Jan 23rd, 2013

The boys at NASA have published some images of the sun that are both breathtaking, and awe inspiring. The images show our sun through a variety of filters used by the Solar Dynamics Observatory to study our yellow sun (as opposed to Superman’s red sun) and its surface behavior. One of the images actually combines all of these filters to form a single picture of the sun, making for a beautiful collage of colors from something we see every day — just never like this.

This collage of solar images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) shows how observations of the sun in different wavelengths helps highlight different aspects of the sun’s surface and atmosphere. (The collage also includes images from other SDO instruments that display magnetic and Doppler information.)

Why are we telling you guys about this? Well, the high-resolution image (linked below) makes for one wicked cool wallpaper on your Android device. Links to the post from NASA, as well as the image, have been provided below. Science, am I right?

[NASA | High-Res Sun Collage Image | via Gizmodo]