Nov 26th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:18 pm

If LG hopes to become a serious contender as an Android smartphone maker, there is no time to waste in the wake of their recently released Optimus G. Out only a few months, and perhaps overshadowed by the Nexus 4 (which is largely based on the flagship phone from LG), a sequel is already in the works, according to Korean rag MK Business News, and it could launch as early as next May.

The phone is dubbed the LG Optimus G2 — a no-brainer — and if reported specs pan out it should continue to push the boundaries of what a top-tier Android device offers. LG appears ready to introduce the phone with a 1080p display measuring in at five inches, a spec that looks like it will become the new standard in the wake of HTC’s Droid DNA and rumors of a similar hardware setup for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Optimus G2 should continue to excel when it comes to processing power. A 2.0GHz chipset is rumored for the handset, though the specifics are a mystery at this point.

The original Optimus G, which is currently available for Sprint and AT&T in the US, hasn’t been a runaway success in terms of sales, but the phone has earned high marks from pundits around the tech world. For that reason it stands as a real achievement for LG, a company that has had some recent struggles to keep pace with local Korean competitor Samsung and other makers of Android smartphones.

As of early this year, LG had stated a new vision that would focus on quality device experiences versus an abundance of releases, and the Optimus G demonstrates how honing in on what matters to users can breed promising results. Hopefully the Optimus G2 can continue the trend.

[via TechCrunch]

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