AT&T to offer exclusive Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S3, pre-orders begin July 15


Don’t fancy yourself the Marble White or Pebble Blue type? AT&T and Samsung are giving you one more choice when it comes to the color of your Galaxy S3. An exclusive Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available from the carrier this month, featuring all the specs we’ve come to love about the phone in a package that is all the more fiery. From the initial renders the new deco doesn’t look half bad, but we’ll wait to see a production model to pass final judgement. We all remember the problems Samsung had with the Pebble Blue paint job. The Garnet Red edition of the Galaxy S3 will be available for pre-order on July 15th. It hits stores on July 29th.

[via AT&T]

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  1. I’d rather have it in black…

    1. Matte Black.

    2. Yes, black would be nice.

      A carbon fiber black look would be even cooler!

  2. thats pretty sick… I would get it if i didnt already have one and it was on verizon

  3. Is this a poke in Verizon’s Big Red eye?

  4. If I was getting this phone I would want it in black..

  5. 90% of it will be covered with a case anyways!!!

  6. I don’t case my phones ….I want black!

  7. Now just some gold on there … go noles!!!!!

  8. Only a woman would want that.

    1. Sexist comments in 2012? Well you do look like a senior citizen, so I guess it comes with your generation.

    2. I’d take the red over the black. Black is just too typical for a gadget.

      I get my phones in white right now personally.

  9. I want this phone but I have Sprint and I am known for changing carries for a phone mid-contract *sigh*

  10. I never use a case.

  11. I think it’s beautiful

  12. am i the only one who finds that downright hideous? o_O

  13. I think this looks pretty awful…..

  14. tinyurl.com/7zjh3zc

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