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The Moto X we’ve been hearing so much about lately seems to be coming to nearly every major carrier in the United States, just like original rumors promised. The device seems to have made its way through the FCC for US Cellular, the nation’s fifth largest carrier, under the model number XT1055. This brings the total count up to four so far, with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all having their versions outed from the same governmental outlet. That leaves T-Mobile, though we suspect it won’t be long before Magenta’s version rears its head.

Some folks are a bit underwhelmed by what we’ve been hearing regarding the Moto X. Despite Google saying they wanted to make sure Motorola made a device that inspired them, rumors suggest the device will make its way to store shelves without bleeding edge specs. To be specific, those rumored specs include a 1.7GHz dual-core MSM8960 processor, 2GB of RAM, 720p HD resolution, a 10 megapixel rear camera with a 2 megapixel front camera, 16GB of internal storage, LTE and Android 4.2.2.

Rumors are only rumors, though, and we’ve seen enough of them turn out untrue to know not to trust them 100%. We’ll still be looking forward to seeing this phone unveiled in the weeks or months to come, but for now we still have no idea what it looks like or how fiercely it’ll come out of the starting gate.

[FCC via Blog of Mobile]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Like other sites and users are saying…. a slightly above par / mid-range device on the cheap would be a great step in the direction of freeing us from locking into contracts just to have the latest/greatest.

    And c’mon guys…..the experience is more important than the specs

    1. +1 – I think that’s what this is all about. If affordable, this is my next phone on Big Red. Won’t have to give up my unlimited data plan.

      1. Agreed! This will replace my Gnex. The only spec that truly disappoints me here is the 16gb of storage. I just dont like limiting my apps and media due to lack of space.And accessing my media from the cloud is not always an option. The processor is fine with me, I dont think there is a huge difference in speed that would be obvious during everyday use.

    2. agreed my nexus 4 is not an top device anymore but the experience is still one of the best on the market. Not being locked into a contract and having the option to switch SIM card when I cross the border is nice, saves me a fortune on timing charges.

      1. Its still pretty close to one of the beet devices out there… Especially with the processor and only having a 720p screen.

        1. That’s true, but it only was $360 doesn’t require me to sign up with a carrier, and I prefer it to my friends S4 in terms of how the navigation works.

      2. That’s why my next device from here on is a Nexus

        1. I never had anything but a Nexus phone. Or a phone with a custom ROM like cyanogen or enompters ROM. My biggest complaint with most the other phones is the way they have to be navigated, Googles buttons may take a bit of screen real estate, but I take that over the hardware button that Samsung has, to switch apps you have to long press it and wait, to use Google Now you have to long press, then tap another button to get to it. Doing this 1000 times is a huge amount of time wasted, I don’t think the slightly faster CPU helps to save time. So in short I will never bit a device again that uses a different navigation layout than what Google intended it to be, because these systems are not user friendly and time inefficient.

          1. for awhile I had a grudge against these, but after getting an N10 I discovered how much time these save
            looks good, too

          2. All my yes!! I thought I was the only one picky about that. I have this app called SwipePad that pretty much works like Pie Functions, except you’re launching an app. (There is more you can do) There is even an option to choose this “Context Panel” and upon launching that while in an app, you can go directly to the App Info and PlayStore Link of that app. And even view similar apps. I love making my life easier.

            I hate HTC’s button layout on the One. Long-Pressing Home is no longer multitasking. And in multi-tasking, you can’t longpress an app to go straight to the App Info to force close it. If it wasn’t for SwipePad, I’d have to navigate through menus.

            And I HATE how the search button is missing on devices. I actually used that button.

            Let me stop. As you can see, I have a lot to complain about when it comes to the little things. LoL!!

    3. This is true. My HTC One can go up to 1.7Ghz, but it stays at 1.0Ghz most of the time. It RARELY goes past that, and this is WITH playing those 2GB games. LoL!!

      So all that power isn’t needed, yet. =.P

      I can’t wait to see this phone. Popular phones pretty much do the same thing, so it’s gotten to the point on how the phone looks.

    4. Yes Experience is utmost importance and reason iphone is iphone it is experience

    5. The experience is more important than specs. However, betters specs ensure you can have that experience for longer.

      In 1 year, this phone will feel even older than it is.

  2. This does not appear to be a Nexus-like stock device…unless they add it later like the S4 and One (which the S4 and One should be available next Wednesday supposedly). We need more Pentaband & LTE Nexus and/or Nexus-like stock devices.

    1. I expect it’ll be very close to stock, I’m hoping the only tweaks are improvements that are only left out of stock due to licencing issues. I just hope it get’s *very* quick version updates given the direct connection to Google.

      1. I have no doubt that Motorola will want to offer speedy updates to its customers to please its owner, but Motorola won’t be receiving any special privileges from Google. They’ll get the newest version of Android at the same time as everyone else.

  3. Even with the lower specs, this is a win for us. It’s assembled in the US, which is great for us. This is going to be an affordable Android experience for those looking to enter into the Android realm, which expands the community. It’s not the most powerful, but it is better than what I had (Pantech Breakout). I am excited.

    1. Not a win if it is just the deathnell of motorola. How far the mighty have fallen

      1. It’s not the deathnell of Motorola, they’re being floated by Google now. And to avoid having to write the acquisition off, you can bet Google is going to keep pumping money and talent into Motorola until they get it right.

      2. Why so much hate for it? Just because Motorola’s isn’t trying to compete directly with HTC One or Galaxy S4 doesn’t mean that it is competing with them on the broad market. I’m watching this very closely, I plan on making this my next device. I don’t need the latest specs, I just need a good Android phone that I can afford. Notice that last part, that I can afford. I can’t afford shelling out $200 to get the HTC One or the Galaxy S4.

        1. Because Moto made me angry with their Droid line. The Motorola Droid was a great phone, with an unlocked bootloader and stock android. That is what I want and they refuse to even come close to this ideal again. They sold out to VZW, not realizing VZW will go to any other OEM as soon as they can save a $1. Thus they sold their future for a small amount of cash now. I want moto to suffer as a lesson to others.

          If you can’t afford $200, much less the $650 the phones really cost, you can’t afford a smartphone. The cost of the phone is small in comparison to the cost of the service.

  4. And remember they also said this device will have 2 processors. So it may not need a top end quad core processor to have an awesome experience.


    ” There are two processors in the device that creates a system that allows you to do such a thing.” Two processors, you say? Fascinating!”

    1. Interesting, I wonder if he’s just giving a confusing explanation of dual-core though?

      1. I hope not. One process to handle simple tasks like text messaging and one processor to handle things like gaming etc.

        1. Sounds more like ARM’s BIG.little architecture which would lead you to believe it wasn’t this phone they were talking about. It would make sense to use a second cluster of A7 cores (think Exynos Octa) for low power and background activities. Nvidia offers a similar solution and have since Tegra 3 but it’s not strictly BIG.little. To my knowledge, Qualcomm does not offer a similar technology yet. So if that is true and they’re referring to what I think they’re referring to (a BIG.little style architecture), either Motorola is using a Tegra, Exynos, or they’re designing their own chips (or buying TI’s retired smartphone chip division) for some yet unknown phone.

  5. Tmobile rarely gets a Motorola product, we shall see. I actually like the specs. Sounds like good battery life.

  6. I do wonder the screen size as well as lte

  7. Wow, sad… Really sad!

  8. is that the only possible picture to represent motorola?

    1. Yes. All others have been purged from the interwebz.

  9. Can a turd really roll?

  10. If the rumors are true, then the device is DOA

    1. false. for the general masses who want a quality device at a low price and don’t care about bleeding edge specs, this is a winner

      1. In other words, not us.

  11. Get this out for $350 off contract, with killer battery life, and I’ll buy it. Well.. I’ll buy the 32GB version for $50 more.

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