Project Glass pre-orderers (or Glass Explorers) to get exclusive updates on progress


Our resident developer Steve has gotten an exciting email from Google regarding project glass. Those who pre-ordered the device for the whopping sum of $1,500, otherwise known as “Glass Explorers,” have been invited to be part of periodical updates on the project’s progress. They will get exclusive updates on how things are going.

Since we have about, say, 3 of those things headed our way we’ll be fortunate enough to be let in on the news as well! We look forward to bringing you all the information we can, non-disclosure agreement or intimidating manbearpigthing pending. Check your inbox for the email and details if you fit the bill.

Glass Explorers
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Greetings, Glass Explorers! It was great to meet you a few weeks ago at I/O. As you know, being an Explorer is about being part of a unique, trusted community that will help shape the future of Glass.

We’re going to start sharing private updates with you on Google+. We’ll be posting exclusive content (see Sergey’s post, above), as well as inviting you to special events and Hangouts where you’ll get the chance to meet the team.

To take part, here’s what you need to do:


See you on Google+,
The Project Glass Team

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  1. And will you guys be passing that along to us? Since you pre-ordered 2 sets?

    1. lol.

      1. Looks like we will be left out of the loop. Oh well. You know, I have been asking a question for weeks regarding the functionality of these glasses, to be specific, the HUD. No one has been able to tell me weather the HUD is operational. So much focus was put on the camera function, but nothing about the HUD! Dang it, i want to know about the HUD, to me that is a much more needed feature than a always-on camera.

        1. We talked to the girl about the HUD and even snapped some photographs. She got in trouble for allowing us to take pics and we had to delete them.

          It’s funny cuz we didn’t believe the employees headsets were even operational but when we got real close, we could see the little lights from the HUD in the lens :D

          1. CHRIS! Finally someone responds with some information. So the HUD is functional already?? Now i am SUPER excited….

          2. You could have used undelete to retrieve the photos back off the FLASH card, if you were using a DSLR….

          3. Lol. I totally thought that the glasses were fakes because they always said, “It’s just off right now”. :p

    2. They actually ordered three.

      1. You’re right…. Thanks

        1. No problem. It’s just that much cooler.

  2. I need to work for Phandroid. That is the only job in the world where your boss will let you order 1,5000 glasses.

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