LG prepping Optimus G2 with 5-inch display for May launch?


If LG hopes to become a serious contender as an Android smartphone maker, there is no time to waste in the wake of their recently released Optimus G. Out only a few months, and perhaps overshadowed by the Nexus 4 (which is largely based on the flagship phone from LG), a sequel is already in the works, according to Korean rag MK Business News, and it could launch as early as next May.

The phone is dubbed the LG Optimus G2 — a no-brainer — and if reported specs pan out it should continue to push the boundaries of what a top-tier Android device offers. LG appears ready to introduce the phone with a 1080p display measuring in at five inches, a spec that looks like it will become the new standard in the wake of HTC’s Droid DNA and rumors of a similar hardware setup for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Optimus G2 should continue to excel when it comes to processing power. A 2.0GHz chipset is rumored for the handset, though the specifics are a mystery at this point.

The original Optimus G, which is currently available for Sprint and AT&T in the US, hasn’t been a runaway success in terms of sales, but the phone has earned high marks from pundits around the tech world. For that reason it stands as a real achievement for LG, a company that has had some recent struggles to keep pace with local Korean competitor Samsung and other makers of Android smartphones.

As of early this year, LG had stated a new vision that would focus on quality device experiences versus an abundance of releases, and the Optimus G demonstrates how honing in on what matters to users can breed promising results. Hopefully the Optimus G2 can continue the trend.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. The S4 will still have a better screen, more software enhancements and bigger fan base

    1. Not too sure about a better screen, and software enhancements comes with the new Android 4.2 and Samsung’s new Touchwiz UI in response to 4.2… Bigger fan base, yes.

    2. The S4 will only still have a bigger fan base and that’s about it.

    3. I LOVE my Optimus G. Unless Samsung moves away from those dim blue screens LG’s will be better. The G reminds me a Movado watch and the S3 reminds me of a Swatch watch.

      1. It’s funny, people that don’t know about watches always think movado is something good. They are a low end watch maker. Swatch on the other hand owns some big names in the watch industry, much higher end than movado. Movado only makes crappy quartz watches as far as I know. A better comparison would of been the Optimus G reminds you of Richard Mille, the GS3 of Movado, although personally I don’t agree.

        1. I was referring to styling and build quality not price. No phone is in the class of a Richard Mille watch. Its the classic Movado style that I am talking about.


  2. Yay! more mini tablets for out pockets! /s

  3. Are 5-inch phones the new normal? Please don’t make it bigger than that…

    1. I think we’re going to settle into 4.7″ to 5″as the standard…just my opinion.

    2. either that or its hard to push a 720p resolution or 1080p resolution into smaller screens for now. so if you want 440 ppi for 1080p you might have to settle for a 5inch screen. I don’t see it getting any bigger. ( in terms of standard ) but for the niche there is the note 2 5.5 inch that already sold more than 5 million units.

  4. Hell no LG. I remember the G2x all too well. I know you’ll make a variant.

  5. If the OEMs can stick a 5″ display in the a overall size of the G-Nexus or the GS3 that would be nice. Making a phone larger then the overall size of the GS3 would be a bit too big. That’s what the phablets are there for.

    1. LG seems to go this way, as the Optimus G is the smallest of the S4 Pro featuring 4,7″ Phones (Nexus 4, Padfone 2). The bezel around the screen is really small on the Optimus G.

  6. Ahhhhhh, and good ol lg at it again, such in a hurry to release a new phone instead of focusing what’s out hence g2x. So for all the Optimus g owners prepare yourselves for staying with jellybean. Personally I will never by from that company again. Still no ics and it was vanilla phone. Shame on you lg.

    1. Stop living in the past. That phone is ancient and came out a year and a half ago. For the people that really care if they have the latest and greatest Google have to offer will flash their own roms now that the bootloader is already unlocked. This is no vanilla phone and if you really cared about getting ICS on your g2x you could have flashed CM9

      1. Already rooted and romed, do some research because ICS is unstable as f*** on the G2x. Even I regret buying this phone

        1. I was talking about rooting the Optimus G for the lateat and greatest and putting CM9 on the G2x. Research already done.

  7. Perhaps the OPTIMUS G is a commercial flop due to making a phone that very few are interested in.

    It’s real simple, LG & HTC:

    You can have all the bells & whistles under the sun bundled into the prettiest of packages, but, continue to omit expandable storage &/or decent battery life/removable battery & the phone is nothing much more than high-tech paperweight.

    Go ahead & keep building phones that please no one but a few fan-boy tech bloggers & you’ll be swirling down the porcelain throne just like RIM.

    1. You just described the iPhone……. oh wait, they are doing quite well, if I do recall.

      1. The OPTIMUS G is hardly the iPhone. Not that I’m a fan, but, at least it’s available w/64GB of on-board storage & decent battery life, which can also be expanded upon w/a MOPHIE BATTERY CASE.
        The phone is a turd, on it’s way to the bargain bin, sorry if you’ve been separated from your $ w/it.

        As for its close cousin the NEXUS 4:DITTO.

    2. Please… Does the best selling phone on the market have a removable battery? My G gets 13 hours of moderate use-more than decent. How much more storage do you need than 32gb plus the cloud? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sammy goes the sealed battery route now that every major manufacturer has better build quality and uses more premium materials.

      1. Oh, you mean the SGS III, which was indeed the best selling phone in Q3 2012?

        It does indeed have a removable/expandable battery & storage.

        1. Your brilliant SG3 has been left in the dust! You can thank Samsung for handicapping the American version with only duel core and the international version with only one gig of ram. It was the king of the spec hill for android phones for a while..a very short while. Personally, with its cheap plastic, stupid front button, dark blue screen and list of stupid “S” features unappealing. Different strokes for different folks I guess. BTW, have you seen the latest Antutu scores since the app was updated?

          1. Different strokes indeed, it’s the one nice thing ANDROID has over other eco-systems. I’m just as happy for you that you enjoy your phone as much as I do mine.

            As for the benchmarks, they’re fun to run & compare, (got the ANTUTU update today as you) I remember when I first broke the 1,000 barrier w/my 1st ANDROID w/the HUAWEI ASCEND running CM7.

            Thank God for progress & the competition that helps fuel it.

          2. Definitely not left in the dust, it’s still the best selling android phone on the market.

          3. Did you bother to read past the first sentence?

    3. The average customer could give a crap about either of those two things.

  8. Yes. I have the DNA witch is 5 inch but its nice. Not big at all. (No homo) lol

  9. If LG can start pushing out updates fast then they might get some respect buy consumers.

  10. cool, just in time for the tmobile/metropcs merger.

  11. LG will fail if they do this, the G is still up to par to the DNA aside from screen, if they do a Optimus G2 already they will lose customers

    1. Nah, I think they are trying to get on the same release cycle with their flagship phone as Samsung.

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