Jun 19th, 2013

dolphin browser 10 phandroid

One of the original third-party Android browsers, Dolphin Browser, has hit version 10. You’re probably expecting huge changes to go along with such a major milestone, and you’d be expecting right — this update is rather huge. For starters, Dolphin has undergone another UI refresh. It isn’t a huge departure from what we’re used to, but things are tighter, cleaner and neater all across the board.

Dolphin 10 also introduces a web app store, which gives you quick and easy access to various web apps that have been optimized for mobile devices. Web app stores tend to be little more than glorified bookmarks, but it’s a nice way to discover all the great HTML5 apps out there.

Other changes the ability to drag-and-drop speed dial entries into a folder (with up to 60 speed dials), the “Dolphin Key” for single-swipe access to gestures, tabs and the browser menu, the ability to search Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook from the address bar, the return of Flash support, and updated themes to go along with the aforementioned UI update. All of it’s free and all of it’s sitting in the Google Play Store, so be sure to check it out if you’re growing a bit tired of your current browser.