Rumor: HTC DROID Incredible 4G to arrive June 21st, Verizon Galaxy S3 a week later

A couple of devices for Verizon on the horizon may launch closer toward the end of the month if Droid-Life is to be believed. According to them, Verizon will launch the HTC DROID Incredible 4G on June 21st. We can’t say for sure how trustworthy that is, but a more believable rumor of a June 28th Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 launch is also being spread around. Many customers have claimed to have heard word from Best Buy that their devices would be shipping that date.

Verizon also started their pre-sale opportunity early this month so we reckon its official launch can’t be far behind. If true, Verizon looks to be set for a very interesting third quarter. With one of the most anticipated devices launching so close to its international counterpart and another blockbuster addition to the Incredible series, not to mention a lot of DROID X contracts expiring soon, sales should definitely be good. We’ll see if this all turns out to be true before too long.

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    Leave it to Big Red to delay a launch, so that they can fill the S3 with bloatware….

    • eclipsenyou

      ummm….people have been rooting and removing bloatware for years now. What’s your point?

      • Sky_Guy

        His point is that the addition of the bloatware is causing the delayed release…did you even read what he said?


        Hi there Captain obvious, If you read what i wrote, the delay of release date will have something to do with the bloatware. Removing it is easy, yes, but i was referring to the delay in release.

  • xchopx

    anyone see the off contract price yet?

    • Shea

      $649.99 for the 32gb version and $599.99 for the 16gb version.

  • ILIkeBubbles

    all that I care about is the qualcomm s4 in the dinc 4g!!

    • enomele

      Correct me off I’m wrong but the Galaxy s3 has an S4 as well

  • Jim Sabol

    My order confirmation contained a ship date of 6/6/2012. I was stoked! THEN, I got an email a few hours later recognizing the mistake and they said it’ll be shipped July 9th. BUMMER!

  • Whiskeydaniels

    I just spoke with Verizon and was told will ship by July 9th. The catch is the deadline to keep unlimited data is July 6. Preordering does not lock you in. Upgrade has to be activated by the 6th. They know what they are doing.

    • Nirav A. Shah

      This is completely incorrect. I have spoke to three different VZW reps today and they all told me that I will not loose unlimited data and the preorder does count. Activation of the phone is separate from changing your plan. As long as you don’t change your plan you will not loose you unlimited data. Now if you preorder/order/upgrade (not the same as activation) after the changes are announced then you are skrewed. Also where are you getting these dates from? July 6th? nobody at Verizon has confirmed anything

      • Sean Kalas

        Maybe he’s a dumb dumb and is thinking of July 6, 2011 in which Verizon stopped offering unlimited data plans.. I mean, we already established that he doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about in terms of a phone purchase extending your contract vs. activating a phone.

  • HP

    Just confirmed with Loyalty that you’re locked in to unlimited data as soon as you upgrade (not when you activate).

  • 91firebirder

    Hoping the Dinc 4G launches soon so I can renew my girl’s phone before the unlimited data is dead. Also hoping I can keep it with my pre-ordered S III.

  • Aaron Soles

    I pre ordered my s3 on Verizon site and it automatically selected unlimited data for me since it is an (existing feature). I’m 100% sure if you’ve pre ordered and your already on it your fine because they haven’t announced the new.shared plans yet anyways

  • crashinghero

    Jeez, HTC just keeps getting screwed. First they have their huge US launch of the AT&T One X aborted in its infancy, then the Sprint One X gets delayed, then the Incredible 4G gets pushed back and back until the announced release date comes within one week of Samsung’s juggernaut. There are definitely some who will appreciate the smaller size of the Incredible, but most people are just concerned with getting the best phone possible. If I was HTC I’d be super pissed that Verizon didn’t release this a month ago.

  • ntegrit

    How do you know that the delay(s) aren’t related to htc (manufacturing /shipping issues)?

  • Chad Bentz

    S3 pre-order to keep unlimited data… Droid X never was able to keep a WPA wifi signal, glad to get rid of it.