Samsung Moves To Throw Out Jury Verdict In Apple Patent Case – Reveals Evidence of Jury Foreman’s Bias


We’ve posted a few damning articles in the past on jury foreman Velvin Hogan’s obvious bias against Samsung in their patent trial with Apple that resulted in Sammy getting hit with a $1 billion dollar fine. In countless interviews, Mr. Hogan revealed his role in influencing other jurors who were left hanging on the fence to side with him and Apple. According to him, this was thanks to his personal experience in dealing with patents firsthand.

But what you may not have known was that Hogan was once sued by the company Seagate (who he was at one time employed with) and can you guess who happens to be Seagate’s largest shareholder? That’s right — Samsung.

Apparently, Hogan failed to disclose small piece of information while the jury selections took place and now Samsung is attempting to get the entire verdict thrown out based on these findings. Samsung filed the new complaint today, asking for an all new trial take place to examine Hogan’s role in influencing other jurors and whether or not he relied on incorrect legal standards during deliberations. In a rare move by the one time foreman, Hogan declined to comment on Samsung’s allegations.


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  1. Cannot wait till this gets thrown out… I will laugh so hard if apple has to return all those damn nickels!

  2. Haha that’s rich. “In a rare move… Hogan declined to comment…”

    The shut him up right and good lol.

    1. Apple lawyers probably gave told him there would be a bonus if he did.

      1. About time someone served him a healthy dose of Shut the F’ck Up.

      2. NO no no apple asked him for a refund, hahaha.

  3. Grasping at straws… Geez. Pay the bill Samsung and then quit copying Apple. Plain and simple!

    1. not grasping at straws, its a legit concern. Why do you post on an android site so frequently wouldn’t your time be better used reading on beloved apple products?
      i mean 41 posts on here all QQing.

      1. Don’t be so hard on the guy. He’s just trying to explain the concepts in the article with a visceral demonstration.

        1. he’s iRaging. waaaaaaaah.. Apple.

      2. He wants to post on Apple sites but he can’t find his way back to the Apple sites. He’s using Apple maps.

        1. Lmao

    2. What is truly Apple’s invention? All of its so called innovations are bought off other companies it claims as it’s own.

    3. U look like a simple minded iPhone junky

    4. You call that grasping at straws? Not only did the jury foreman completely disregard the guideline to use only the evidence in the case and not his personal experiences it has now been shown he had clear and definite reason to be biased against Samsung from his personal experiences. Yet he just, you know, forgot to mention that tidbit during jury selection. It’s totally clear and basically a proven fact now that he had his mind made up during jury selection and was going to stop at nothing to insure Samsung’s loss.

      1. The set up was written on the wall from the beginning, for those who can comprehend. It only needed an evidence/hard proof, and now there is one. Good job Sammy!
        Also a suggestion of the jail time for the guy should be in your complaint.

    5. you are on the wrong site craple fan zombie!

    6. What’s a douch crapple fanboy doing on Phandroid…troll!

    7. “quit copying” says a man that follows a herd

  4. That guy gives me the heebie jeebies.

  5. @ J.A.V
    Timeless!!! ;D

  6. I knew that d-bag was full of it and either an apple fan boy or had an agenda against Samsung. (or both)

    1. Not that I don’t agree with you, but one other possibility, he wanted his 15 minutes of fame and being on the Apple V Samsung jury was it. He got to do some lovely interviews after. Fortunately he spoke to much and has given Sammy more than enough evidence to ask for a retrial.

      If I was him and I had an agenda pro apple (or anti Samsung), I’d have kept my mouth shut on camera after the verdict was read, bet Apple wishes he did.

  7. And here this site loses further and further credibility..

    Other news articles, written yesterday, already include comments made by the jury foreman. So much for the jab in the last sentence of your article.

    1. If like this article you are relying on one source you are also misinformed. Mr Hogan’s claims to Bloomberg that the “10 year” qualifier exists is unfortunately only in his head.

      This site pours over the actual court documents, since his statement has fact checked Hogan, Hogan and all the jury were asked whether “you or a family member or someone very close to you [has] ever been involved in a lawsuit, either as a plaintiff, a defendant, or as a witness?”

      Note “ever”, other news articles are failing to mention this, making people believe he is innocent and Samsung are just attacking him, which is worse than this Phandroid article which is just failing to note he has make an statement (incorrect or plain lies) desperately trying to defend himself.

      Regardless of this, his first interview to Bloomberg he showed just how badly he failed to follow court instruction. The Seagate information is just additional delightful information that shows he should never have been on the jury for Conflict of Interest.

      1. Yeah, I know of Groklaw and initially followed it regarding this case, but I was merely pointing that other news articles had already supplied responses by him. This site did a childish, less-informed summary of various popular sources they could have looked at. It’s a common trend around here as of late.

        1. I don’t comment a lot on Phandroid, because, well its obviously biased, I come here for info on the newest phones, and rumours, but to be honest, I’ve seen this reported worse, the last line of this article says “It really does seem like Hogan did nothing wrong” are you kidding me!?

          Gizmodo is supposed to be a gadget/geek site and not biased (like Phandroid obviously is) yet this is possibly the worst article I’ve ever read, half of the article is just quoting Hogan as if what he says is going to be true, of course he’s reliable source when lawyers are accusing him of jury misconduct with plenty of evidence to support it.

  8. Sad part is, Apple will try again and Lucy Koh will then ban all of Samsung products prior to the “new” verdict. In the mean time, Sammy deserves restitution from Apple for defamation, loss of sales, and court costs.

    1. Samsung will, at the least, be remembered for the loss of sales if it turns out they did not infringe. Apple would have had to pay bond for the ban to go into effect.

    2. Did you mean may be judge Lucy Koh, may be she is from Seagate case too !!!!!

  9. Sounds like his ass is grass.

  10. cant beat apple, go for the juries.

    1. Dude get your iphone 5 and get lost

      1. why so angry bro, my iphone ship at the end of october, in the main time, im still a galaxy nexus user.

        1. You are a disgrace. Nevertheless, take your iPhone and leave peacefully. If you honestly want to dumb yourself down, that’s your choice.

          1. Why so angry bro? Why no respect to other os? Again, I’m still an android user til the end of this month. So I am still count as one of you people, the angry android fanboy.

          2. Man, at least iSheep we feel sorry for, cause they don’t know any better. But if you’ve already experienced the freedom of Android, with a GNex none the less, but then willingly choose to dumb yourself down and buy the iPhone 5?? I’m sorry, but for such failed life choices, you should not own anything Android ever again. Please, just leave and never come back…….

          3. I only use my gn for fb, instragram, shopping online, surfing the Web, gaming, news, and few others. Everything I do on my gn, i5 offer it too but better battery.

            As for screen, I might miss it but time will help me adapt to it. Another reason for me switching is I got bored of Android ui. I installed pa and miui hoping for some new changes but got bored really soon. You can say I’m not a guy who will stick with one os for life. I want to try out other stuffs before I die. Even windows 8 phone might be my next target.

          4. Better battery? I find that hard to believe. Please check back with us after a few weeks of using the iPhone 5 to let us know how the battery really is.
            Also, I know you did not coin the term i5, but it closely resembles the i5 CPU family from intel. It gets confusing sometimes when people say i5, makes me think of the CPU.

          5. i got 1 hr 50mins screen time on my gn, even my old htc dinc can beat it. beside, all my friends i5 battery life already beaten my gn.

          6. Like i said, check back in if you can. Android users typically use more battery, so when they jump over to iPhones, they end up draining that thing faster than their friends. I do have to agree with you that the stock battery on the GNex drained fast. My GS3 is much better. I think it might have something to do with the die size of the SoC.

          7. Dude you need to pass on your gnex to someone who deserves it more and whilst you wait for your iphone 5 to ship in october go get yourself a 2nd hand iphone 3g or whatever

          8. Nah, I’m keeping it. I can use it to play around with other roms and kernels.

        2. Why would anyone want to ‘downgrade’ a phone from a 4.65″ screen to a 4″ ? That would be like me sending my old Samsung Omnia off for a refurb when my contract expires in jan….at least I’d know that the maps app would work

          1. Why everyone think the size of screen matter to me? What’s matter to me are battery life, 4g, gaming, online shopping, and news. Screen size never and never will effect my choice of picking a phone.

    2. Can’t read, come mouth off like you have any idea what you are talking about.

      If you can read go check the facts rather than just trolling.

    3. Can’t beat Samsung, sue…

  11. Hogan did comment though, at first….but now that he realized he fucked himself, he does not comment anymore LOL

  12. Wow, what an Rat! I knew there was something wrong about that trial but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I hope they nail this dude to the wall and not just throw out the case as I’m sure they will very soon.

  13. This article fails to mention that at the time he was sued, Samsung wasn’t even a shareholder of the company. This lawsuit took place a lonnngg time ago, and Samsung had nothing to do with it, so his bias is far from certain as the writer here suggests.

  14. My favorite part was where he recognized the lawyer for samsung as the SAME lawyer from that Seagate case… If that doesn’t scream revenge…

    1. This guy is definitely guilty of intentionally misleading the court. However, your statement above is incorrect. It was the spouse, of a partner at the law firm representing Samsung, that prosecuted in the Seagate case. It was also the defense that figured this out in the end, not Hogan (at least he never stated this in an interview, he may very well have known).

  15. Been a jury foreman years ago and on every jury I served during jury selection the question was asked “do you think you can reach a verdict without bias and do you now have or have had in the past any dealing with either side in this case that would sway your verdict”. He evidently didn’t disclose all and could be in a heap of trouble.

  16. From the article: “The lawyer who sued Mr. Hogan on behalf of Seagate back in 1993 is now married to a partner at Quinn Emanuel, the lawyers for Samsung.”

    Oh man, Hollywood would be hard-pressed to come up with a script like this. Wow, Vel — just, wow.

  17. yayyy

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