Thinking with portals: Angry Birds Seasons “Abra-Ca-Bacon” update introduces fresh new gameplay mechanic

Angry Birds Seasons Abacadabra update

Angry Birds Seasons has just received a huge update in the Google Play Store and it’s arguably the biggest the franchise has seen since that whole Star Wars licensing thing. I got one work for y’all: PORTALS.

Yes, just like the Valve favorite Portal and Portal 2, Angry birds is now thinking with portals in their Abra-ca-bacon update. Those of you already familiar with Portal, the new gameplay mechanic works much in the same way. Instead of sci-fi portals, Rovio is running with magic mirrors. Simply aim and shoot your bird through the mirror, and it’ll come out the other end of the portal with the corresponding color.

I know, I know. Many of you are sick of birds, pigs and their ongoing saga, but when Rovio actually does things to mix up the gameplay… I get sucked right back in. You can check out the trailer for the update down below, along with a link to the Google Play Store where you can download the Angry Birds Seasons’ Abra-ca-bacon update.

[Angry Birds Seasons on Google Play]

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  • kimir

    If I only want to play those levels, do I have to complete anything else beforehand? (aka I just want to play Angry Portals)

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, you gotta beat the first 3 levels before you can play Abra-ca-bacon.

      Edit: I’m an idiot. Abra-ca-bacon is actually inside level 3. :p

      • ScottColbert

        Are you sure? I downloaded it and was able to play those levels.
        All the worlds are open but individual levels are locked until you pass them.

        • Chris Chavez

          Actually, you’re totally right. It’s apart of Season 3. Thought that was only Halloween and Christmas.

          Now I can finally play it! Thanks, Scott! :D

          • ScottColbert

            My work here is done. =]

  • Thomas


    • Chris Chavez
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  • Valesca

    Hey, where can I download this game or update? I’ve got Angry Birds Seasons, but there’s no update available. Help me guys, my son will be dissapointed if I don’t geit it veryy soon :):)

  • anops

    Ad harassment nuff said, i downloaded the app now i dont even want to open it, every 4~5 tries i get an ad

    • Dan

      Get avast and block the app with firewall. Since I started doing this, I rarely get adds anymore.

  • dsqdevtst

    I’ll play anything with portal mechanics

    • dsqdevtst

      So long as it’s not an obvious rip-off.

  • Tony Lai

    Now kids go crazy over this thing yet again….

  • Anthony McKay

    I used to want Angry Birds dead, but now I only want them gone.

  • nianji49