Nov 20th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:11 pm

A pretty big oversight was made by the Android QA team, it seems, as the update introduced a glaring omission from the contacts date carousel. Users trying to associate a date with a contact were surprised to find that the month of December was missing. While this isn’t an experience-breaking omission it’s still something that’s so painfully obvious that it infuriates many-a soul (especially if you have a ton of friends whose birthdays occur in December).

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Luckily for us Google is already on the case and is working up a quick fix to get it out to Nexus devices everywhere. Google’s statement even pokes a little fun saying the update would be out in time to make sure you won’t be forgotten by loved ones whenever your birthday or anniversary rolls around. This would indicate that we should see it in a matter of days, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise as we imagine this fix should be fairly straight forward and easy.

This issue didn’t affect the calendar app, mind you — it was only the date selector field in the People app missing the month. We’re not sure how this bug affects contacts who were already in your address book that had a December date under their entry, but if anyone’s entry was wiped out then hopefully this will restore it.

Google still has a host of other issues with Android 4.2, though, including performance issues for many people on the Nexus 7. We hope they’re hard at work on all of that stuff, as well. Chances are we will have to wait for a separate upgrade to iron those issues out, though, so don’t be bummed if all your problems aren’t solved in one fell swoop.

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