Huawei MediaPad 10 Link shows up with WiFi and Bluetooth certifications


Huawei looks to be readying their next 10-inch Android slate, according to documents filed with the WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG. Dubbed the MediaPad 10 Link, Huawei was even nice enough to include a picture of the tablet. While the majority of specs remain unknown, the new 10-inch MediaPad looks to carry over the high-definition IPS display of its predecessor.

Three different model numbers have surfaced for the device (S10-201w, S10-201U, and S10-202U), which likely designate the various connectivity configurations that will be available. Expect a WiFi-only model and a couple of cellular data-enabled versions.

The overall appearance of the slate keeps in line with the MediaPad 10 FHD, which we reviewed earlier this year. The best guess is we are either looking at the direct followup to that particular tablet or a low-cost take on the original setup, nixing some of the device’s high-end features (the presence of the HD display might suggest otherwise). Unless it’s announced sooner, the MediaPad 10 Link could be barreling toward a CES 2013 debut.

[via NotebookItalia]

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