Blue and red HTC One to release this summer [RUMOR]


We’ve heard rumors that HTC could be working on a red version of the HTC One after the device was “leaked” in a poor shop job, later appearing on a UK retailer’s website. HTC was quick to deny these rumors, and that was the last we heard of the device. Today, the boys at Pocket-Lint have it on good authority that not only is the red HTC One real and launching within the next few months, but that a new blue version will also be releasing alongside it.

These red and blue versions of the HTC One will be joined by the currently available silver and black versions. No word on if these will only be available on a specific carrier or region, but we’ll keep you posted (and our fingers crossed they’re widely available).

[Image via HTCSource]

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  • stevethecat

    i never understand the wait.

    • domatau

      to have something “new” to create buzz about. if all colors were released on day one then it’d be quiet for awhile. samsung and others have been doing this as well.

      • stevethecat

        yeah but by the time they get to releasing it the specs are no longer cutting edge and there is often something better out. I guess this type of marketing works on some people or else they wouldn’t do it, but I never give it a second thought.

  • simpleas

    I think the black and red looks best.

  • Cory Skelton

    I actually like that red and blue.


    Hopefully a big red one selling at VZW!! I can hope at least . . .

    • Del373

      You and me both brother. But I wouldn’t keep my hopes up if I were you. At least we get access to the S4 like everybody else.

  • Blu

    Blue looks pretty awesome I’ll get that or the s4

  • Alan Lee

    I got mine few weeks ago in Malaysia. Asked a friend to bring it back from another country since can’t wait for it to be launched here. It’s a good phone, just think the screen is a bit too small. 5 inch could be better.

    • Renato Pablo

      Get the sgs4 then!

      • Alan Lee

        Thought about it, but was very disappointed with it’s design. So went with HTC One.

    • No_Nickname90

      4.7. I don’t think you’d notice the .3. Maybe. This phone doesn’t seem that much larger from my E4GT (4.5). Until I typed in Landscape. It’s just a tad bit too long.

      • Chris Chavez

        Well, the .3 would help make it wider. Right now, I feel like the screen is too long and skinny. Kinda got spoiled with the Nexus 4 me thinks.

        • toomuchgame441

          This. HTC has developed a habit for some reason on making their screens longer and narrow than the norm. Ever since my Evo 3D I never understood it.

        • Alan Lee

          Yes, wider is desirable. Sometimes I prefer to use my Xperia Z to reply to some of my emails and stuff compared to HTC One. Before this I was using Samsung Note 10.1 as my default phone, yes, as big as it sounds, while waiting for SG4 and HTC One to be out. But once saw the SG4, no brained to go with HTC One.

  • TheHowiie

    I’m digging the blue

  • scoter man1

    I’m honestly surprised. They all look really good. Generally I don’t like colors other than black. I’d probably take black or red.

  • dizel123

    The blue one is pretty sweet…too bad I’m stuck on verizon

  • setspeed

    The blue is sexy as. Shame you’d have to cover it with a case or else risk dinging that paint job any time you dropped it.

  • NightAngel79

    Release for Verizon or **** off! Lol

  • Roaduardo


  • real0325

    Those colors are slick!

  • james ortiz

    if only it came in stock google

  • Jay

    The blue and red one both look pretty damn sick. Wouldn’t mind seeing the red one on VZW. They’d probably call it the HTC Droid One, tho

  • toomuchgame441

    The red one has so much swag

  • TechGuy22

    prefer the silver. i love mine.

  • zephyre23

    have an htc one silver from t-mobile. now i see the blue and soo sad. it looks sick and would love it :(

  • Jennah Barnes

    I hope the red and blue colors will not make this phone look cheap. I already got mine in silver and it looks classy. Got it with a great price at

  • Moku

    I want a blue HTC One. Now.