MySpace attempts to be relevant again, bringing Android app to go along with latest revamp

new myspace

Once upon a time, MySpace was relevant. It no longer is. Well, at least not in the eyes of the hardcore tech enthusiast. Facebook, Twitter and the like have swooped in to steal whatever bit of thunder the social network had left. Since those two took prominence, MySpace has tried to take on several new identities to try and restore the iconic name. All of it surrounded music, though the latest changes might be the most drastic yet.

The site is now a streaming music and radio service, but still promotes a heavy dosage of social networking goodness to go along with it. It’s an interesting concept, though nothing that hasn’t already been done in modular fashion. You can learn more about that here, if you want.

But we thought you should also know that there is an Android app coming for it soon. We’re not sure if that’ll make us care for the service ¬†any more than we already do (hint: the care-o-meter is barely moving right now), but if any of you happen to still be clinging to the “in” site of the glory years of social networking you’ll be happy to hear this news. No word yet on when, exactly, it’ll arrive, but it’s coming.

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  • SocalTeknique

    Dang…. MySpace was where I met my Girlfriend, 5 years later and still strong. I wouldn’t mind coming back to it once again.

    • Kano DiamondTech

      7 years here

      • SocalTeknique


    • guitarist5122

      Reunited with an old friend 6 years and she’s my wife lol

    • Samsung Fanboy

      I met her on MySpace also., nice girl she was.


  • JBrowne1012

    The beginning of cat fish

  • Dan

    people still use myspace?

  • DavidVarghese

    You know… It might be a good time to start with MySpace again… With most of the immature pre teens gone to Facebook, MySpace might actually be better… But yet again, I don’t want to keep up with yet another social networking site.

    • james ortiz

      google + is the better alternative

      • DavidVarghese

        Yeah I like Google+, but none of my friends actually keep up with their account…

    • WHAT?

      I was going to say something similar, except swap out the teeny boppers with old people who don’t understand technology. Some Facebook pages make for entertaining reading though… solely for geezer comments.

  • Jordan Caviness

    The fact that it is still named MySpace, keeps folks from coming back as they just see the name and remember what it used to be, I recently recovered my username and password and saw that it is very much different…and now it is catered to creative people. I had MySpace when I was still using AOL loved using the Thomas MySpace Editor to create crazy layouts!

    • scoter man1

      If they called it iSpace, they’d probably get a whole bunch of people. Including Apple trying to sue the.

  • DanWazz

    Gonna have to dust off the old MySpace account… hahahah yeah right.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Once MySpace sold out, began letting little kids (12 y/0 and under) to run rampet all over the place and began turning it into MusicSpace I had to depart to Facebook. MySpace simply became some kind of stupid, social music service than no one really asked for.

    Maybe I will go back in a few years and it will be a retirement social network for us old folks in the next 20-30 years! :D

  • Larkhillv

    Finally. The previous android app version was nonfunctional.

  • Aaron Sua

    MySpace isn’t the same company it was. The name space was bought up by a UK company called Specific Media. Nice folks, thought there idea was silly.