Sprint posts Android 4.0 changelog for Samsung Epic 4G Touch, update rolling out today

And with little fanfare Sprint has made the rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch official. Via a posting to their community forums, software version FF18 was made official via an abbreviated changlog that lists email enhancements and a Google security patch right next to the obvious main goal of the update, which is bringing the Galaxy S II variant to Android 4.0.4. The announcement comes after rumors pointed to today as a likely candidate for the software upgrades launch as well as Samsung posting the source code of build FF18 to their open source site.

The update is rolling out over the air and likely will hit devices at a staggered pace, but you can attempt to pull it now by heading into your phone’s settings and checking “System updates” under “About phone.” Then go pop a bottle of champagne, you’ve waited long enough.

[Sprint via PhoneDog]

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  • NYCHitman1

    Sprint’s EVO 3D users want source too :(

  • leocal79


  • Pnutt916


  • Cubanito1967

    Has anyone actually received the update yet?

    • slsf617

      I did it manually so I have it

      • Cubanito1967

        How did you do it manually? are you referring to rooting?

        • slsf617

          To do it manually there is a downloadable update on Xda and you download that. I’ll get you the link in a sec

          nope no rooting I’ll get the video for you its pretty straightforward

        • slsf617

          No rooting involved i posted a link to the video

    • http://www.facebook.com/walter.colocho.16 Walter Colocho

      No and I can’t do it manually

    • awesomeaxel

      I did it’s really awesome

  • Steve

    Really!? Bout damn time!

  • SuperTomcat

    I am not using my GS2, can it be upgraded through WiFi even if it has not a service line?

    • T4rd

      I think it should be. I know my Galaxy Nexus got updated to 4.0.2 on WiFi when I first got it before I activated it on the carrier.

      • SuperTomcat

        Thanks… I just reactivated my GS2 for a while.
        A girl from Sprint customer service told my I won´t receive it if I don´t have n activated line on it.

  • http://jamesriter.com/ James

    And still no love for the Evo 4G… LoL

  • TeflonDon45

    So this gets 4.0.4 the ltevo still has 4.0.3?

    • eljessbo

      You do realize we have been waiting since ics came out, I think we deserve an extra decimal number.

  • slsf617

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DTcsfJXKv23o&v=TcsfJXKv23o&gl=US there is the link to update your epic touch to ice cream sandwich with the official upgrade. It is pretty straightforward so enjoy

    • Cubanito1967

      Thanks dude

  • james

    I just called sprint and was told they have not released any update for galaxy s 2

    • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.johnson.5832 Christopher Johnson

      I got it this morning. From Sprint automatically.

  • lala318

    tinyurl.com/7zjh3zc fdv

  • jessez93

    haven’t received anything…. and I’ve factory reset my phone TWICE. bull…..

  • http://twitter.com/gottenbygirlie Randi Lee

    I got the update and some of it is good but I have been having issues with my phone ever since and i never did before. When i am on the phone with someone I get a text message with a ring tone going and i cant mute it or anything its awful.