Pebble watch begins shipping to early backers, Android app coming Jan 24th

I’ve been wanting to get into the whole “connected watch” scene for quite awhile now but haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet on any specific product. The Pebble watch has been one such prospect, fully funded and Kickstarted by a whopping $10,266,845 many moons ago.

After what seemed like forever, Pebble has finally begun shipping out their first round of Bluetooth connected watches to early backers. More than 500 units will be arriving on doorsteps, with even more expected to ship “soon.” Apparently Pebble’s factories in China are pumping out a thousand units a day, but when we can expect Pebble in stores is anyone’s guess.

As for the Android app that will give users the ability to program watch faces, widgets, and added features, that will officially arrive in the Play Store come January 24th (iOS version still pending approval). Any Phandroid readers been clamoring for a Pebble watch, or do alternatives like I’M Watch have your eye? Anyone feel that connected watches are useless?

[Pebble on Kickstarter]

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  • DavidB23

    I think it is a solution looking for a problem. My smartphone is in my pocket or hand. My wrist is the other side of my hand. Is looking at my wrist for 4 words of an email that helpful when the whole msg is on my phone; which is in my hand?

    • Thomas

      Totally agree. Why do people think this watch is soooo great ? Somebody that bought one of these please sell me on this. Why is this going to be successful when the other Android watches have been epic fails for the most part. Not bashing…I just don’t get all the hype.

      • Jwhap

        Yeah, I am with you! Not to mention, you kill your battery leaving Bluetooth on all day…… ?

    • iampoch

      It’s a niche market, but it does have its uses. Examples of places where this will be useful: offices, particularly during meetings, commute (busses, jeepneys, trains, or anywhere else where your phone would be prone to pickpockets), theaters, when you’re being nagged at by your significant other for spending a lot of time on the phone (now she’ll nag about how much time you spend staring at a watch)

      • camelsnot

        your example doesn’t really apply.

    • JulianZHuang

      there are wants and needs. it seem we are in an era of wants more than needs.

  • Tom Adshead

    I have a Sony Smartwatch, which only connects with Android phones. Its added value for me is that it vibrates when I get an SMS or a call – this means no more missed calls or SMSes. I was missing a lot of calls, possibly because my hearing isn’t up to it, possibly because my phone was not always audible in my jacket pocket. It does that limited functionality quite well, and I will look at a Pebble, because it’s more watch-like. The Smartwatch is more like a little Android device that clips on my wrist. Also the Smartwatch really only has one face that works well, and doesn’t drain the battery, and it seems the Pebble has more.
    Are these things an absolute necessity? No. But I’m glad to have one.

  • shadowslash

    I’m pretty happy with my liveview, it works great for $15 and I can read my messages at work without my boss noticing.

    • King of the Zafferties

      $15? Where?

      • camelsnot

        try googling. It works wonders for the rest of the world.

        • King of the Zafferties

          I did try Googling. Couldn’t find it for $15. But thanks for the GREAT tip.

      • Aaron Sua

        A troll is a troll, but I did find the liveview for $15 as a deal that existed about 4months ago. now it’s about $25

        • shadowslash

          That’s exactly where I got it, some daily deal website (daily steals I think?) for $15 free shipping. Found a few on ebay for $20-$30 but as soon as I saw it for $15 on the iSlick app I bought it.

  • camelsnot

    looks dopey

  • timmyjoe42 has them for $150