May 29th, 2013

CyanogenMod Blue Android

Steve Kondik took to his Google+ page today to discuss a very hot topic in mobile: security. With all the information stored on our smartphones, they have big targets on their battery covers for malicious app makers and shady corporations.

That being said, CyanogenMod — a group of Android developers who’ve banded together to create a custom ROM to preserve and improve the stock Android experience — has always taken security and privacy very seriously. In previous builds, CM implemented some security features into their ROM that allowed users to block specific permissions from apps, providing for a level of security you just can’t get from a stock Android device. Unfortunately, because of instability and after considering the Android community as a whole (one that also includes app developers), CyanogenMod removed this feature.

In his Google+ post today, Steve actually talks — or rather thinks out loud — about the possibility of forking CyanogenMod to allow for security “sledgehammer” solutions like what was previously implemented. This would provide an incredibly locked down and secure ROM and give peace of mind to the paranoid and overly cautious. He ended the post asking for the Android community to help come further come up additional ideas to help improve not only the security in CyanogenMod, but the user experience as well. So, if you have some great ideas, bring your best to his Google+ post and let’s help make CyanogenMod a better place.

[via Google+]

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