Android 4.1 available for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and 7.0 in the US


Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in the United States are going to have quite the fun weekend as Samsung has just released some desirable software for you to play with. That’s right — Jelly Bean is now headed straight to the American variants of the tablets after enjoying a brief stint on the European editions.

Jelly Bean brings the usual cast of characters in the way of features, including Project Butter for a smoother experience, Google Now for a better search experience, improved notifications, better speech-to-text support, improved TouchWiz elements and more. These updates tend to make a world of different for whatever handsets they’re installed on so it’s nothing something you’ll want to drag your feet on.

Folks will typically get a notification when the update is available, but you could simply try your hand at forcing it by heading to Settings > About Tablet to check for a software update. Be prepared for a download worth a few hundred megabytes — WiFi on and battery past 50% are among the list of things to check off before getting ready to apply it. Go take care of that and let us know how everything goes in the comments section below.

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  1. 3G/ 4G also or WiFi only?

  2. Yep. Got it right here! Much improved performance.

  3. 3G/4G or just WiFi only

  4. Come one JellyBean for Optimus G…. :-)

    1. Nexus or nothing.

  5. This is good. will have to update the wifies tablet this weekend

    1. WOW! The update process was super easy! I go grab her tablet and USB cable….fire up the laoptop and samsung kies.

      Tablet prompts be to update without doing anything. 15 minutes later, the tablet is fully updated and functional.

      PS: The Chrome for tablets is super nice, Its pretty much a desktop version. Jealous

  6. no news on an update for the galaxy note 10.1(international/australian)

    1. what Jeffery answered I didnt even know that someone able to profit $4348 in 1 month on the network.

    2. …..— (Click on Home)

  7. Is it all tab 2s, or wifi models only

  8. woo hoo! bout time. I figured it would be soon

  9. My wifi-only tab 2 7.0 updated this morning off a Verizon wireless hotspot. All the icons I added are gone and there are definitely UI changes.

  10. C’mon Sammy, what about Note 10.1?

    1. I’m sure that’s the next one on their list of releases

  11. be brave, run the nightly CM10 based 4.2.1 rom from XDA – it is solid as a rock, and each update brings it closer to perfection. Plus, you dont have to run touchwiz!

  12. I just installed it. The performance upgrade is nice, but the UI was overhauled and it’s a major downgrade. They added a notification panel (in addition to the black control bar at the bottom). So basically, my screen got smaller. The new panel isn’t even black, it’s grey. It’s really bad.

    1. root the puppy and get any color you want.

  13. I have had jelly bean since the day I picked up my tab 2 7.0 on the 31st. It updated as soon as I got it. Never used ics on it so I cant compare but is working well for me. Enjoy it if you get the update today.

  14. nothing yet for my Verizon 7.0 LTE.

  15. Fellow droids, I have a type of bug report/review. Okay, firstly when my P5113 10.1 rebooted, I received the usual animation of android mounting itself to the system, where the shape I feel like I should know spins in bugdroid’s stomach. When I unlocked my device, I noticed that the lines on the pattern are thicker as well. You will notice off the bat that notifications are in a different font. Not a huge difference, but it makes a difference. The home screens are a LOT smoother. Once you load the widgets on the second page, you can smoothly scroll between the two. Samsung tablets get Google now and advanced voice search, accessible by swiping up from the home softkey. Animations for multitasking and switching apps have been greatly improved.

  16. Got my first tablet (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wifi) for Christmas with ICS. (I’m big fan of WinXP, so you know where I’m coming from) Took me about 2 weeks to completely figure out and set up the tab so that it was exactly how I liked it – then Jan. 12 got the JB update. Not sure if my hesitation is because I think it’s not better, or just because I had to relearn a lot. Not bad, just mostly different, and I haven’t seen any “smooth as butter” improvements. Right now I’m trying to figure out if I can make the home screens bigger as they are now only about 3/4 of the screen size, with room for the apps shortcut menu, and can add others that stay there regardless of the home screen. Would like to have the old home screens back.

  17. anybody know where to get user instructions? The extra home panels will not reorder or drag to trashcan.

  18. Got my Jellybean update for the note 10.1

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