Jan 23rd, 2013

I’ve been wanting to get into the whole “connected watch” scene for quite awhile now but haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet on any specific product. The Pebble watch has been one such prospect, fully funded and Kickstarted by a whopping $10,266,845 many moons ago.

After what seemed like forever, Pebble has finally begun shipping out their first round of Bluetooth connected watches to early backers. More than 500 units will be arriving on doorsteps, with even more expected to ship “soon.” Apparently Pebble’s factories in China are pumping out a thousand units a day, but when we can expect Pebble in stores is anyone’s guess.

As for the Android app that will give users the ability to program watch faces, widgets, and added features, that will officially arrive in the Play Store come January 24th (iOS version still pending approval). Any Phandroid readers been clamoring for a Pebble watch, or do alternatives like I’M Watch have your eye? Anyone feel that connected watches are useless?

[Pebble on Kickstarter]

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