Google pushes Android 4.2.1, restores December for latest Nexus devices

With the final days of November winding down, Android 4.2 users have been anxiously waiting to find out if December really exists. Thanks to a timely update from Google, all of their worries should be eased. Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices have started to receive Android 4.2.1, a minuscule software patch that restores the ability to associate a date in the year’s 12th month with a contact entry.

The new software brings the Jelly Bean build to JOP40D and changes little otherwise. Other tweaks or bug fixes are taking place below the surface, and we likely won’t have confirmation until the release of an official changelog.

There are no reports of Nexus 7 owners receiving the new software yet. The same goes of the Galaxy Nexus. As with all over-the-air updates, Google will be rolling this one out in phases, so expect it to reach more devices as the week drags on.

[Thanks, Mike!]

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  • Simer


    • Keith Myers

      Do me a favor, go take your iPhone and play in the corner like a good little drone and let the big boys talk.

  • Nathan Bryant

    It was just a hint at the rumor of the world ending by the end of next month ha-ha joking joking…

  • mlj11

    This means we’re still on course for the Mayan doomsday right? :s

  • J Jones

    It could be a Merry Christmas after all…. Nexus 4 is back (U.S. only) at 12pm PST

  • Andr3ww

    I hope that’s not the only thing they fixed.

    • Keith Myers

      Agreed, I would like to also see the Bluetootth fixed.

      • Jdog25

        What is wrong with it?

        • Keith Myers

          Many people are complaining that there are Bluetooth issues after upgrading to 4.2. In my case, when I was on 4.1, I was able to use GrooveIP and a bluetooth headset to make calls over WiFi. After the upgrade, the audio quality on the headset makes this impossible.The audio quality is fine if I plug in a normal headset into the tablet.

          I am also having issues running the Tablet Talk application

          • Jdog25

            I was wondering why it sounded bad when talking to someone. Watching a video doesn’t have that problem though.

          • Keith Myers

            Correct, I never had a problem with Music or Video (or even Game Audio), the problems seems to only be with bluetooth audio while on the phone

  • Matt

    No update on my nexus 4 yet

  • Jose Andino

    I hope the update fixes the GPS problem on the galaxy nexus cause ever since 4.2 the GPS just doesn’t lock a location and stays searching for signal.

  • Bradford Coombs

    Needs performance improvements with multiple accounts. I love the feature, but ever since I put a second account on my Nexus 7 it’s been a lot slower.

    • BoSamps

      because that feature was mainly aimed at with the nexus 10, not 7

      • Simon Belmont

        Why would that feature be any less relevant on the Nexus 7? They’re both tablets that more than one person might want to use.

        I set up a “Guest” account on my Nexus 7. That way, if someone needs to check their email or quickly get on the web for something, they can without disrupting my stuff.

        • BoSamps

          because the 7 was updated to have it
          the nexus 10 uses it as a main point of use

          • Simon Belmont

            The Nexus 7 was updated to have it because it came out earlier than the Nexus 10, which was launched with Android 4.2. Plain and simple.

            If the Nexus 10 had come out at the same time as the Nexus 7 back in the summer, would you be saying the same thing? Probably not.

    • Peter

      I had the same problem but after rebooting and turning off gesture mode on the keyboard it went away.

  • Cody Boggs

    Just received the update to 4.2.1 on my Nexus 7. Had already downloaded and verified, I just hadn’t manually checked the system update screen and it hadn’t notified me yet. Hopefully a more thorough changelog is posted soon! In the meantime, I’ll see if it fixes any of the issues I’ve been seeing since 4.2.

    Edit: December is indeed back, by the way. Less important to me than the battery/charging issues and reboots though, so I forgot to mention it. :-)

  • Keith Myers

    The update is now live for the Nexus 7

  • anywherehome

    Stopped, cleared Google framework, restarted, updated Nexus 7
    So 4.2.1 is here :-)
    But no update for Galaxy nexus