Google Cloud Print gets its own Android app

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Google Cloud Print has been embedded into several of Google’s products so far, but the company has finally brought us a standalone Cloud Print app for those who like initiating print jobs from their smartphones and tablets. The app lets you print most standard images and documents from the app, check the status of those print jobs, and more so long as you have a network-enabled printer that is compatible. It’s small, it’s light, and it’s probably one of the most useful tool many of you have come to know and love. Give it a shot in the Google Play Store.

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  • Unorthodox

    I’ve always used a standalone app from Paulo Fernandez. It supports Android share, so no issues with a choice of print sources.

  • TimTheK

    I just can’t wait to send print jobs to my home printer when I’m not there and I know my wife is.

    I think the first one will be something along the lines of ….

    “Get away from the computer now! This is your final warning.”

    – The printer ghost

  • reddragon72

    This would be great if it worked but it never sees any printers on the machine LOL all are networked but others say it works.

    • TimTheK

      On the connected desktop did you go into Chrome > settings > advanced settings – google cloud print…..and authorize the printer?

  • xploPR

    let’s see how long google will keep this product alive.

  • DavidB23

    Use cloud print quite a bit. Works great

  • Cliff_Pettigrew

    Do we really want to let the NSA know what we are printing too? no thanks Google