Updated Nexus 7 Driver Binaries Zipped and Ready for Flashing – May Solve Software Issues with the Tab

While it’s just about everyone in the Android community’s favorite little tablet, the Nexus 7 doesn’t come without its flaws. We’ve heard of more than a few bad eggs coming out of factory lines with specific hardware issues, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed by tightening up a few screws here and there. Then there are the software issues that have also been reported by users in various forums around the net. These software bugs range anywhere from unresponsive touch sensors, WiFi problems and the like.

You may remember a short time ago, build number JRO03R was released for the tab and it brought with it a handful of updated driver binaries for the Nexus 7. A member on XDA was kind enough to hand pick these binaries out of the update and repackage them into a flashable zip file for rooted users. Apparently, flashing these can fix some many of the software issues Nexus 7 users have been experiencing, with a few members on XDA already reporting success. Here’s what’s inside the zip:

  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS by Broadcom
  • Touchscreen by ELAN
  • Orientation sensor by InvenSense
  • Graphics & CPU by nVidia
  • DRM by Widevine

For many users currently running custom ROMs on their device, some of these drivers may not have been updated by the ROM chef (yet). This gives you the power to update these yourself, but be careful. Tinkering around with the software on your device could lead to a bad time. These seem to work universally across all ROMs for the Nexus 7 so if you feel so inclined, visit the forum thread below for links and give ’em a flash.


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  • Michael Thompson

    That was extremely cool of them to pack up those binaries like that.

    I haven’t seen much bugginess on my stock rooted Nexus 7.

    • Luke Larsen

      The only bug that i have noticed with the stock Nexus was with WiFi not connecting to some networks, i end up having to put a static IP address and then it connects… Also seems to lag occasionaly when pulling up google news in Chrome. Other than that its perfect, definitly the best android tablet that i have owned.

    • gmaninvan

      Very few bugs for me. I have had the wakeup issue though where it won’t wake up. The only way to get past it is to hit the power button like thirty times. Do people on stock ROM’s already have this? I haven’t seen an OTA yet.

      • Luke Larsen

        I didnt get an OTA for any updates. Never had that screen issue either, keeping my fingers crossed lol.