Samsung redoes “sex tape” ad with Santa and Mrs Claus [VIDEO]

Remember that Samsung Galaxy S3 ad where a husband was going off on a business trip and his wife warned him not to watch a video she S Beamed to him on the plane? There was no telling what was actually in that video, but because we’re humans with dirty, dirty minds we all just assume it was a sex tape, of sorts. As racy as that ad was, what would you say if it was redone… with Santa Claus and his portly wife?

That is exactly what Samsung has done for its holiday advertising campaign. The ad takes the attractive contemporary family and setting from the original ad and replaces them with the Clauses, their helpful elves and Santa’s sleigh all sitting in front of their North Pole home. The funny thing is that the characters for the new ad nailed the subtleties of the characters’ expressions from the first ad quite nicely.

Yep, Mrs. Claus gives Santa that same “dirty” look after telling him not to watch it on the sleigh, and Santa responds with the awkward wave and double look. One difference you might notice in this ad is that Santa is using the Galaxy Note 2 while Mrs. Claus (does anyone even know her first name?) is using the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The original ad only featured the Galaxy S3, but with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now available from virtually everywhere it was important for Samsung to include it. Be sure to click above if you haven’t already seen this one floating about the digital airwaves, but if your mind has a tendency to paint its own pictures then you might want to steer clear so as to avoid having your brain burn unsavory mental images as a result of the sexual connotation this ad delivers.

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  • LeeArtis

    I thought Mrs. Claus’ name was Jessica.

  • Mitchel White

    ok so i wasnt the only one who thought it was dirty

  • Spoken Word™

    It’s only about sex if your mind is dirty.

  • Chris Chavez

    Looks like I’ll be unwrapping my presents with latex gloves… O_o

    • Richard Gilboy

      …. o_o

    • Thomas

      Was wondering why my Note 2 was sticky ?

      • Sean Daniel

        They ran out of tape to hold the wrapping on there so…

    • eclipsenyou

      I’m pretty sure you got a lump of coal in your stocking anyways Chris. ;)

    • nycplayboy78

      Chris you STOOPID :)

    • a)

      Just consider yourself lucky if he came at all!

  • Guest

    I liked the first commercial with the business man, but the commercial with Ms. Claus’ being naughty was uncool. Making a children’s icon “dirty” seems wrong and i don’t think it will help sell any more phones. Everyone knows what is implied, whether they say it is up to interpretation or not.

    • Beautiful_Android_Chick

      There’s was absolutely nothing “dirty”, “wrong”, or “naughty” at all in the video. You should NEVER watch video’s while driving a flying sled.

      If *YOUR* perverted mind is thinking up some horrible hidden meaning… then you should stop it.

      • Quentyn Kennemer


      • jfelts

        Lmao. Nice one.

  • AnthonyCarriedo
  • onpoint G

    Yes we need more sleazy commerical bring em on…make sure Santa you put that on youtube let the kids watch

  • TalkingMoose

    I thought Santa had a thing for Mrs Santa’s sister

  • Lennatron

    Me like . . .

  • DCTheTruth

    didn’t cris Chavez write a article on this already?

    • dreadnatty08

      Um, click the linky in the second word of the article.

  • faceless128

    the funniest part is … he’s the only one in the sleigh! does it even matter if he watches the video?

    • David Brand

      It matters if he crashes the sleigh while watching said video, lol

  • TheHowiie

    business is business. I liked the commercial.



  • Indianajonze

    i’m actually somewhat offended by this commercial. some things (and an icon to millions of children) don’t need to have sexual connotations…

  • bret


  • Shawn_Locke