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One of the original third-party Android browsers, Dolphin Browser, has hit version 10. You’re probably expecting huge changes to go along with such a major milestone, and you’d be expecting right — this update is rather huge. For starters, Dolphin has undergone another UI refresh. It isn’t a huge departure from what we’re used to, but things are tighter, cleaner and neater all across the board.

Dolphin 10 also introduces a web app store, which gives you quick and easy access to various web apps that have been optimized for mobile devices. Web app stores tend to be little more than glorified bookmarks, but it’s a nice way to discover all the great HTML5 apps out there.

Other changes the ability to drag-and-drop speed dial entries into a folder (with up to 60 speed dials), the “Dolphin Key” for single-swipe access to gestures, tabs and the browser menu, the ability to search Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, eBay, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook from the address bar, the return of Flash support, and updated themes to go along with the aforementioned UI update. All of it’s free and all of it’s sitting in the Google Play Store, so be sure to check it out if you’re growing a bit tired of your current browser.

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  1. IF you install Dolphin Jetpack along
    with Dolphin Browser. This started a long time ago, and is not well
    documented by the folks at Dolphin.

  2. You know I always go download the newest version when it come out, but i’m always disappointed. I’m not exactly sure what it is but it always looks so good on paper, but when I actually use it it just kinda lets me down… it almost seems too bloated. I always have problems with certain sites to. Its one of those things where I really really want it to work but it just doesn’t. I’m sure most of you will disagree but thats just how I feel. I end up going to chrome beta everytime.

    1. was going to post the same thing, I just downloaded it, fiddled around a bit, then uninstalled and went back to Chrome

      1. Chrome is awful. It is slow. The rendering is not the greatest. It does not have real full screen.

        1. are you talking about normal chrome, or chrome beta?

          1. Both. I want to like Chrome, but it is not good. Besides the speed, it lacks easy access to bookmarks, and has no real full screen. The text rendering is wacky as well.

          2. I don’t really care about the full screen. The rest is fine on my phone (note 2)

          3. If it claims full screen, it should be FULL screen. The bookmarks situation is not fine. I had the Note 2, now the S4. Chrome lags, especially when typing. The text is inconsistent. Some will be big, some is tiny.

          4. When you say full screen you’re referring to when it blocks out the notification bar, correct? If thats what youre talking about you can enable that in the settings… but for me thats one of my favorite things about android, I have everything in my notification bar.

          5. You can’t enable that in settings for Chrome.

          6. Yeah i guess you are right…. i thought you could enable it before but i guess i’m wrong.

  3. It actually doesn’t crash on my One X

  4. Flash support is back?! YES! I’ll be grabbing that soon.

    1. is it really back? i turned on flash inside the newest dolphin browser update, then i navigated to on desktop mode and it said you must have flash installed to see this video……….. so is flash really back? or is this false advertising?

  5. Still haven’t fixed linking dolphin with YouTube app. When clicking on a YouTube vidja it goes to the mobile site and not launch the dedicated app. Also, chrome integration isn’t there.

    1. An easy way to workaround that is to long press the address field after the link loads, which will prompt you on how you want to open the page, you will get the YouTube app as an option. Works great.

      1. Thanks, but it still feels like a lot of unnecessary steps and it won’t allow you to always open the page in the app.

  6. I use Dolphin just for the easy access to bookmarks by side swiping – I wish Chrome would do this. Glad to see Flash support back. Will have to check out the new features but could they be getting to the point of more bloat than needed?

    1. Flash support is NOT back ! its false advertising ! it does not work for me !

      1. You have to install Flash package separately and turn on in Dolphin, works great. Have confirmed it.

        1. This. And for those that don’t know how to do that, all you have to do is search for the adobe link that will lead you to the download page. Adobe still has all the archived flash player apk’s available through their website. Just be sure to download the Android version, not Windows or any other OS.

  7. I saw return of flash support, so I’m going to check this out right now. If so, that means Firefox gets uninstalled…LOL.

    1. return of flash support appears to be false advertising…. i turned on the flash option and a flash website did not work for me…. did it work for you?

      1. Nope, it’s real. Worked fine. Keep in mind, you still need to have side loaded flash from archived apk. That is, for newer devices that won’t have android flash pre-loaded.

  8. There is only one thing I really need a browser to do and dolphin used to do it just fine – text reflow / word wrapping after zooming (worked after i installed jet pack). But after this update it stopped working.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

  9. Have them abandoned Dolphin Beta? I cant use the regular version anymore on my phone, it takes way to long to load.

  10. Why does the newest Dolphin browser update for android say that Flash support has returned? i found the option to turn on flash in the settings, and switched it to “Always On” but when i navigate the web, all flash content is not working…… i navigated to in desktop mode, and NOTHING. the flash vids would not work….. it says i need adobe flash…………… so is this false advertising? or what? has it worked for ANYONE?

    1. You have to download the Adobe Flash app for it to work. You won’t be able to see any flash content until you do that.

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