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If Google I/O was any indication, I picked the right time to drop Android and move to the iPhone. OK, that’s not a totally fair statement. Google’s goal for this year’s developer conference was to be just that: a developer conference. Hence, the show returned to its roots and focused on the more technical side of Android: developer services, app building, and all that Google is doing behind the scenes. But where was the pomp and circumstance? The skydivers wearing Google Glass? An updated Nexus 7?

Sure, there were a few big announcements. Namely, the launch of Play Music All Access and Hangouts, as well as new features and redesigns coming to Search, Maps, and Google+. But the biggest hardware announcement was a Galaxy S4 running stock Android. The biggest software announcements weren’t a new version of Android.

No one expects Apple to unveil a new iPhone at WWDC, which is right around the corner. Whether or not we will see iOS 7 previewed is up in the air. However, there were high hopes for Google I/O, right up to hours before when Android 4.3 appeared to be ready for its grand unveiling. No dice.

So what gives? It’s as though Google has lost any sense of showmanship. They’ve given up the grand unveil for often understated product releases. Or have they? Perhaps the low key Google I/O keynote was intentional, a return to the days when Google could simply roll out a service with a beta tag and watch it grow its stake slowly. Perhaps Google really didn’t have anything major ready to reveal.

Maybe I expected too much from Google. Maybe some part of me wanted to be blown away, instantly envious that my mobile life is now resigned to an iPhone when Google would soon offer some revolutionary phone or software experience. Really, what Google did present was just enough, and it even had something for us iOS users out there.

Google Hangouts might have an uphill battle against the likes of Facebook Messenger, What’s App?, and others, but for a dedicated Google Talk user like myself, it marks the first time that Google is offering a native iOS app for their chat service. I had searched far and wide for the best replacement, eventually coughing up somewhere around $10 total to get a half-decent Google Talk experience on the iPhone. I won’t be getting that $10 back, but I now have a free and fully featured messaging service tied directly into my Google account, and it’s one less reason to miss Android.

Google Play Music All Access new

One reason why I will continue to miss Android, though, is Google Play Music. There still is no support for iOS, and while it may come in the future, the day did not accompany the announcement of All Access, Google’s answer to streaming music. It looks like it could be one of the best subscription services out there, and combined with Play Music’s free cloud storage for up to 20,000 of your songs you would be hard pressed to find a better all around solution for taking your music mobile. iTunes might be great media management software, but iTunes Match doesn’t do for $25 a year what Play Music can do for free.

Obviously, Google I/O leaves me with mixed feelings. Half of me wishes there was more to show, but the other half is glad Google didn’t give me reason to switch back to Android just yet. Unless the search giant has something up their sleeve, however, they’ve left the door wide open for Apple to blow us away at WWDC. Fingers crossed.

Longtime Android user and Phandroid blogger Kevin Krause has made the switch to iPhone. Follow his exploits as he navigates the world of Apple over at

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. You are just trying to troll bait everyone aren’t you! LOL

    1. That’s how I honestly see it. Everything he knocks on Google for, Apple is much, MUCH more guilty of. Knocking on Google for release cycles and saying that you’re glad you switch to Apple in the same breath? I think the irony is more than obvious there.

      Just a headline grab for attention is all. I can’t imagine anyone taking this seriously.

      1. Knocking on Google for release cycles and saying that you’re glad you switch to Apple in the same breath?

        he’s laughing that android users have to flash or wait. iOS users DO get faster updates, due to the way iOS updates work.

        You know what i hate? The type of idiot kids who think one OS is the best at everything. They’re the worst kinds of idiots.

        1. It’s true that Apple user’s get updated every year with every new OS version, but past Apple devices typically don’t get all of the good stuff. The iphone 4 didn’t get Siri when the 4S rolled out and I know the 3GS got even less in terms of features.

          At the very least when an older Android actually gets updated (rare, i know) they get all the goodies. I’m actually pretty amazed the HTC Thunderbolt is getting jelly bean, but the fact that it runs well on it is even more amazing.

          I think devices created in the ICS era are much more easily upgrade-able since the apps that work for ICS will automatically work on Jelly Bean, and I expect the same will happen between 4.2 to 4.3 and likely to 5.0 and so on with the way Google is addressing developer woes.

          1. Your totally right about older iphones getting left out on features, and sometimes i agree, it’s entirely unjustified. (see white door, which gives older devices iOS 5 & 6 features)

            However, it is nice that they are able to update, as the api’s behind it allow older devices to run software designed for newer ones. (IE, i have to personally be on an AOSP rom to get dash clock, which is my favorite widget)

            i’m just trying to be a counter balance to all this ridiculous fanboy-dom.

          2. This ‘polite’ argument reminds me of this skit lol

          3. What…the…hell..

            That was … the most bizarre thing I think I have ever witnessed in my life.

          4. Ladies, Ladies!

            You’re both pretty.

            Can I go now?

            *grin* (Sorry, haven’t had the opportunity to use that one for a while…)

        2. You’re calling me an idiot? Really?

          You don’t have any idea how the release cycles work, you just sound like you’re desperately grabbing at straws.

          I’m an actual developer. I go to all of the conferences, not just the Google ones. I’m not an “idiot kid.” I’m at I/O right now. Just because you can’t grasp what’s going on doesn’t mean you have to start calling people idiots.

          1. Yes, clearly, and really. Since you’ve indicated yourself as the type of person who thinks one OS is the best at everything, i think you’re an idiot.

            i’m a dev too (not for android however, it is my “daily driver so to speak), if you don’t want to be an idiot, don’t say idiot things like:

            “Knocking on Google for release cycles and saying that you’re glad you switch to Apple in the same breath?”

            because that’s an idiot thing to say.

          2. I wasn’t just talking about software, either. I was talking about hardware release cycles too.

            If you’re an actual developer, with a real adult job, in the real adult world, then stop calling people names. It makes you look like a child.

          3. i realize that, i just was sort of amazed that you didn’t see the hypocrisy of your statement. (in the software realm)

            As for name calling; who cares? Do you know how many times, for not blindly agreeing with the masses I will get called names on this thread? Part of being a grown up is not getting hot under the collar when such is said about you. Aren’t you missing some starcraft2?

          4. What does a game I like to play have to do with anything? Can you see how people portray your responses? You would get downvoted because of your attitude despite saying anything about Android or Apple. Your entire conversation history is you calling someone “stupid,” “moron,” “idiot,” “fanboy,” “loser,” “pathetic,” “sad.” Honestly.

            If you ask, I’d much rather be playing a video game in my free time instead of trolling around news articles calling people names. You have a lot to learn.

          5. your kidding right? You think +’s on phandroid when i’m not just praising android is going to make me think anything? Also, what does it say about your reading comprehension when i’ve also covered tons of differences in the two OS’s, talked about imessage vs hangouts, and the extent that i’ve modified my own personal servers and systems to integrate android fully into my workflow.

            but all you see is what you wanna see:D

          6. Mobileman, stop with the red herrings and ad hominens. It’s not about being an adult. It’s about a good argument without yelling at each other and bringing up irrelevant topics.

          7. So what s going on at the IO today? Any good announcements ?

        3. I’m not saying that one OS is better, but i will say about release cycles…

          Nexus One -> Nexus S = Not much of a difference

          Nexus S -> Galaxy Nexus = All around better phone

          Galaxy Nexus -> Nexus 4 = All around better phone

          But soon after the new Nexus came out, the old one got a full upgrade to the newest OS. I think the Nexus S finally got cut off at 4.2

          iPhone -> iPhone 3G = Addition of 3G is important

          iPhone 3G -> 3GS = Faster processor, more RAM, better camera

          3GS -> 4 = All around better phone

          4 -> 4s = Faster phone, better camera

          4s -> 5 = Faster phone, LTE, bigger

          But the OS they get is usually the same. But for some reason, they didn’t include Siri for the iPhone 4. That is a bunch of marketing BS

          1. “But the OS they get is usually the same. But for some reason, they didn’t include Siri for the iPhone 4. That is a bunch of marketing BS”

            i totally agree. Especially when there are projects like “whitedoor” which ads features from newer version of iOS to older ones. Siri hacks generally aren’t very good though, because it’s all so server based (although you can create proxy servers for siri that answer things as a replacement for apple’s if you know how)

            To be fair though ~ when do you think gs3 users are going to be able to install dashclock? Speaking of the gs3, did you know anyone who had a normal MHL adapter, had to re-buy one when samsung changed the pinout (gs3 launch) my point is they are all just as bad as each other. Demonizing one is silly.

          2. I understand what you are saying. The Galaxy S3 doesn’t have 4.2 Jelly Bean, but I fail to understand how that is a fault of Android or Google. It’s akin to saying “My new Toyota doesn’t have an option for a USB port on the JBL radio.” That isn’t a fault of JBL, they would make a USB port on it if requested. It is a fault of Toyota. The technology is there, but they don’t want to include it.

            Just like Android 4.2 is out there, but Samsung doesn’t want to include. Someone who bought a Galaxy S3 could have bought a Galaxy Nexus (which was on every carrier in some fashion), which would allow them to install Dashclock. That isn’t a fault of Google, who fully supports Android.

            At the same time, Apple refuses to add certain features to older phones. This is a marketing strategy. There is no technical reason to not include them.

        4. Faster updates? But lack of power or specs, or freshness, just a number, 1, 3g, 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, iPhones they are nothing but a number.

          1. i guess i’ve just been imagining NC, NC widgets, multi tasking interface, folders, and gestures.

            I guess the dev’s imagine new api’s as well.


        5. Why downgrade to ios just because it will upgrade to last year’s Android features faster?

          1. what do you mean downgrade? Android isn’t significantly better. It’s great in some area’s (how open it is, file management, intents and defaults) and not so great in others. (touch input lag, etc)

            generally it’s known that the apple eco system is still a ways ahead in terms of apps (especially for tablets)

            One day you’ll get over that android isn’t the end all be all. It’s one, great option among many.

    2. He needs to troll bait on the iSource site, maybe then they can get some sort of life out of it.

      1. you are what you claim to hate so you know. Technology isn’t a war. You are kinda sad.

        1. Yet you don’t see me trolling iSource…

        2. What? Technology absolutely is a war. These companies fight each other daily.

          1. no, it’s really not. They are gadgets.

          2. We’re not talking about gadgets here, were talking about technologies…

        3. Loiks like you don’t have much knowledge about technology. Maybe a little history lesson could teach you a bit.

          1. i have demonstrated more knowledge of the mobile industry than anyone on this thread.:D

            i’d love to know if you’ve done anything geekier than a siri proxy server? I’ve also spent a lot of time changing services that i run for my domain to accomodate android, including my entire VPN setup, which had to migrate from L2TP to openvpn, my IP camera setup etc; thankfully plex works awesome on android.. My ad administration programs blow though; but it’s kinda made up for with some really good apps for my sickbeard /sab setups.

            I’d say i know a significant more, and own more of the products, than at least 80% of the people i’ve talked to here. Including you, kid!

            what do you do with your phone?

    3. I agree. Sounds like the writer regrets making a change and is now trying to justify it to himself more than us.

      1. couldn’t agrre more

  2. When is this guy going to stop returning with his Apple-Google articles?

  3. Good thing you moved to an iPhone because you sound exactly like a typical Android basher that we have come to expect from iOS users. Please keep your posts over on the iOS site.

    P.S. Apple wont blow “us” away at WWDC. The Android users you are posting to are not included in your “us” anymore. They haven’t had anything blow away worthy since the iPhones initial release.

    1. Its a ghost town in isource , thats probably the main reason hes posting here aside from isource.

      1. You aren’t kidding. Out of the 11 articles on the iSource homepage only 1 has comments & ironically its Google (Hangouts / Music ) related. Whats the deal? Why doesn’t that site get any traffic?

        1. probably because they aren’t that much Iphone fanboys? and most of them are stuck here trolling many articles I guess , isource is probably is THAT boring they have to troll here.

          1. wow, so much for people just liking technology. You don’t have to hate apple to use android.

            you just look like idiots doing it FYI.

          2. I never said I hated Apple. IF you want respect, you have to earn it buddy…

          3. Here you go again. You like calling people idiots don’t you?

          4. In the mood for hating today? Wife just not giving it up much?

          5. I agree with you and it would make even more sense…if this were just a technology site.

            You seem to be surprised Phandroid has Android fanboys. Would you be equally surprised to find Apple fanboys on an Apple fan site?

            I get it, man. I really do. Fanboys are fun to mess with sometimes, regardless of their “religion”….it just seems mildly disingenuous for you to act like you didn’t expect to find hardcore fans here.

            (in reference to this bit: “wow, so much for people just liking technology.”)

        2. I think the Winsource has more articles/comments. Now that’s saying something.

        3. It was launched right after iPhone peaked.

      2. The main page is all articles by him with 1 comment for in favor of iOS. That’s pretty sad. *facepalm*

  4. I agree. If we wanted to see anything about IOS crap we would visit iSource. Please keep you newfound fanboyism over there. If you have anything useful to contribute to Android, we’d love to see you again. No more of this underhanded bashing though!

    1. wow this site is full of kids.

      Seriously, if you can’t take an article comparing some features, then how the hell have you lasted on the internet?

      Android first, is not your’s to defend. It needs no defense (neither does apple) They are smartphones, that at the end of the day, do the same actual tasks. If you feel the needs to protest one platform is the mother of all, then your a sad git who knows less about technology than they think. (which applies to most commenters here)

      /from someone who actually uses their smartphone for more than facebook

      1. They do not do the same actual tasks for one, and why tell someone they don’t need to defend something when your defending an article that isn’t yours to defend or whatever you were trying to say he did. The thing is it’s not one article it’s been quite a few but I know your just trying to sound smart and be the reasonable one. Debate is fun though so keep it coming.

        1. defendception!

  5. I think the point was that they could make new APIs available without a whole OS update…

    1. This is huge, honestly – slightly older but still serviceable phones that the carrier has abandoned don’t get updates anymore, and now as long as it’s on 2.2 or later, Google is making it relevant again without having to get a manufacturer to make a new build and without having to get carrier approval.

  6. Am I on the wrong site?

  7. Boo this article! Keep this crapple stuff out of an android section

  8. Haha…great logic:

    “If Google I/O was any indication, I picked the right time to drop Android and move to the iPhone.”

    As if Apple has something marvelous and new up their sleeves.

    …especially where you say this shortly after:
    “No one expects Apple to unveil a new iPhone at WWDC, which is right
    around the corner. Whether or not we will see iOS 7 previewed is up in
    the air.”

    1. The biggest problem he has is that Google sets the bar so high every year, a modest update to services isn’t good enough for him. Which is odd he moved to iOS as the only updates they have are less than modest ones that are just trying to catch up.

      1. yeah like adding a game center or “unified messaging”

        or backing up app data?


        /ffs the kids on this site are stupid.

        1. Just like iOS added notifications and “tried” to update its multi tasking. Too bad unified messaging is also across platforms with Hangouts, so yeah they got iOS beat already. /ffs troll

          1. i’m not here to defend iOS kid, again, it’s not a team sport. iOS has gotten a ton from android and is way better for it. Denying the reverse happens just makes you looks like a little kid waving a flag.

            And how does hangouts integrate with SMS?

          2. You are here to defend it as that’s all you have been doing. That’s like saying racial slurs but claiming you are not racist because you know a black guy. You’re a joke.

            Edit: and they are incorporating SMS into hangouts as they already stated that.

          3. again, lol kids.

            If i really loved iOS, i would still be on it:D (although i am for tablets; i’m no longer for phones, very happily rocking cm10.1 on my i747 GS3) And your analogy (as it would because at this point, i’m convinced your 12) is horrible:

            Slurs are generalizations that aren’t true. Didn’t android just get this new game center? Wasn’t hangouts rumored to be integrated with sms?

          4. stop trolling here dude… seriously..

          5. actually I was just killing the last breaths of work; correcting people who comment on gear they’ve never used, and don’t know about. If anything i’ve said (beyond a quick flame here or there) is incorrect, let me know.

          6. Ok man… be cool xD ..

          7. No actually you are not correcting anyone more so then you are belittling people. You think you are witty and clever but really it is just trolling. And my analogy is spot on because slurs have nothing to do with the truth but more just negative comments. Maybe you should educate yourself before you claim someone is 12.

          8. Nothing to do with the truth? So Hangouts is actually integrated with sms like facebook and imessage are? Could you go into specifics about what i said that was untrue? Or do you want to focus on the ad hom aspects? (cause i can actually see your point there, kid:D)

          9. They actually took that statement back about plans for sms integration.

          10. Actually no they didn’t, it’s “comming soon”

          11. True, Android is trying to be on par with ios features. But Android is more likely to move much beyond that. Google Glass, for example.

        2. Trolling trolly troll.

          1. “Someone disagrees with my opinion! They must be doing so purposely to make me upset! Why else would people not believe the same thing as me?”

            That’s what you sound like.

          2. You talking to me? If so; miss understand people much?

          3. Yes, I am talking to you, because by your comment “Trolling trolly troll”, it appears that you believe mobilemann is trolling, probably because he/she is saying things that could be considered pro-Apple. Now I’m not a fan of iOS or other Apple products at all, but I don’t think this is a good mindset to have, either.

          4. You could look up the definition of troll then read all his comments here, but other then that I can’t help you.

          5. I do know the definition of troll. Want me to type it out for you?

            “Someone who uses various techniques purposely to agitate.”

            I think mobilemann is just a fanboy, not a troll, because it seems like his/her messages are completely serious.

          6. Then I can’t help you. I’ll let you have the last word.

        3. Wow mobilemann, you are one sad, pathetic, lonely little loser of a boy aren’t you? Relax…your mommy didn’t mean it when she said you were adopted and she didn’t love you. I’m sure she’ll let you out of your room soon and you can go and get an ice cream.

          1. I would love ice cream actually. I think I might go to the local McDonald’s and buy me a McFlurry. Haven’t had one in a while. Hmm…

    2. Didn’t you hear!? Apple was granted the patent to take spherical panoramic photos. They’re calling it 3D Panoramic Pictures.

      What you do is take a photos of your surrounding area, but instead of going left to right, you go all around in a circle. Then when it’s done it forms a spherical picture of the surrounding area.

      Apple is saying that it’s all the rage and has never been done. Where have you been?

      This will be the their greatest thing. Apple is so innovative and unique!! =.D

      *Waits for that one person who takes me serious*

  9. Question for reviewer: How many Google apps do you have on your iPhone?

    Question for all Android users: How many Apple apps do you have on your Android phone?

    The whole mobile world is watching what Google is doing with its software, because Google writes software for the *whole* mobile world. Apple writes for users of its hardware alone. Google has to catch up with this?

    1. Apple apps only work on Apple products or am I missing something?

      1. Uh, yeah, you’re missing something.

        1. he could have been thinking of iTunes, which runs on both mac and windows.

    2. Not sure if kidding, or a large older pathetic fanboy. Yes, Google has a ton of places to catch up. You didn’t notice how much better audio applications are on iOS? iMessage that actually has SMS integration? A game center?

      They are both good at lots of different stuff. Android is amazing.

      /an actual bi platform user

      1. don’t waste your time, if you say anything besides android > apple in every single aspect in every single way possible you will get down voted >.<

        1. yeah, sometimes i really enjoy breaking up the total fanboy-dom with reality. The amazing thing is they think i’m pro iOS and Anti google. I’m just anti fanboy.

          The lengths i had to go through to get android to support what i do is pretty annoying too. (i run servers with all the normal stuff, plex server, vpn/domain/email/web/caldav etc etc, which also takes care of recording for my ip cam network) I had to move from PPTP to openVPN (which over all, i’m happy about due to multi cast support) but it was a effort:D

          1. You’re just going to get downvoted. This site is honestly worse than /r/androidcirclejerk.

            I’m on the same page as you. I just love technology. I’m really excited to see what Apple is going to unveil at WWDC this year, new versions of iOS and Mac OSX. Google I/O was great.

            It’s really stupid how the mentality has become that just because you love Android/Google you have to hate Apple. It’s ridiculous, and the name calling is pathetic.

          2. to be honest tho, it’s good to know there are others, who don’t pick sides. It’s so incredibly boring.

            Way more fun to just play with everything. I was rocking siri proxy servers before most had ICS, i love quasar, and the jailbreak scene, almost as much as i love the cyanogen/synergy my regular rotation of ROMs.

            but it was a decent way to kill 20 min before work ended:D

          3. Alas. we exist, but we are few.

            I agree, I actually went back to the iPhone for a month or so a few weeks ago. I’m back on Android, because that’s what’s best for me. That being said, the iPhone is an amazing piece of hardware and I really enjoyed my time with it. Hopefully iOS gets the revamp it needs.

            That being said, this article was retarded.

          4. What was that about androidcirclejerk? Looks to me the only circle jerking going on here is the circle jerk of the trolls congratulating each other on their apparent aloofness from the rest of the crowd. Good grief!

          5. I pick sides. It doesn’t mean I don’t play or know about Apple’s stuff. I have to for a living. However I find their ecosystem simplistic, over hyped, watered down, buggy and boring.

            That’s why I stick to what works for me – Android.

          6. well, if you find their eco system simplistic, you don’t know any apple stuff clearly. apps are a phone’s life blood, pure and simple. Android is at a place where i can use it, and i prefer the control it allows me to have, but that doesn’t mean i forget about iTeleport, which destroy’s pocketcloud and jump. Or comparing NextStop to Embark for the subway.

            but it does sometimes go both ways, google currents is way better on android; although most google apps are really good on iOS.

          7. Of course there are better apps on one and vice versa, but my hatred for IOS goes way beyond apps. The UI is frustrating, bland and one-button centric which I find inferior to what’s offered on Android.

            The lack of widgets, context menus, easy side-loading without having to jailbreak to name a few would guarantee that I never use IOS ever again.

            Android’s app count has ballooned so much that there simply is no need to use another mobile system for anything.

            Now that I carry around a Surface Pro, it satisfies all the specific work-centric needs that Android can’t or can’t easily.

            BTW, most Google Services are better on Android.

          8. jailbreaking takes care of 100% of that, except contextual menu’s, which while not used as often, are all over iOS (sigh). Although again, to re-iterate my stance on this, you totally shouldn’t have to. they should have done it MS style where your dev license jailbreaks you or something…

            Androids app count has nothing to with anything i’m afraid. Google services are pretty even to be honest, apart from google now, which is obviously more integrated. I use them every day. I could possibly buy this with gmail; if you were like a heavy label user.

            to be honest though, you just sound like a cheerleader. I get that you love google, (hint, i don’t love apple in the same way) reply when you’ve done something cooler than updated your facebook on your phone.

            here’s an idea, integrate your streaming video setup with google now. I did this for fun with plex (my streaming setup) and siri, so i could just ask my ipad mini to play “archer season 3 episode 1” for example

            do something more with this open platform that you pretend to know, and love to champion.

            fucking kids.

          9. Google has always kept the Android equivalents ahead in some features. For example, only recently have they included features in the IOS Maps like contact integration and zagat ratings.

            Android’s app count has a lot to do with most not needing to switch platforms to use their favorite apps. All the basics are covered.

            And I prefer Android’s email and browsers. Safari sucks ass IMO. And IOS’s email simply looks like it was designed by 7 year old.

            Also to change most settings in IOS you need to navigate to the famous settings icon (for most things). With Android you don’t, simple context menus within most apps, including the integrated ones make life easier. It may sound like no big deal but for me it’s a winner.

            Until IOS ripped off Android’s notification shade, there was no comparison when it came to notification support. Also having an integrated LED than can be easily color coded alone makes an Android phone more valuable to many.

            It’s these little things that make the choice easier.

            As for being a cheerleader. Well I don’t buy into the Apple hype bullshit nor am I going to pay for watered down apps because I like to play.

            I don’t have the desire or time to setup my own streaming video. Maybe in a few years. I watch HD movies and Netflix videos on my large LCD and I’m happy as can be.

            Back when I used my Nexus, I downloaded several movies from Google Play and saved them locally for when I traveled out of the country – they worked great and they were all HD.

            This last trip, I took my Surface Pro, hooked it up to my friend’s wifi connection and streamed HD netflix movies. Again I was as happy as I could be and the Surface’s screen is excellent.

            Nope, I don’t buy into Apple’s hype.

          10. contact integration into maps, isn’t really that big of a deal breaker for me i’m sorry:D

            As for the settings being centrally located, while sometimes i agree that can be a negative, it’s actually quite ahead of android interms of managing what type of notification can be sent to the user, and uses this centrally located settings pane to it’s advantage here. It’s way easier on iOS to turn off apps that abuse notifications than it is to go into app info and turn them off individually after installing a free version of an app.

            Being able to turn off an app’s access to gps, contacts, and all your other services post install and still use them (without them scraping your accounts for info) would be seen as a bigger plus to many.

            I don’t see why you keep trying to educate me on android as if i don’t use a 4.2.2 phone every day:/ I agree it’s incredible what it supports, and i choose it for my platform, i just also don’t think it’s so great you should lie about it. (nor do i of iOS, if this were reversed, i would have a long list of shortcomings it has as well)

            On my last trip, i streamed video from the raid at my place to my vacation (720p @ 3mb, thanks to verizon’s excellent LTE on Oahu) through my cheaper ipad mini to a pico projector. (which cost as much as the ipad mini:D)

            it’s not about hype. It’s about what works. Apple stuff works great too. You’ll get over that one day.

          11. “It’s way easier on iOS to turn off apps that abuse notifications than it is to go into app info and turn them off individually after installing a free version of an app.”

            That depends. You can click the notification with usually launches the app and turn off the notification within the app itself. Sure, if you have a lot of apps that abuse notifications, IOS might have a slight advantage but how often is that an issue… not very.

            IMO, it’s far more intuitive to access the settings for an app right in the app itself rather than click out to settings then back to the app.

            “i just also don’t think it’s so great you should lie about it”

            Lie about what? What did I lie about?

            “On my last trip, i streamed video from the raid at my place to my vacation (720p @ 3mb, thanks to verizon’s excellent LTE on Oahu) through my cheaper ipad mini to a pico projector. (which cost as much as the ipad mini:D)”

            Do you really think streaming video from a NAS at home is some feat? Today that is as easy as pie. Ever heard of Synology? For peanuts you can pick up one of their NAS that can stream audio/ video to any platform including Android & IOS.

            And it’s even easier if you run a full-desktop OS on a portable device… need to hunt for ‘apps’.

            All projectors welcomed.

          12. i was mostly referring to your claims that the play store had anywhere near the amount of tablet software in numbers or quality. I don’t think streaming from a NAS is special, (although as i pointed out, i don’t use a nas, since i already need a server running for about 30 other tasks. The point of that was how i did it with apple hardware, for cheaper than you:D

          13. If you don’t mind me asking, why bother bashing the fanboys here (or anywhere) anyway? You seem to know a fair bit about them, so you should know they don’t respond well to negativity…no one does in fact.

            There are better ways to deal with fanboys then trying to spite them into flaming you after all. It’s the unfortunate state of things that if someone is a fanboy the are unlikely to admit to the fact that there is on one single greatest version of anything and there never will be.

            I’ve been met with negativity from fanboys whilst trying to argue the middle ground as you are here and even without insulting them they still bashed me for even insinuating that Android and iOS might be evenly matched, or that Windows Phone 8 might be a better choice than both from some people.

            Nobody likes to be told they’re doing something wrong and since that’s pretty much what I’m doing to you here I apologize and want you to know that I mean no offense, though I think you’ll find that you’ll be met with less resistance if you dialed down the insults just a bit (even with how annoying fanboyism can be).

            Here’s to the day (if it ever comes) when everyone realizes that it all comes down to choice and that one product isn’t necessarily better than the next.

            …and now if you excuse me, I’m going to shut up as this post has become entirely too long.

          14. honestly? Bordem (friday, i’m est, so it was quitting time) and i knew i would get a reaction. Your normal troll who’s also a level 3 it guy in NYC.

            I take no offense to your post, i’m not a regular here, so i’m happy that some people see just what i was getting at.

          15. Shh…he’s having fun trolling the fanboys.

            And we all know trolls are better than fanboys…

            …or…something. :-/

        2. downvoted your comment cause that is not true..

          1. it clearly is.

          2. It clearly isn’t. The main point is that this article wasn’t comparing nor was trying to incite us as Android users, but to bash in Google of an event they clearly stated as an Developer conference..

      2. As an Android user, I’ll never know if iMessage is good or bad. I can’t even receive messages from it, as I discovered from my coworkers who thought they might be able to send me something from their iPhones using iMessage.

        1. Since you comment on Apple products and how they work, maybe it would be good to know? (omg, there was my point!)

          and they can imessage you, it just comes through to you as a text. Thanks for confirming the fears tho.

          1. You miss *my* point, which is that Apple produces ZERO for the mobile universe beyond its own hardware. If they think they have something great to offer, why don’t they offer it to other mobile users?

          2. well, you could mention mass development of webkit? html 5 push? You specify mobile so i couldn’t ask why they have a bunch of windows software as well.

            “If they think they have something great to offer, why don’t they offer it to other mobile users?”

            Not that i had all that much respect for your opinons, but are you fscking kidding me? The answer has been repeated six thousand times. Where does apple make money? On hardware. mostly the iphone. Where does google make money? Monetizing anonymous data from users and analytics.

            it makes sense that google is on as many platforms as possible. not as much for Apple, although if they were really smart, they would release apple maps for android as well. Even the insignificant few who would use it would garner apple valuable mapping data to make their services better.

            it’s ok though, i know you were being intentionally naive, you have face to save around these parts, (kids who think they are mobile pro’s because they can check in somewhere on fb)

        2. Imessage ain’t all that. Like almost every thing else Apple, it’s more hype than function.

          1. A hype that is obviously not big enough in terms of iMessage.
            What’s the number one messaging app on iPhone? Right WhatsApp.
            Ridiculous to only communicate with other iPhone users, and having other people sent SMS. Welcome to 2013. Cross-Platform or die.

          2. It’s like making a pen that only works on iPaper.

      3. you completely misinterpreted everything he commented, did you read the comment before replying ?? :/

      4. I had an iPhone that I got rid of a long time ago. And no I didn’t notice the audio applications were better. There are so many good apps and equalizers for Android, I’m baffled as to what’s better about the iPhone. Itunes? Complete unnecessary buggy garbage!

        Imessage? LOL, Android users can live without that. And after playing around with it on a friend’s iPhone, not only is it pretty much unnecessary as there are other apps that can easily perform the same function, it was downright buggy….like most of Apple’s software.

        A game center? Are you serious?

        IOS, IMO, is a joke by comparison. Also for someone so intent on defending the iPhone, I’m surprised you’re not all Apple. What gives?

        1. audio applications like anything that needs low latency monitoring. Which branches out much further than you think. for example. in my ip camera network, i have to push the streaming audio down to 64kbps to support android (app is called icam)

          it’s also why you have better music production apps on iOS; (by a massive margin) including things like daw controllers.

          As for “am i serious” about imessage and game center, google sure is, after all, they must have thought they were good idea’s to go as far as to implement them in android themselves.

          iOS is a great OS. you get a ton out of the hardware it runs on, and the software eco system is second to none.

          it’s a pain that apple saddles it with such insane restrictions, which is why i use android for my phone (i747 gs3 on at&t), and just have an ipad mini in the bag.

          i’m not at all intent about defending anything, there’s just a lot of stupid hate for them because they are the competing platform, which is; if you are a fan of actual technology, and not just a cheerleader with a crush (the majority of commenters here) a good thing.

          1. did you read this article??? or are you just scrolling only to the comments below??

          2. Obviously your Audio needs are very specific and out of the norm. I, like probably 80-90% of the population, use the audio apps on my mobile phone to listen to music, or stream it to another source/output, not produce it.

            As for IOS software eco system being second to none, that’s subjective at best and depends a whole lot on what one’s particular software needs are. I find the Google Services and openness of the Android ecosystem to be far superior.

            My distaste for Apple’s ecosystem is based on my own experience with it. Not just blind hate.

          3. it’s not just audio applications, it’s a lot of other stuff. I’ve become comfortable with non application parity (for example, plex for iOS got plex sync for 6 months first, As i’ve told you my ip cam network can’t stream audio to android unless it’s 64kbps. (what i’m saying is even apps that are on both platforms are_not_the_same

            If you’d like me to get into differences in the two platforms, i’d need a place where i could post screenshots.

            I’d like you to see what the best AD management software looks like on both platforms, and i’d like to see you eat your hat.

            The iOS eco system is still a ways away from the android market place. it’s not subjective, in the slightest, and it’s a fucking joke if you own a tablet (i own 2 android tablets and 1 iOS one)

            your distaste comes from your pocket. You own one thing, and dislike the other. (i own and use both) You’ve shown multiple times in this thread you don’t have the knowledge of iOS to even compare the two. So why bother?

          4. LOL, apparently the word subjective flew over your head. And most apps in the market place scale quite well to the average 7″ Android tablet. I know because I had a Nexus 7.

            AD management software? Are you kidding me? I have my Surface Pro running a full blown desktop OS for that? Why the hell would I use a watered down mobile app ON ANY mobile PLATFORM.

            You have no clue what I know about IOS. Just because you’re so taken with watered-down IOS apps doesn’t mean you some how know it all.

            And every time you speak I learn about how many Android devices you seem to own. Like I asked before and really didn’t get a clear answer. If the IOS Apple ecosystem is so great, you really should not need Android. The answer you gave before seemed to indicate you liked the freedom of Android, but then it got lost in all the IOS praise.

            I you’re a developer developing for both platforms, I can understand but I didn’t hear that from you before.

            Right now I use my Galaxy Nexus (had an Android tablet that the Surface replaced) for email, basic wifi network testing, texting and phone calls. The Surface Pro picks up the rest. And really, I don’t care what IOS App you use or fawn over, running a full blown desktop OS in the palm of my hands beats the crap out of any tablet (IOS or Android).

            Oh and I was a ROM and App junkie before I got tired and realized that most of it it was just a waste of time, and a laptop is still better for most things.

            Also I can easily afford to use both platforms. But why? It makes zero sense unless I’m a developer or there is one killer app I need badly that the other doesn’t have. A Surface Pro is not exactly cheap. I could almost pick up three iPad MINIs for the price I paid. But I could also do a whole lot more with it and I can easily replace an average desktop.

          5. I own a n7 and an a100 (both 7″ tablets) If you think that the state of software for android tablets is anywhere close to iOS, you are delusional, no point in going further.

            I’m well aware of the definition of subjective, you just haven’t seen anything outside of the playstore (obviously). On tablets especially, it’s simply not subjective.

            As you put it, eco system isn’t everything; and I never put my eggs in any one basket, (all my home run services are platform agnostic) There’s just no reason to freak out defending your phone. It’s great at a lot of things, just not all of them.

          6. Could everyone stop feeding the troll please? His trolls per minute count is amazing.

          7. they are feeding me because it kills them that i’m right:D You’ve got a better strategy, but you still won’t make me wrong:D

            Also, i’m only a troll because i have a different viewpoint to you guys. I’ve explained all my thoughts, and no one here has challenged a single thing i’ve said. They just insult me back, which is fine, because this is the internet.

            But don’t be mistaken, look at the post counts on the other threads. I won:D

    3. Well said! What Google does is beyond hardware. They’re really a service company first. Any company who is a hardware company first has a very limited future since people really don’t care a thing about an OS as much as they care about apps/programs they can run.

    4. I believe he was referring to Apple catching up to Google

      1. which it will never happen of coarse if iscourched wasn’t an indication of what the inevitable fate of OSnapple will be in the future than than maybe they’re feeble attempts to convince their isheeps that an inch of difference and an extra row of apps is considered innovative might be a clearer example

    5. Google does tend to skip over Windows Phone though.

  10. This is journalism?

    1. No. It’s a blog, to be fair.

  11. Definitely time to take this site off my RSS feed-bullshit articles like this, is why I can’t take anything else seriously.

    1. Agree. Gone from Feedly.

    2. so you don’t read real news sites? like the verge, /. etc.?

      1. if you state “The Verge” as a real news site you really are an iOS fanboy hahaha

        1. you said that on a site called “phandroid”

          you realize how this looks to everyone but utterly pathetic kids?

          1. Did I claim that Phandroid is a “real news site” haha no I’m criticizing its author for posting troll articles. Nice attempt at trying to make a completely invalid statement that holds no justification. Also using the term kids does not make you seem any more adult hahaha

      2. Did I say that? No. My comment was simple enough to understand without reading into it.

  12. The thing I love is that these were actually really huge changes to android. Google Play Services has made the OS version nearly irrelevant and took the power back from carriers and manufactures. They can now update core functionality outside of an os version update. That is huge. How many times has apple updated core apps outside of an os update?

    Yes you did not get new toys, you got something so much better.

  13. Seriously, why is this guy allowed to post this crap on an otherwise good android related site?
    Ok, he thinks Apple is better. It’s his opinion.

    But what have we done to deserve this flaming posts and trollolloll?

  14. I don’t like this article at all. Kevin, why switch completely to iPhone? Why not just write for both Phandroid and iSource? You decided to pick a team, yet you have the opportunity to be an unbiased user of both iOS and Android devices, which would allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds and you could write unbiased articles for both…yet here you are after saying goodbye to Phandroid, and you keep on trying to justify your purchase by writing articles that try and justify your switch and you want us to be sympathetic about it.

    I’m happy for you trying out other devices, but why not just use BOTH iPhones AND Android devices? Stop the flame bait. Google I/O is and was a developer conference and this year they decided to actually do some good for developers with new tools and APIs that in the long run help it’s developers and customers.

    1. right on Jeff. Either pick a team, go the unbiased route or just get ur but out of phandroid before ur own articles make you as irrelevant as isource itself. I know you got buddies here on phandroid but that ain’t gonna stop the android army from poking negative feedback from ur articles. Gee I wonder how ur iphanboys will feel when they are made aware that ur eating ur cake too lol. u think we’re bad oh man there gonna tear u up son!!!

  15. The behind the scenes stuff, like the updates to the Google play services, doesn’t sound exciting at first but if you really think about it is more important than a new version of Android. In my opinion, this IS the time to be with Android.

  16. Kevin, it must be hard to come back to your article and read all these negative responses. But seriously, what exactly is the point of this?

    “Longtime Android user and Phandroid blogger Kevin Krause has made the switch to iPhone. Follow his exploits as he navigates the world of Apple over at”

    Oh ok…good luck I guess.

  17. why would you buy a dumb phone for such a huge price? = iPhone =
    1) no free copy file
    2) no default app selection=fascism
    3) no nfc
    4) no voice recognition in many languages
    5) Apple censors your emails=fascism
    6) just icons from 1990
    = dumb phone

    Are you paid or just …. ? :-)

  18. Can we please stop writing articles like these on Phandroid? If Kevin made the move to iPhone, thats great for him. However, your audience, which primarily consist of Android users, could care less. As a reader, you are making me want to re-visit the site less and less.

    1. This guy, I agree with this guy.

  19. The develpers are the heart of Android, what keeps it innovative and moving. iPhone is about pomp and flash and little else.

  20. Tired, of the almost daily IOS-Android comparisons… Time to switch to a new Android blog source. Thanks a lot, Kevin! Cya!

  21. Agree with the comments–these articles are just bringing down this otherwise awesome site. Post this stuff at iSource Kevin. The article was even written in a trolling “fanboyish” manner.

  22. We’ve enjoyed your articles in the past and know that you are better than this. Don’t lose your integrity for the sake of click thrus and comment count. Look forward to your future quality articles.

  23. it’s a little silly to have articles about ios on an android site, but i love reading the comments so i kind of want kevin to keep posting

  24. You should be ashamed of yourself Kevin.

  25. Maybe we can stop assuming they’re going to do stuff like retards so we’re not let down. Google never promised any of the stuff half of you butt hurt morons are upset about. They’ll be announced in time. Google I/O is a developer conference. I’m glad they went back to being that. They can unveil a new Nexus or version of Android any day, or at a different event.

  26. You went from Android to Apple and you are happy? I think I would feel so restricted if I went back, I could not do it. In android, you have a choice over everything. My friends on android always have a home screen that is unique to them. My friends with iPhones have the same looking iphone with their own unique wallpaper, if they choose to change it. I look at the iPhone as a cookie cutter device. Every iPhone looks and works like every iPhone.

  27. A stupid Apple User. It’s fine if you want to be an isheep but don’t pathetically come to phandroid and look like one. It’s just sad!

    Maybe iOS 7 will remove google maps and replace it with a crappy inferior mapping service and that be part of a big release. Oh wait that already happened! Why don’t you compare Apples services with Googles and just see how far behind Apple is.

    1. Don’t be a jerk.

  28. Apple will blow something, but not blow us away. There is nothing for u to tell us anymore, we get it. You love Apple and no matter what the truth is you will act like you believe that some how Apple is gonna do something new or creative. Android users know how far apart the two companies are so when u try to act like you are expecting Apple to show up Google somehow, we all know that’s never gonna happen, and since u were a android user, you know this as well. I think you are trying to convince yourself that there is something Apple does better but it’s just not going to happen because the truth is right in front of you when you puck up your iPhone. I don’t hate Apple but u know and i know that it’s easy to see who is the better OS.

    1. +1

  29. LoL

  30. I feel like you are trying to come up with an excuse to come back to Android. You are posting here saying that Google I/O was shitty, but Apple has not done anything new or innovative in years. You keep saying things like “Google didn’t give me reason to switch back to Android just yet.” It’s seriously like you want to switch back, but are too scared to.

    You seem like a nice guy Kevin. I’ve seen your articles and watched some videos of you. But you have to stop posting here. You picked iOS. Don’t post stuff like this here. We don’t care about this, nor do we want to see this. You can see that my opinion is shared with others. Just look at the comments.

    I mean this in a nice way.

  31. This is like constantly driving by your old home to see what the new owners have done with the place…

  32. Why are we talking about Apple here at all? Google is showing us the future of web and mobile. They are way bigger than just Android. Apple is just a gadget company that hits a hot niche gadget every once in a while but in reality less than 20% of tech users care about.

  33. The reason he is here doing this is clearly for page hits… why else piss off Android users?
    The problem is that I am not going to keep reading if this keeps up.

    I don’t like Apple stuff, plain and simple.
    If I want to read all the Apple rants about Android, I will go to an Apple site.

    Let’s cut this out now please?

  34. I usually like the ‘lets compare Apple to Android’ articles, but this was just lame.

  35. Traitor.

  36. whats up with all Apple users react and crap. getting tired of all these posts

  37. this is a horrible article. what google just showed the entire industry is that they didn’t need to update the whole os just to add features and further functionality.

  38. Is this a joke, ‘soon be playiong catch up to Apple’. Its a developer conference, what do you want from a developer event.

  39. Remember, without Google Apple’s iOS would be nothing. Especially since all iOS users use almost all of Google’s services. Even Apple cannot match these.

    1. I totally agree. apple makes nice looking hardware but their software has always been subpar compared to google. Google is true innovation and true success. Android-the most successful platform globally, chrome-the most used browser, maps-the best navigational tool, etc. The only “innovation” apple has is putting aluminum together.

  40. bullshit.

  41. Yeah, they didn’t do much…. only revolutionize the way we surf the web, do maps, make apps… oh and don’t forget the most amazing music service around. Not much though.

  42. People… maybe we should take it easy on ol’ Kev. As far as we know he was assigned the task of switching to ios.

    Maybe it’s an experiment. Who knows for sure, right?

    If it truly was his choice, tho… well, then… carry on.

  43. Funny, Everyone starts with. “Even though Google Stated the Conference was going to be based on development” They still launch into a rate like Google lied?

  44. Cool, now I can come to Phandroid to hear about Apple….

    I/O is for devs, I am not a dev but did enjoy seeing what is in the works.

  45. As far as apple’s wwdc, all their gonna do, is show are things android already has, maybe a different way but the same.

  46. I want an iTunes-like program for android for media management! Umm did Google give away any products during the IO event? I missed it

    New play music is awesome.

    1. Oh wait, IO is still happening.. Lol

  47. Apple has changed the name of the developer conference to the consumer conference. Developer conferences are suppose to be boring for us consumers.

  48. Google could have released these new features in an incremental softwar update, added a couple new software feautres and call it a day like apple would have.. Instead they decided to benefit every android user and allow everyone to enjoy the couple new updates. To say that google has lost its showmanship is absolutely ignorant. We have seen their “showmanship” last year when they decided to display those skydivers, release the nexus4 at a groundbreakingly cheap price, the nexus 7 that has redifined the market of affordable yet powerful tablets, and released the nexus 10- a showcase of the raw specs that an android tablet is capable of. Just because google decided to treat this year as a real developers conference does not imply google has lost all its talent and innovation. They released some incredibly useful api’s to truly help devs create apps that work on a variety of screen sizes that the android ecosystem is known for. Last year google emphasized that it can appeal to consumers and this year google showed they they truly do listen to their developers. Because no matter how great the android OS is, itwouldnt be nearly as successful as it is today without the great dev community.

  49. This is a change. I’m use to people trolling in the comment section but trolling by the author of an article is very unique.

  50. Strong the butthurt is, on this page -_-.

  51. Quick Comment… You cannot run iMessage, iTunes.. Garage Band, iWhatever office suite, etc on any Mobile Device other than an iPhone Correct? So WHY would GOOGLE Play, Music, Video, Book, Magazine, etc run on anything but an Android. iPhone users stick to your Music service (oh what you don’t have that yet, iStream, well now that Google did it you shouldn’t be to far away to steal it) and all your other propitiatory services and let us Android users use ours. Oh and butt out of our forum. I believe that’s what Jim Philips was trying to get at, except there are Google apps that run on iPhone, just not vice versa, elitists.

  52. Google laid waste to the rest of the world. Their services and ideas are leaps ahead of anything Apple is doing…anything. The music update is fantastic with radio and subscription. Bye bye Rhapsody.

    I’ve already uploaded 3000 pictures to the new Google+ site and have been organizing them. Far better than iPhoto…I have an Air with not a lot of storage and I was able to free up 50g of drive space.

  53. Apple has to make something worth catching up to first.

  54. An Android user reacts to an Apple user’s reaction to Google I/O: meh.

  55. Hey Kevin, please refer to Quentyn’s well written article from earlier today.

  56. Wouldnt it be awesome if google held the updated nexus phone ,nexus 7(2) amd android 4.3 for the time around wwdc…. well well lookey here lol…

  57. Kev, my man.. this must come to an end. The people have spoken. You’re an iOS user now, cool. Blog it up on iSource for other iOS users. Android users clearly don’t want to read articles as they continue to bash an OS you use to love. You’ve become nothing more than a sheep to many of us now, I hope you’re happy.

  58. why is a Crapple fanboy writing about android???

  59. Why do people hate this article? I don’t mind this at all. A little change of scenery doesn’t hurt. Let’s hear what the guy has to say.

    Now if these start showing up 5 times an hour, then wii have a problem. I’m sorry, but the people are right. This is an Android Blog, not a Random Tech Blog.

  60. First time I have ever heard of someone going from android to iphone, its usually the other way around.

  61. “However, there were high hopes for Google I/O, right up to hours before when Android 4.3 appeared to be ready for its grand unveiling. No dice.”

    You mean like when I had an iPhone 4 and was all excited about the hype regarding the “next huge thing from Apple”, rumored to be the iPhone 5!!! It was going to include a bigger screen!!! A killer processor and other goodies!!! I WAS STOKED!!!! And then….pfffffft!!!!

    iPhone 4S & Siri


    Talk about giving a guy a stiffy and not finishing the job… Please, bro – leave your falsely one-sided disappointment at door.

  62. Seriously? Google’s software infrastructure is so far ahead of apple, apple will never catch up. They just don’t have the knowledge and enough talent to build out that kind of infrastructure the way google can. Add to that apple’s iron fist approach to everything its just never going to happen.

  63. As soon as the word “sans” comes up in articles, I quit reading. You didn’t get off to a very good start :-/

  64. “they’ve left the door wide open for Apple to blow us away at WWDC. Fingers crossed.”
    This is going to be the most anticlimactic WWDC ever, ever. Apples got nothing.

    Id be willing to bet those tight-ases have their wallets closed so tight they haven’t put jack into R &D. They have no Moonshot program. They’re cheap and weren’t planning anything for so long that even if Glass lights a fire under their ass there is no way to just “zmog we better put something cool out too!” And actually come up with something good. I have no faith that apple will be contributing to the tech world this year.

  65. Initially, I was a bit disappointed, too. The more I’ve thought about I/O, however, the more I’m actually happy with how it turned out. They’re (sort of) fixing problems with fragmentation with the new Play Services. They’re making it easier on developers to create applications for all different screen sizes. Making it easier for Android tablet users to see what is and isn’t made for tablets. Those are some of the Android’s weakest spots being addressed. This is pretty significant stuff we got this week. It’s a part of Android’s long term future. I’m satisfied, here.

  66. No one is going to see this comment. Hi Mom!

  67. … Well just in case someone reads this far down … Google doesn’t need to be flashy anymore becaue they are so far ahead of Apple.

  68. Yet another example of someone making up false expectations and then getting disappointed when those expectations are not met.

  69. This is without a doubt the most ridiculous story I have ever read on Phandroid over the past two years. It’s like you’re baiting people to argue abut Apple vs Android. Sad!

  70. IOS users are becoming less and less relevant. Of course using Google services, they certainly help Google’s bottom line, but Android has been enjoying success after success so obviously Google is doing something right.

    If IOS users wants the full Google experience, then they need to switch over. It’s that simple.

  71. Grow up!

  72. As an iOS user and casual Android user, I am glad Google took a step back to focus on developers and development. Google still has a lot of work to polish the Android experience and especially the Play store. This is the first time agree with most of the commenters and say this article is garbage. And the one thing you like is Play Music? I have found the majority of my music collection irrelevant since paying for a Spotify subscription. Neither Play Music or iTunes subscription service will be relevant if it’s not available on every device I own, like Spotify and Pandora.

  73. Die

  74. Kevin is just bored. He already covered the entire world of Apple.

  75. Like most Android users I paid little attention to the run-up to Google I/O and only minor attention to the news coming out of the event. My big take-away from the event was EPUB and PDF uploads to Play Books.

    Why do people continue to insist that these conferences have to be a pep rally? The age of Steve Jobs delivering keynotes that force tech journalists to wet themselves is over. Apple hasn’t been able to rekindle that spirit since Jobs passed and no matter how hard Amazon, Microsoft or Google have tried, they haven’t been able to out perform Job’s charisma as a snake-oil salesman extraordinaire; even when apple had nothing really new to release Steve Jobs could take some minor software or hardware release and present it to the Faithful as though Moses was coming down from the mountain with a few new commandments.

    Release cycles should not be based on conference dates. The next version of Android should be released WHEN IT’S READY, not forced to market by the artificial timeline of a developer conference. Apple announced iOS6 in June of 2012 knowing full well that it would be months before that release would be ready for market. Google on the other hand released version 4.2 via press release (the live event was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy) and the first devices featuring the new version were available in just two weeks.

    Personally I applaud Google for getting new releases and features to the consumer rapidly instead of teasing features to it’s customers months in advance of actually being able to deliver.

  76. Blow us away at wwdc? Lol

  77. when phandroid becomes phanios

  78. people keep complaining about Android fragmentation so Google does something that fights against it, namely putting all the new features in their framework instead of coming out with a new Android version which will get delayed through manufacturers and carriers. I don’t think many non-developers are seeing the big picture here

  79. Why are you still on Phandroid if you now prefer iOS?

  80. 4.3 or 5.0 (Whichever it is called) Will be debuted on the updated Nexus 7. Why? It’s the only nexus that doesn’t have 2GB of RAM yet. Thus it makes sense. If google is taking their time to make the update good, I’m fine with that

  81. For all the people who keep saying they are “sick of these iphone articles” take a look at phandroids home page, scroll down the bottom and check which article has the most comments. This one. Bad press is good press and as long as these articles are being read and commented on, they will keep coming. So if you really are sick of them dont even click on them.

  82. Fanboys on both sides of the fence are pathetic..and yes I’m name calling.

    1. you’re statement is false. obvious troll . Move along.

  83. So you went to iPhone.just because you didnt like I/O

  84. These articles are really starting to rub my rhubarb.

  85. Google playing catch up to Apple?! Wtf are you on Kevin? Must be some awesome stuff and I want some!

  86. Technology isn’t fashion and it isn’t show biz either… It’s nice to put on a show for the consumers and it’s nice to make everything look pretty but for actual developers having actual technical details from senior staff and other staff is more important. Less Flash in the pan, and much more steak.

  87. God forbid a developer conference focusses more on the developer and their tools than launching a bunch of new products.

    There was a video that MKBHD did about the mysterious “xphone” that is very relevant to this article. People who were disappointed by Google this year at I/O need to get a grip on reality. GOOGLE DOES NOT OWE YOU A DAMN THING. Just because you were expecting all this flashy stuff to be announced(according to BLOGS) doesnt mean any of those products actually exist.

  88. As an iOS user up to the 4S I could never go back… Android just has so much more to offer and iOS just feels boring…

  89. I’m an Apple user and I really dislike using Android, but even I think this article is stupid. Some people are never happy. I thought Google I/O had some neat things (even though some are just mobile features brought to desktop). The thing is, these types of articles are written about Apple all the time and actually affect the stock price. You can see where all the animosity comes from.

  90. kevin why the f(*k are you hanging out in phandroid your journalism sucks donkeys ass

  91. Mixing these stupid iOS user posts into is intentional flame baiting for the sake of more hits. Making me consider finally removing phandroid from the feed…

  92. What a load of crap, this article is. You will not sell me iPhones.You will go home and think about your life.

    Sad that Phandroid published this post. Senseless.

  93. This was the best IO I have ever seen. Google didst release any hardware because in the past the nexus line where ment to be guide lines and developer tools to able to build apps and give manufactures almost a structure for hardware. Now they dont need to release those because manufactures have learned and caught up we have quad core with 1080p displays hardwarre is there now, its an all out assault on software and making the web the real web on or mobile device no compromise mobile web experience that’s what Google’s after now. They announced some crazy advanced stud I guess it just was really for developers. O yeah what is there that Apple will announce that will Eclipse this. And there is probably nothing Apple is lacking features. The web is no where near at its Mac potential.

  94. This years IO is about giving developers the ability to blow away users with new mobile abilities through applications. Its obviously not about us vs them. Its not about us vs oems. Its not abouy us vs oracle. Its not about Google vs anyone or anything. Its about what Google is FOR.

  95. I am really starting to hate these “An Apple user’s point of view” articles. When they first started appearing on the site I thought they could be informative (previous iOS user myself) and point out how each OS could learn from one another. After reading these articles I always feel that they do not add anything informative to either the iOS or Android community and they always make me feel like the writer is trying to justify the switch from Android to iOS.

  96. Why do they keep posting articles by this guy? They get more and more pointless every time. Plus, you’ve been an apple user for like 2 months, and all android before that. I would hardly call you an Apple user!

  97. I am seriously considering not even coming to this website anymore. take your crap elsewhere please. the only reason I come here is for Chris chavez. he needs to be picked up by a good android news website and leave this crap.

    1. +1

  98. Why am I reading so many Apple related articles on Phandroid lately ? Are they getting you more pageviews ? Just do an apple related blog if you want to. But this webpage is called PHANDROID.COM, and I expect you remember that.

  99. Google didn’t announce much this time. OK, fair point. BUt Apple hasn’t done much of anything for YEARS now. Who in their right mind would think Google would need to play catch-up? Apple’s last big “innovation” was Apple Maps. And a fine mess that was. Google just jumped WAY out in front AGAIN with the next gen maps.

    If you want to keep trying to justify jumping to Apple to yourself, have at it. But you’re not convincing too many others you did anything but take a giant leap into the past.

  100. If you actually moved to iPhone from Android (after rooting and getting good android devices), you’re stupid.

  101. Why is this prick even on this site? Please get rid of him, don’t want to keep seeing his Apple fanboi posts.

    1. Kiss him back!

  102. Yeah, click bait for sure. But the question remains…why is an ios user writing for phandroid. Couldn’t you writing articles about how ios is the greatest thing in the world because it just got a feature that Android has has for over a year…or something like that

  103. I’m in agreement with most other posters

    Google I/O is a developers conference. WWDC is a flashy look-at-what-we-did-and-spend-a-butt-load-of-your-money-on-our-junk parade. Huge difference. Last year was Google’s first and only show that showed off a new gadget (other conferences have introduced gadgets yes, but never with the fanfare of google glass), and that’s because it was ground-breakingly new and wanted to get developers interested in said product… it was not an unveiling for customers who would still not even be offered google glass for at least a year. Google was never a flashy company like Apple. So, comparing the two only shows that maybe supporting the pompous look-down-upon others lifestyle that apple attracts is right up your alley.

  104. LOL. No reason to switch back to Android? I guess the GS4 Google Edition or HTC One are just nothing close to an iPhone 5 w/ that awesome iOS and all. Nevermind Google Music, Hangouts and the new Android game center. Yeah… no. The only company playing catch up is Apple and they have been for the past 2 years.

  105. Why iphone? ? I just left them and don’t miss it.

  106. Another person who completely missed the point of what actually happened at I/o..what Google essentially did was update the os without actually updating the os through the Google play services..example Google now gets new features without an os update where as iOS has to update there whole os just to add new features to siri… Google added a game service without a new os where as apple had to release a new os.. That was the theme of I/o imo is that Google is taking back control of its main features where before to get new features you would normally have to wait for a new os but with Google play services Google can bring new features even if they are not on the latest firmware..think back to all the features apple added with full os updates and you will see Google are doing all that and more without even updating the full os..

  107. It is a sad day when phandroid resorts to click bait articles to generate comments and activity for advertisers.

  108. Every time I get on my iPad, I am glad I have a Nexus 4. The things you can’t don on iOS boggles my mind.

    I was driving with a friend from Austin to Houston this year, and he was finishing up a real estate deal. He received a PDF via email and it was upside down (scanned wrong). He couldn’t do one thing with it on his iPhone. I told him to forward the email to me. I downloaded it, flipped the document right-side up and emailed it back to him. He was shocked.

    He’s also shocked every time I download a MP3 from my email and then play it in Music.

  109. As usual the immature android teenagers are whining about things they don’t understand. They are obsessed with iPhones and can’t handle anything even remotely sounding like like criticism. Grow up.

    1. This IS an Android centric site

  110. Your opinion doesn’t matter anymore, Kevin. Go blog on iPhan, or something.

  111. “I had searched far and wide for the best replacement, eventually coughing up somewhere around $10 total to get a half-decent Google Talk experience on the iPhone. I won’t be getting that $10 back, but I now have a free and fully featured messaging service tied directly into my Google account, and it’s one less reason to miss Android.”
    All the more reason why they need to stop rewarding iphone users with access to the things that make Android OS better than iphone. It will keep developers backing the more inferior product. I am glad you had to pay $10 though. All that money will continously add up until you finally realize what a horrendous money dump it was switching over to iphone and you’ll come back with your tail between your legs and a “sucker” birthmark on your forehead that will never fade.

  112. When I hear Mac now I think in the same terms as when I hear- Email me at [email protected]


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