Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket now receiving Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s a big week for Samsung over at the Ma Bell camp. After receiving word that the Android 4.0 update (with Premium Suite enhancements) would be out by tomorrow, folks are reporting that their Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket is now receiving Android 4.0. The build number you’d be looking for is i727UCLF6.

The upgrade can be had through Samsung’s KIES software for PC, and those who are rooted may want to wait until the community releases a pre-rooted version or until the firmware’s root exploit is found. Let us know if you’re able to pull it down in the comments below. [via XDA, thanks N1ghtgold!]

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  • Florent Rouffignac

    The update shows up in Kies, will download it tonight!!!

  • Roscoe N. White

    Firmware update is up in Kies….just gotta charge my battery smh

  • SuperChunk

    Is it ONLY in kies or is it also being delivered via OTA?

    • patrick blackwell

      Only kies my friend… When I did mine I didnt loose any data

  • Stephanie Aloyo

    gonna start right now!!! will update results in a few

  • Lee Azevedo


    att skyrocket

    • My2Nickels

      Mine said that up until yesterday. Now it says ‘Firmware update available.’ Yeah.

      • TBN27

        Uninstall kies then reinstall. It should work. Kies is buggy.

    • TBN27

      Uninstall kies and then reinstall

    • patrick blackwell

      If you know how to use Odin you can download the official software here This will NOT activate the flash counter.
      You must create an account on this site before you can see the software

  • Andy Seeram


  • night

    I have a ? I rooted my skyrocket when I first got it and then I unrooted and gave it to the wife (got my s3), anyhow my ? Is will I be able to update via kies or will I have to wait till OTA update is pushed out, cause it says the my “device does not support update” something like that, it’s been a while since I tried kies

  • Andrew Tabar

    Bricked my phone. Kies was really, really slow, as well. According to the helpful people at the AT&T store, I wasn’t the first victim of the “upgrade” process. They suggested waiting a couple of weeks. (I got a replacement/new phone from them)

    • masticating man

      Bricking must be a rare thing if they are willing to put the update on Kies and then give replacements out if the phone gets bricked…although, only a certain percentage of individuals will even upgrade/care. But I agree, Kies is SUCH a POS.

  • night

    Finally updated skyrocket to ICS and it seems to be running smoother. On quadrant benchmark it’s staying around 3600 and my s3 I747 around 5200. But far as load times the skyrocket is not far behind the s3. I still like the skyrocket tho.

    • masticating man

      My quadrant score on skyrocket is around ~3650 w/4.04 installed as well.

  • Rob Melone

    I backed up all my data, did the upgrade and everything was still there and works just great…

  • masticating man

    The update worked perfectly for me. One thing I noticed is that once I had upgraded, a TON of my apps auto-updated OTA on Play Store. I assume they were updating to be accustomed to 4.04.

    • masticating man

      It is disheartening that people are having bricking issues. After I updated over Kies, I did a restore of a backup as well…I didn’t realize that the update didn’t wipe your phone…maybe that helped my process? You never know, software is unpredictable.

  • Fred Hoffmann

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, I need help rooting it please. The Kernel version is does someone have a set by set instruction?