Is this the HTC M7 with Sense 5.0? [PICS]

We’ve been hearing a bit about the HTC M7 for quite some time now, and we largely expect HTC’s next flagship device to launch at Mobile World Congress next month. The rumor train is already off to a good start, and today’s leak brings us what could be our first early look at the device. We don’t get much — it’s a rectangular device with an HTC logo — but there it is regardless.

More than that, though, we might have gotten our first look at HTC Sense 5.0, as well. From what we get there isn’t much different or new compared to Sense 4+ outside of some slightly different icons and lock screen arrangement, but we imagine the meat of the changes will be found deeper within the OS. We’ll have to see if anything else comes of it before Mobile World Congress rolls around, but at the very least expect another fine device from HTC as the company looks to find its way after a horrible fourth quarter.

[Weibo via PocketNow]

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  • Sebastian Gorgon

    If that’s Sense 5.0 then wow… this was suppose to change everything, instead the change is as minor as move from 3.6 to 4.0

  • kev2684

    htc loves dem gingerbread

  • toomuchgame441

    If the screen size is still 4.7 then HTC already failed.

    • Sharky

      If they can get 1080p down to 4.7″ then I think they’ll be on to a winner. There’s a lot of 5″ phones coming out and not everyone will want to go that big.

      • moises1204

        exactly my thought, i think 4.3 to 4.5 would be ideal with that kind of specs.

  • a)

    Are you sure that’s Sense and not Blur? Looks like blur to me

    • Matt DiGiacomo

      I see what you did there!

      • camelsnot

        and you cared enough to let him know. So cute, Matty.

    • Butters619

      Whoa! It’s called Moto UI now. :p

  • bigcix

    I’d wait 3 months after this is released and get the M7+


      Because of exponential growth, I have calculated that as soon as you walk out the door with the M7, they will be hanging M7+ posters on the storefront

    • moises1204

      hahaha, you are right, i dont know why htc like do that,it is clear that method don’t work, i bet they already working on the DNA+ hahaha.

      • AGx

        Idk, didn’t HTC’s CEO say they wanted to release fewer flagship devices this year? I’d expect them to go the route of the Galaxy line and release a flagship across all carriers and update it once per year or so.

        Of course, this is wishful thinking based on a vague statement. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.

        • Butters619

          they said that last year too when they announced the One line up….

          ….and let’s take a moment to reflect on how well that went.

        • lcg1519

          That was last year…and they failed miserably. They need to have one brand like Samsung with the Galaxy Series. The One X/S/V/SV/LOL/JKJK Needs to stop. Release one phone on all of the major carriers and market the hell out of it!

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    It has Sense on it? #fail

    Next please.

    • NickMUK

      From what I gather…(Relevamt rumors)
      No company is making a 4.7inch 108display (what I gather from football4pda)
      Sense 5.0 seems a lot more striiped down (from what I’ve seen from leaks, not sure I like it ) as a sense fan, it seems bare,

      • Kaostheory

        I don’t think increasing pixel density beyond 440 ppi would be worth it for a smaller screen.

    • Chris Chavez

      Next what? EVERY OEM skins Android, Sense is just one of the more polished ones..

      • dreadnatty08

        Polished? Sure. Old, stale and boring? Yes.
        Even Moto overhauled their skin!

        • aiden9

          To be fair Motorola’s skin was so bad they had to eliminate the brand name for it.

        • NYCHitman1

          It may be old, stale, and boring, but I would take Sense over any of the OEM UI overlays – especially TouchWiz.

          • Adrian P

            Even the new touchwiz on gs3? It’s actually pretty nice.

          • AGx

            Woah. Unless you’ve had time to play with TouchWiz on the Galaxy S3 or Note 2 I would hold that thought. It’s very fast and is pretty damn good. It could use some customization options (which you can get in some ROMs) but it’s very very solid and feature rich. I actually prefer it over AOSP and before I bought my S3 I don’t think I could have imagined ever saying that about any custom skin.

          • NYCHitman1

            I own the SGS3.

        • Max

          That’s just your 2 cents, other peeps love sense

      • DYNK

        Hmmm polished or heavy/power hungry?
        My friend complains of uilag and bad battery. He’s had the one x for 6 months now.

    • moises1204

      i think sense is very good and very convenient, i love sense.

  • DavidB23

    Probably has a 1500mA battery

    • Joseph Acevedo

      2300 mAh battery actually.

  • Magnus100

    HTC makes really gray hardware, but always hobbles it’s products with lame batteries and anemic storage.

  • camelsnot

    prob their last flagship phone if they don’t do it right.


    If this is Sense 5.0, I will NOT be owning an HTC phone anytime soon.

  • Jaké Mourinho

    Short Answer: No.

    Long Answer: Definitely not.

  • nick

    I highly doubt that these “leaked” images are true. And its funny how so many of you guys are acting like its the real thing. And i know everyone has their own personal taste in UI, but why do so many people dislike HTC Sense? I think its by far the best UI once sense 4.0 came out. Its so quick and easy to customize with a touch of an app or widget. I like it much better than having to go through my apps drawer on my GNex to find a widget that’s on the last page then tap and hold to get it onto a home screen…my next phone will be HTC and I’m hoping the m7 is at least a 5 inch phone

    • AGx

      Sense 2-4 left a bad taste in peoples mouths probably. It’s highly bloated and much slower than some other custom UI’s. I haven’t used Sense since Sense 4 and I’m not interested in going back. They will have to truly “WOW” me like Samsung did with TouchWiz because at one time I hated it but it’s actually pretty good on the Galaxy S3. Maybe Sense 5 will be HTC’s return to glory.

    • Butters619

      I would say Moto UI is the best now as it is closest to stock.

      I own a One X and I would say Sense got 17,000 times better with Sense 4.0, but it still is a memory hog. HTC uses more aggressive memory management so you don’t notice, but this also makes it so fewer uses programs are held in memory so multitasking isn’t so seamless and apps have to refresh when you reopen them.

  • HellG

    Comes with a free virus?

  • Guest

    There have only been a handful of Android devices in the last two years that have outsold capacity: The Nexus 4, the Galaxy Nexus. the Nexus 10 and the Nexus 7. There is a pattern here. All an OEM has to do is make a bloat free device with a decent update schedule. Why is no-one doing this?

    • moises1204

      that or make more than 3 devices at a time.

    • AGx

      Not to take away from the popularity of these devices but it’s probably better to just compare smartphones and leave the N7 and N10 out of it. That said, the Galaxy S line has outsold both of those devices. The reason the Nexus devices outsell capacity is because they don’t produce enough of them. They are hugely popular, yes, but lack of stock shouldn’t constitute a hit in the manner to which you are referring.

      I do still wish HTC would release a pure AOSP device again. They haven’t since the Nexus One (which was probably their best selling device).

  • Mike

    There have only been a handful of Android devices in the last two years that have outsold capacity: The Nexus 4, the Galaxy Nexus. the Nexus 10 and the Nexus 7. There is a pattern here. All an OEM has to do is make a bloat free device with a decent update schedule. Why is no-one doing this?

    • malcmilli

      you seem to be misunderstanding the numbers. All of those devices sold out of capacity because of limited availability. Not because it outsold any of the devices in its class. The Galaxy S3 outsold all of those nexus devices combined.

      Also those devices are made with the intent on not making much of a profit . Google gets its money else where, if OEMs started selling their flagship devices at those prices, they’d go out of business in months.

  • moises1204

    all htc have to do is stop trying to be like apple, make a device that don’t lack anything like sd card, removable battery 16, 32 ,64 gb of internal storage, and release it on all carrier at the same time, and i guaranty you it will sell very well.