate the order/app, click “report a problem” on the right, select “I’d like to request a refund” from the dropdown box, state your case, then click Send Report.

      1. Thanks you.

  9. My only beef is that an app was offered by someone who KNEW that he could not guarantee it could be used in the future, based on history, and yet he wanted money for it before we could use it at all …. But I on the other hand, should have researched the Falcon Pro situation more than I did before I purchased it. I went on the positive reviews, but I was not aware of the previous token problem until this week. (I had never heard of Falcon Pro until last week.) So that part of the blame rests on myself.

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