HTC One XXL Specs Revealed In Leaked Screenshot? – Quad-Core S4 Processor, 2GB RAM, 4.7-inch Display [Rumor]


Here’s a nice little late-night rumor for you to dream about while you slumber. There’s been some talk that HTC is readying a 5.3-inch Galaxy Note challenger of their own by the name of the One XXL (double x’s for a double dose of pimpin’). Other than its gargantuan size, we really haven’t heard much else.

Well, a new leak is flipping everything we once thought, showing us that the HTC One XXL might not be 5.3-inch device we hoped for. Instead, it could be a souped up version of the HTC One XL (our version of the international Tegra 3 One X). The details were “revealed” in the below screenshot (top image is just concept art) and shows off all the specs that make a Phandroid’s heart flutter. We got a 4.7-inch display, quad-core Qualcomm S4 processor, 2GB of RAM,  8MP camera and 1.8MP front facing camera.

Of course, this sorta stuff is pretty easy to fake with a little time on your hands, and a few simple XML edits. Still, I can’t help but think if this device were true, and it comes to Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile later this year, maybe that would take some of the sting out of missing out on the regular old One X. Wouldn’t you agree? Grain of salt, people!


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Pleeeeaaaase come to AT&T by November!! I will snag you up like nobody’s business!

  2. That would be a nice phone to “upgrayedd” to…. sorry I had to!

    1. YES!!! #Idiocracy

      1. Yup! A classic! Well at least to me.

  3. I’m calling it fake.

    1. If I had a nickel for evertime you called “fake,” Sodiq =p

      1. If you call every rumor a fake, you’re right far more often than not. So there’s that.

  4. shut up and take my money.

  5. too bad it isn’t a 5.3″er. And I just bought the GSIII.

  6. Woah, Chris. Where do you get these rumors from?

    1. Like all weird stuff…. Europe O_o

      1. But I thought you said there are no countries outside of America…

        1. Woah, woah, woah… Are you saying Europe isn’t a small island off the coast of Japan? O_o

          1. Nope were just a small place who have had our galaxy s3 for a month now :)

  7. You don’t even have to edit xml, you just photoshop the screenshot.

  8. I think I’d actually trade in my One X for the 5.3″ version..

  9. Nerrmind

  10. Nice, but I would buy the Note2 over this if this is in fact releasing at around November.

    1. In that case why not just get one of the 5 rumored nexus devices?

      1. That is actually my plan. But the reason why I said I would buy the Note2 over this is because supposedly the One XXL is supposed to be a direct competitor to the Note.

  11. It’s obviously shooped. It even has concept in the file name.

    Why bother posting it?

    1. The image of the phone is a concept. The screen shot of the specs is the “leak”

    2. Shooped like the Salt and Pepa song?

  12. I want it so bad. But I want the S3, and i’m ready to get rid of my DX2 >.<

    S3 it is (though i'd get this if it were releasing around the time of the S3)

  13. Oh no, I just decided on the S3, and now these amazing specs on an HTC phone! I rather get HTC over Samsung, but I’m tired of waiting for a new phone.Then again I’ll be mad if I get the S3 then this comes out 3 weeks later.

    If this phone is real, and not just a rumor, when do you suspect this phone might be released?

    1. I thought I read that the quad core S4 wouldn’t debut in products until Q4, but I may be wrong.

    2. My guess would be Q4. I’m not basing that on anything except my jedi abilities (which are lacking).

    3. I generally prefer HTC hardware, but I’d take the SIII over the One X just because of the software. I’m also very wary of HTC antennas after having owned a Sensation.

      1. i have the Evo LTE and it is very lovely. I don’t second guess my decision to get this over the S3. but i’m sure the s3 is a hell of a phone too.

  14. Arrgh! Still stuck with the stupid Nexus S. Grrr!

  15. Wi-Fi ac? Where did you see that? It says only a/b/g/n in the image. “a” is not the same with ac.

    1. Derp. Got ahead of myself. Read too many articles about Belkin’s new ac router today e_e

  16. I don’t know, they didn’t use the One XL to mean extra large, size or specs. Don’t see why they’d suddenly go XXL, which seems to mean just that. Other than that, I really want to see HTC’s 5″+ phone. It’s the Note 2 for me unless they show me what they can do in the arena.

  17. cant be true, htc ceo himself said there are only 3 versions of htc one line.

  18. Quad core S4 coming this year? I doubt it.

  19. Has anyone seen this video: ? Just to further prove how awesome the “ordinary” One X is : D

  20. I would love to see this on verizon wireless with LTE and a 720P or higher screen.

    1. I have the understanding that quad cores do not work with Verizon’s LTE technology.

      1. The Nvidia T3 and Samsung Exynos have issues that haven’t been resolved. You can bet your ass though that when the Qualcomm S4 quad core is released, it will have native LTE support.

        1. ^ this. Also, didn’t Nvidia say they would support LTE by Q3 or Q4 this year?

        2. That’s mainly because Qualcomm doesn’t want to support competing processors with their LTE radio. Still it’s coming because they need to provide LTE for iPhone5 with A5X or A6 which will also work for quad Exynos. Also Samsung is developing their own LTE radio for Exynos coming later this year.

          1. Qualcomm is expanding to increase production partners to meet the unexpected demand for their LTE modems (radios are another supplier entirely). Qualcomm just wants to make money, and it’s about supply and demand.

      2. It’s about the profitability of adding a separate LTE modem chip as opposed to having that built-in to the main processor. Number of cores aren’t a technical issue.

  21. If the Phone Looks like that, and has these specs – THEY’VE GOT ME!

  22. boy if this is true there are gonna be a lot of people with some serious buyers remorse from getting the gs3 over this, lol this phone has some awesome specs to match if not overpower the gs3, plus the build quality of HTC is far superior to the one of samsung.

  23. this is gonna be on top of my list when i upgrade next year if it comes to tmobile. Htc is one of the most reliable cell phone manufactures on the block. Lg is no good. but lets see what comes out this year.

  24. Just release the same phones in a small and large size. The consumer will appreciate it and the large version will benefit from a larger battery.

  25. Let it be 5.3″ instead of 4.7″.

  26. so glad i didn’t get the HTC One X. They make half hearted flagship phones every couple of months. Just churning out one after another. This explains why HOX had so many problems since launch. Too busy with the next one xxxxxx

  27. Dang, if this is real and if it comes to Verizon I will be first in line!

  28. and at&t will still restrict it have 16gb storage. It’s like at&t is obsessed with 16gb like they are doing with the present one x and sgs3

    1. AT&T: “Our “brilliant” minds here at AT&T have done some research and it shows that the consumer prefers small memory sizes like 16gb over something like 32 or 64 gb.” Smh. -That’s why this company gets such horrible reviews.

  29. Please let there be a T-Mo model… please please please. I so want a quad core.

  30. gotta be 4g ready like the new ipad. i’d snap in straight away it it was

  31. It looks like a HTC One X, iPhone, and SGS3 all combined together.

    1. “By your powers combined…”

  32. What sucks is that I don’t care so much for LTE, I’m a very light network user as I have WiFI access 90% of the places I go all the time, but we aren’t getting many quad-core SoC’s over here due to LTE compatibility. I’m holding out for the Nexus Tablet and I hope it’s quad core (I wont care if my phone has it at that point).

    1. you arent really missing out on much. The S4 dual core is just as good as the tegra 3 if not better in most things outside of graphics.

  33. Hi Chris Chavez, The first rumor came out for the HTC One x, back in the 2010 just after the original Evo 4G, which stated the HTC One as a rumor device it has Dual-core with 2.5GHz. So what we`re reading now it`s an old rumors.

  34. :O it may be better than the S3…

  35. She’s a beauty. Look at her thin bezel…..

  36. fake!

  37. Sooo… What ever happened to HTC making less devices?

    1. This is a device worth making!

  38. This is a fake. The font used on the settings page is not the one HTC normally use. Looks like someone has made their own concept and people are assuming it’s from HTC

  39. Might wanna have a look here guys –

  40. This is not a rumor. i had a sprint employee confirm this.

  41. Love how my post showing this is a concept made by someone with no links to HTC hasn’t appeared on here…

  42. Oh my gosh… XXL That’s just one “X” away. But jokes aside, I do not lyk that side. I use Swipepad and I’ll be pressing the side ALL the time. I need some thumb space. Unless that area is larger than I’m thinking. Then it’ll be cool.

  43. Anyone else get the idiocracy reference?

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