Apple wants to add six more significant Samsung devices to patent trial


Much can be said about Apple in these ongoing patent wars between itself and the likes of Samsung and HTC, but one thing that’s 100% undeniable is that the bitten fruit company has been ruthless. Apple is going after anything and everything it can from any company that poses to a considerable threat to its profit margins, and the trend will continue starting this week.

It’s been reported that Apple has filed to have six more Samsung devices added to its case against the South Korean company. The Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi, and the Samsung Rugby Pro have all been targeted in Apple’s latest move to shut Samsung down wherever and however it can.

You might want to note that the filing has been made with Judge Lucy Koh, the same controversial Judge who ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages for patent infringement. Appeals processes are still ongoing for those particular proceedings, but it will be interesting to see if that result will serve as the basis for another Apple victory here.

These patent lawsuits are bad from the outside looking in, but Samsung’s bottom line might be unaffected in the grand scheme of things. Appeals can draw a decision out for a period long enough that enforcement of a ruling typically doesn’t take effect until a device has run its course in retail.

Such is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S2 line that Apple went after so aggressively — the focus is already on the Galaxy S3, and rumors have it that the Galaxy S4 is getting ready to take center stage soon. Likewise, the trial for these new devices are said to begin in March 2014 should Judge Koh grant Apple its wishes, and nothing significant would happen until 2015 at the earliest.

There is still some strategic importance for Apple to pursue these lawsuits, though. For starters, a successful case (where Apple wins the decision and ultimately beats appeals) would give the Cupertino company legal precedents for future lawsuits, making it easier for them to enforce injunctions on devices in the long run.

It also helps accelerate a possible settlement or cross-licensing agreement between itself and Samsung should either side give in (though we don’t see that happening for quite some time). But for now, the beat goes on and this battle will continue to get more interesting each and every day.

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  1. Legal precedents, not precedence.

  2. I hope Apple and their legal team gets Cancer.

    They are a fucking cancer.

    1. wow so much hate.

      1. I’m so fed up with this shit. In the end it just fucks over you and I.

        1. Absolutely, the ones that suffer are us consumers.

        2. I feel ya but getting angry isn’t gonna do anything. I just hope to snag a note 2 next month before it might get band.

          1. I feel ya. Lol

    2. Stay classy, bro.

      1. Dude! Dude! That screen name is so cute, bro!

    3. that’s a little too much.. apple isn’t a criminal like those who deserve to be punished.. you can say that to someone who’s a murderer.. but not apple, it’s a company after all

      1. and to someone who’s a sick psycho criminal…

  3. Meh… Both Samsung and Apple are trying to add every new device that is released, but Samsung has more released devices than Apple.

  4. Sigh….. apple stop being such a school yard bully. Stop stagnating and create. Don’t rehash the same white poop for the last 5 years. Stop raping customers and stop trying to bully and rape competing companies. Apple would probably be happy if they were the monopoly. Only phone manufacturer. Hate crapple. This childish b.s. just cements it even more

    1. Apple isn’t raping customer with their prices. They’re coming out with a cheaper phone in 2 years. How lovely. Because an iPhone that’s cheaper than the actual iPhone is something that I really want. A device that’s already 2 years behind it’s time on software is going to be EVEN cheaper. -_-

  5. I guess its true, there is always one bad apple and it spoils the buch

  6. **Silly Rant**

    Apple has decided to sue the optometrist association for the use of the word eye (I). Many laughed at the possibility of the most recent lawsuit. But there is still some strategic importance for Apple to pursue these lawsuits, though. For starters, a successful case (where Apple wins the decision and ultimately beats appeals) would give the Cupertino company legal precedence for future lawsuits, making it easier for them to enforce injunctions on all (i’s) in the long run.

    The royalties alone from anyone whom has an Eye or possibly two are staggering. Apple expects that they will soon find a loophole to sue the blind as well. Further lawsuits to follow after further case investigation.

    1. Absolutely hilarious. Thanks.

    2. Lol, random, yet funny.

    3. And also, they are specifically targeting the “retina”

  7. Ya know guys?

    I’m not a huge fan of Apple (The only product I own from them was given), but you guys wishing cancer on Apple’s lawyers or accusing them of rape(??) aren’t giving Apple a bad name;

    You’re making Android fans look like emotionally unstable, hateful, morons.

    …so for the sake of the rest of us Android users. Stop it. Please.

    I’d like to think that most of us here would like the Apple and Android camps to get along, perhaps even co-operate to further the advancement of the technology. Calling one or the other of them rapists and wishing they suffer long, expensive, and painful deaths doesn’t really foster that kind of co-operation, now does it?

    1. Because anybody high enough up cares what you as an Android user thinks. especially Apple. Shut up. This is all Apple. If they didn’t act like school yard bullies then they wouldn’t piss us off. So really, why continue to push for something Apple obviously has no interest in doing? Would you like to keep losing lawsuits and watch innovation dwindle down to nothing? Do you think your comment was any better than ours? Instead of insulting the company harming the product and environment you enjoy, you would rather insult your fellow users. You’re not very intelligent.

      1. Besides, Android users as a whole wont get a bad name because of some pissed off people like us. This site isn’t near big enough. (No offense to Phandroid.) Even if we did get a bad name, it would be with iSheep who already look down on us because we dont have I phones.

      2. “Do you think your comment was any better than ours?”

        Are you f*cking kidding me? You cannot be serious…

        Did I wish anyone dead? Nope. Did I accuse anyone of a criminal act that would get them targeted for life? Nope.

        Does that answer your question?

        All I am asking for here is a little less hateful venom and a little more rational thought. Criticize Apple or anyone else all you want. Hey, if you can do it rationally and reasonably, even better.

        …but you didn’t criticize anyone. You simply wished them dead, in about as crass a way as you possibly could. Go ahead and try to defend the indefensible all you want. I made my point.

        1. Its not very indefensible. Dont get butthurt over it dude. Who the fuck cares what I wish upon them? Did it involve you? No. So its none of your business or concern. It doesn’t matter if my comment was more severe than yours or not. You’re still a hypocrite for talking shit.

          1. You are wishing death upon someone. You could potentially have a deadly side to your personality and me being in your presence can put my life in danger. I think I care about what you’re saying. And you posted into a comment thread. A public comment thread. You shared your opinion to the world, so it automatically became our business.

            Keep in mind these were examples. I really don’t care what you say. If you wished cancer upon me, I’ll laugh and say “too bad I’m already a Sagittarius, I can’t be a Cancer”. LoL!!

          2. Lol if only I had some sort of cancer ray I could infect those I don’t like with. I wonder how “dangerous” I’d be.

          3. Well if you had that I’m sure the world would have equally “dangerous” ray guns, don’t you think? LoL!!

          4. This is true. Damn gotta think ahead!

          5. Hey, don’t stress man, no-nickname and phoenix are morons.and you cannot reason with a fking moron since they don’t understand the concept of your point in the first place. Nobody is really wishing any cancer, it is about your outrage feeling towards the injustice of this corporate evil and you are just using your imagination to express it, and you are not sitting by, you are furious, I know exactly how you feel. It is clear they don’t get what you are doing, and that is speaking out, LOUD, with emotion, these lawyyers are already DEAD, they have not much human being value or heart or perspective. Therefore they should be linched, exiled, along with the judge, and all the clique. It wasn’t long ago when people got what they wanted, now we are nothing. pettitions, protests, public awareness needs to innitiate on behalf of this totaliterian mindset of apple, and other destroyers of life, jobs, immagination and fear creators. THIS IS MADNESS! I AM FURIOUS, AND ONLY THING ATM I CAN DO IS PROJECT MY ILL WILL TOWARDS THOSE NON-LIVING ENTITIES, SOFTWARE-HUMANS WITHOUT CONSCIENCE THAT ARE PERPETRATING THIS, AND EEEVEN MORE SO FURIOUS WITH BLIND ASS PHOENIX AND NO-NICKNAME(how apropriate/no voice, no say, bend over and TAKE IT) who are ALLOWING this nonsence to happen before our eyes. worst thing is when evil is allowed to happen by good man standing and doing nothing….someone said that once…this is not my personal attack at the two of them, this is my all out war on such mentality as a whole. SLAP SLAP SLAP, wake the Fuk up!

          6. Hahaha well said. I’m glad somebody has sense.

          7. Stfu pleeeeaseeeee!

          8. Keep defending wishing people you don’t know dead. What else is there, really? That says it all…

          9. Yawn. Does anybody have anything new to say?

  8. These devices no longer look anything like Apple garbage…if Sammy would just do a major overhaul of TW, (or better yet, get rid of it), Apple wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Boom.

    1. One moron juror’s decision aside, Apple doesn’t have a leg up now on TW, no more than did when they targeted Windows.

      Even if TW was completely different than it is now, or stock Android, Apple would still be going after Samsung. They’re doing so, because Samsung is the top competitor with the largest share of the smart phone market; Apple’s biggest threat and the one they’re loosing out to.

      TW is Android, it’s not remotely like iOS outside of common GUI elements that can be found on any OS, so there’s no reason for it to be overhauled; not when Apple’s design patents are generalized superficial BS that they did not come up with, nor are unique to their evolved PDA OS.

      And recall that Apple also has sued the Galaxy Nexus, which runs Stock Android.

      1. Those gui elements are what the public recognize and are how Apple is able to convince so many that Samsung “copied”.

        Good point on the Galaxy Nexus..

      2. My Samsung Memoir had TouchWiz. It was a TouchWiz device, not an Android device. =.3

    2. Can you please clarify what is TW?

      1. Touch Wiz.

      2. Samsung TouchWiz. Like, HTC’s Sense, or Motorola’s MotoBlur. The UI.

  9. How come Fridges, Printers, TVs, MRI machines, Oil rigs, Machine tools, Shipbuilding, are not yet included in the Apple case?

  10. The apple camp is just pathetic…

  11. If this is passed through by Koh, a criminal investigation should be launched against her. Samsung was denied to present additional evidence DURING the hearings, but Apple should be allowed to do the same AFTERWARDS? Ridiculous.

    1. because between hearings she likes to play angry birds…. on her iPhone

  12. You can’t put cancer away, we have yet to find a cure, Android perhaps?

  13. Apple is slowley killing themselves with this battle as they win or lose more people switch to samsung. The longer these trials go on the more their stock looses value. I predict in five years we will be hearing “what was that company with the fruit in its products? Fruit of the loom? No the one thats went bankrupt? It was like orange or apple or something.”

  14. Is apple still going on about Sammy devices “copying” their design?

  15. Jesus, Apple, what’s next?? Appliances??!

  16. “Getting more interesting”!? Uh… No!! This is starting to get dumb!! Lyk godly fast. The US Patent deserves this uselessness to enter their courts for allowing Apple to register such stupid patents.

    Dugh!! Oh well… Let’s see what the future has to bestow now.

  17. I’m getting tired of saying it but I hate Apple I hate Apple I hate Apple.

  18. the worst part about all these lawsuits of apple against samsung is that they are suing about their “IP” which are not even innovative/ non-ground-breaking ideas in the first place.. apple is so pathetic..

  19. Hello. I’m thinking about starting a career in app development, and I would like to get some advice on getting started. I’m a teacher and I don’t have an IT background. Any ideas on how and where I can start? Thanks.


  21. Cant beat them sue them Apple needs to go away there business practices are criminal to say the least.

  22. apple is only being so stupid because every apple product is the same so they sue because android offers variety and therefore becomes more costly to their profits every year.

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