Verizon will help eligible customers keep unlimited data if their plan was wrongly changed


As you all know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been shipping to Verizon customers beginning this week. Those who pre-ordered the device before June 28th were promised they’d get their device with unlimited data intact (June 28th was the start of Verizon’s Share Everything plans that would force users to a tiered plan if they upgraded).

Unfortunately things haven’t been as simple as we’d like them to be. Some customers are being alerted that they have been automatically switched over to one of Verizon’s tiered plans and that their previous plan is no longer available.

That’s not right, obviously, but chances are a quick call to Verizon should set things straight. Go ahead and check your account to make sure everything went as promised. If not, be sure to give Verizon a ring at one of several contact points.  [via Droid-Life]

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  1. No doubt this was done intentionally to see how many people they can get switched over to the new plans.

    1. I wonder how many people are going to “accidentally” port over their accounts to other carriers.

  2. Oh, Verizon, you are so subtle…

  3. Omg! This was done on purpose bc not everyone will notice or call to get unlimited back and I’m sure there will be a time limit and they will probably try to talk u out of switching back to unlimited. My god Verizon is going too far now

  4. What he said

  5. First the locked bootloader now this shit? My preorder arrives tomorrow. I’m half tempted to send it back and head to AT&T.

  6. Big red V is really ridiculous, first pay to pay, then they back out. It was clearly a way to justify raising other rates, such as eliminating future new customers and unlimited data. But then to eliminate existing customers after upgrades, and now this stunt, I’m sick of it. I hope a lot of people at Verizon lose jobs and the company ends up like circuit city. keep pudding away your customer base Verizon.

  7. Yes, i had to call to get both of my lines to stay with unlimited data after upgrade.

  8. None of these so called mistakes and system issues ever work for the benefit of the customer. Hmmmmmm. Strange how that happens huh.

  9. I am ashamed to be a Verizon Customer. The sad thing is, they don’t care how much they screw us. They have MONEY and that’s all that matters to them…until the ship sinks

  10. I wonder how many of those that where switched just threw the sim card in the phone and how many activated following the directions that came with the phone.

  11. First it was Samsung’s decision to lock the bootloader. Now Verizon is “accidentally” taking customers off their unlimited data plans in droves. I’m so glad I got my Galaxy Nexus and ported out yesterday.

  12. S3 just came in today, and over an hour later on the phone with Verizon, csr to retention specialist to a group of retention specialist, I did get them to keep my old plan and activate my phone. It is sad when I drop good money and then a good deal more money every month on a product/serveice and then have to fight to get was was on the order sheet from them. 2 more years of unlimited data.

  13. That’s why I am moving to sprint. Ohh and invested with them. I think they have the best chance at grabbing new customers of all the telcos.

  14. My shares in tinfoil manufacturers are skyrocketing amid all the conspiracy theories! Ka-Ching!

  15. well at least its apparent that for the next two years we should have unlimited….

  16. Samsung DID NOT lock the bootloader. That was all Verizon. And they accidentally canceled my unlimited but got it back on within an hour.

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