Jun 19th, 2013

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Something unfortunate happened to the Falcon Pro Twitter account overnight. It seems users were being blocked from signing in on version 2.0.3, an update that was meant to “reset” the tokens for the app after the developer reached 100,000 tokens. It’s not likely that all 100,000 tokens were actually used overnight, which is leading developer Joaquim Verges to believe Twitter is punishing him for the workaround he’s been using to keep allowing new users to get tokens (which we understand is against the terms of service).

We’re not exactly sure why this is happening just yet, but Verges has decided to take the application off the Google Play Store until further notice. If you have Falcon Pro 2.0.3 on your device and you can’t sign in, the developer is providing the .APK for 2.0.2 that should allow you to sign in as normal, just as long as you had a token for that version before the limit was reached.

Go ahead and download the .APK and hit the “Sign In” button as normal. Verges says he won’t be putting Falcon Pro back up until he can figure things out, so this is the only route to take if you’re finding yourself locked out of the premier Twitter experience you paid for.

[via Twitter]

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