Jun 22nd, 2012

Got room for one more news reader app on your homescreen? Good, because the insanely sought after Flipboard is now officially available for Android devices. Flipboard is essentially a stylized RSS reader that displays news items in a magazine-like view. Demand for the Android app is said to have been “astonishing” coming from Flipboard CEO Mike McCue, and availability has been expanded to allow our South Korean, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and German Android brothers to get in on the fun. YouTube functionality was also added allowing you to view your subs easily from within the app.

The launch comes after a month of beta testing the app for a variety of Android devices ranging from the Nook, to Kindle Fire and a variety of smartphones. Flipboard isn’t exactly anything new for those with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The app actually came pre-loaded on the S3 but this is the first time it’s officially available for the rest of us. Although there seems to be a slight hiccup at the time of writing, you will be able to find Flipboard in the Android app store of your choice, and downloading it wont cost you a single, red cent.

[Play Store Link]