Is BlackBerry 10 enough to trump Android? [video]


Welp, RIM’s officially unveiled BlackBerry 10 at BlackBerry World, and while we don’t get much in the way of extensive OS features, it looks like they’re finally ready to step into the current decade. The little bit we do see seems quite alright, especially the innovative predictive text features for its on-screen keyboard. Take a look at their unveiling video above and leave your opinion and a vote in the poll on whether or not it could compete with Android.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Seriously??? Rim is going to keep dumping money into dev crap? I just dont understand, other than the phone looking like it was designed by Chrysler the os “looks” cool but where was this in 2009 when everyone else was at this level of convenience and RIm was still using 400mhz 10 year old ARM chips for their top end phones.

    1. Just a note that the phone in the video is just a generic model used to show off the OS.

      1. Good to know, but it still looks like the underdeveloped midget cousin of a playbook. Its the “new” black box.

        1. ipad was an oversized iphone yet it’s sold millions.  I don’t see your point Ferry.

          1.  My point is the ipad and just about every other device regardless of size has a shape an ergonomically significant design. The playbook was designed by a polytechnic student who was on drugs; it was a boring and flat edged rectangle, analogous with your thinking process.

    2. Man 2009 sounded so long ago when I read that.

    3. The Chrysler part was funny :-) but I have to say that I like the work and effort they showed today and actually think there is place in the mobile world for BlackBerry. For one I’m very tired of app switching in Android, and the new app switcher in ICS is just the old with some graphics to it. BB10 seems to address this issue in a nice way.

  2. The keyboard looks pretty awesome, but overall the OS looks pretty hideous.

  3. I don’t like to hate on other OSes without first using them but, it kind of looks like they took the features of other platforms and tried to mash them into BB10.

    (But the incoming call thing was pretty cool.)

    1. lol yea the call screen was slick, im def going to steal that idea and make a similar one for my Gnex

    2. I do agree with that. Maybe it’ll seem a bit more cohesive as time goes on. 

      Still, I hope RIM manage to stay competitive. 

  4. I just can’t see blackberry on the same playing field as Android… maybe Windows Phone 7 but not Android…

  5. If someone figures out how to make pushing DLNA content with a simple flick like they do in all these ad spots, please let me know how :)

    1. It may be a custom implementation. It usually is. LG always did the same thing, but it was for their DLNA smart TV’s only. Apple’s got Apple TV, HTC has their Media Link. Blackberry might have their own as well.

  6. The video suprised me. It looks better than I thought. That’s just it though, it looks good in a video. We’ll see what they deliver to the market. Good videos are easy to make. I will say, I didn’t expect it to be that good. The problem is, WP7 is good. WebOS was good. Fighting for 3rd place is hard. Not sure if this will be enough.

    Also, that keyboard looks confusing. Can’t imagine using that. Cool concept, but I don’t know if it’ll work in the real world.

  7. By the time BB10 actually comes out, people will be looking at on screen keyboards like the 3.5″ floppy disk… “People still use those?  Why don’t you just use voice recognition on your phone?”

    1. Right. Because you can discreetly text someone using your voice.

    2.  Because so many people actually use that feature all the time as it is. Keyboards>>>>voice recognition

    3. Everytime I call a company that has voice recognition to connect me to correct support etc I use the dialpad instead. Why? I don’t like talking to machines and probably never will.

    4. During an important Meeting five top managers try to reply to an important eMail, while the CEO is still holding his speech – via voice recognition, because the visionary Defenestratus decided that keyboards are soo 2012.

      Voice Recognition may be a handy addition in some situations but it is absolutely unsuitable as the main text input method for so many reasons.

  8. Not going to be easy for them (or MS for that matter) but as far as I’m concerned more competition the better so it will keep pushing Anroid (and Apple too) to keep getting better, faster, cheaper then we all win.  I don’t want the race to come down to just two players I think that will be a bad thing.  Of course I would not buy a BB :p (Samsung Fascinate on ICS 4.04 aokp build 34 yes Samsung its possible and glad to get rid of your and VZ bloat)

  9. Your headline made me laugh. Of course it isn’t. But it may end up replacing WP7, especially if they are smart enough to license it to Samsung and HTC for both enterprise and consumer markets.

    I would love nothing more than to see that happen.

  10. Too little, Too late.

    Market is terribly saturated at this point IMO.  At least, I don’t think their marketing budget can overcome the saturation.

    They might convince some larger businesses to keep their Blackberry accounts around, but I’m going to guess they will have little consumer success.

    1. the market is saturated with bad devices.  I would imagine Android brands will disappear before RIM does.

      1. Well I’m not buying that stock. If it happens, you’ll be filthy rich…but I don’t see it happening.

    2. I don’t agree. I see nothing in Android at the moment that will keep me buying Android next time. Laggy UI, I mean still, even in the HTC One X with ICS and freakin quad-core 1.5 GHz the home screens stutters! And sick and tired of getting OS updates 1 year later or even worse, not at all. WP for me next time, or BB10 if they produce something interesting.

  11. They came in a little bit too late.

  12. Hope it is awesome, more competition is better for the consumer

  13. Some nice enough ideas but I still don’t get why they can’t just have all of this in a heavily modded version of Android (more akin to Amazon than Samsung etc). They’d save a huge amount of development cost, retain their own identity & gain the support of the Android development community (which RIM will never come close to on their own).

    1. Because Blackberry is over 9000 times more secure then Android.  At least that’s what all the shitty company’s that issue them to their employees tell them.

      1. Are those the same companies that use IE6 and have me program in excel VBA? DIE VBA, DIE!!!

    2. because they’re afraid that in the future they might have little control over the OS. And because they still think they can come out on top with an OS that innovates almost nothing. Their marketing surely sucks with the “Wake Up” campaign. I thought the “Wake Up” was because they finally woke up and went to use Android.. but no, they didn’t

  14. I am somewhat excited to see BB10 in a phone, but come on RIM, fall?  They are following the Palm plan of releasing a new OS and phone.  I sure hope that when they do release them, they better drop a handful of different phones.

  15. I would wait to see how it actually operates, Blackberry’s  always seem ok in ads but their completely buggy in real life experiences, might i remind you of the hourglass >.>

  16. That keyboard looks amazing but every die hard BB user I know has already switched to another OS.  Too little too late for them, I dont think they will be around in 2 years.

  17. If this is what a BB user has been longing for, they probably already have an Android or iPhone already. 

    It does look more competitive than WP7 though and judging by that KB, BB may be bringing some pretty slick features.

    1. In what way does it look more competitive than WP7??  They didn’t really even show anything in that video other than the crappy keyboard that took the  user a good 20 seconds to write that little line of text.

      1. Yeah I would much rather try this out than WP7.


        1. Are you kidding?  That video showed four things…

          * Glance which is dumb as hell on a smartphone because you are cutting your views vertically so you can no longer see information on either view. Their idea of notification handling is 1/2 opening the app?? Just open it all the way!

          * The predictive text which is WAY more difficult than swiftkey or WP7’s predictive keyboard because you can litterally type a message by pressing words in the same spot instead of searching for them all over the keyboard.

          * Some photo editing software (Which I would rather see a good camera with many 3rd party excellent app options).

          * The video above.

          It looks like they took some cues from WebOS but did them poorly, just like the BB playbook.

          I think it’s funny how they can show practically NOTHING of the OS and people can make their decision based on that.  I personally am not saying its going to suck or not, just that what they’ve showed us is actually pretty lame.  When the final OS is out I’ll use it and at that point make up my mind but the real test is how they pull off the following features (as stated in my other comment):

          * Launcher
          * Multitasking
          * General graphics feel
          * Web Browsing
          * Notifications
          * Email integration
          * IM integration
          * Social network integration
          * Widget support/data accessibility
          * Gaming capabilities
          * 3rd party application API support

  18. Don’t even care enough to watch the video.

  19. Palms problem was they had good software with sucky Hardware but if BB can make a Great OS with Great hardware then score one for BB

  20. That’s it! I’m totally dropping my GNex for this baby when it comes out! RIM, you convinced me! 
    No, actually, it didn’t. 

    1. iphone is better than the gnex.  sorry.  truth = hurts.   I’m a phandroid but try not to stack gnex up against anything.  It’s not worth it.

      1. Ouch, I’m hurting soooo bad right now. You’re completely correct, I’m gonna dump my GNex for one of those Apple branded phones. It hurts me so bad when I see my friends that own one and I can’t help but feel sorry that I don’t have a static grid of icons and limited customization. Goodness knows that I desire to have a tiny screen too, I mean, come on, I have to move my head around just to be able to see everything that’s on the screen of my Nexus. My neck is starting to enlarge due to the fact that I use its muscles so much! Forget the fact that I can pay for things with my phone through NFC. Sometimes I wish my phone didn’t have NFC and I envy my *phone totting friends for that, how simple their lives must be to not be bothered with new technologies. Speaking of new technologies, I wish I didn’t have LTE so I couldn’t download things at nearly 30Mbps…. Waiting for things to download was so exciting, and now that everything downloads so fast, I don’t know what to do. :’-( 

  21. Blackberry or RIM is dead!

    1. didn’t see the video and decided to comment with no prior knowledge, didja?  Soooo cute *pinching the fat face*

  22. I would love to see BB come back with a vengeance.  RIM and Android fighting for top spot would drive innovations a lot farther than Apple and Android fighting each other.

    As for BB10 itself, it looks like the die hard BB fans are getting a much more polished UI.  For those who use it due to work, they are getting a step up for their enterprise needs.  Win for both.

    1. +1 for this. Someone is thinking logically about it for once. That keyboard they got going there grabbed the attention of most of us. I hope they can start a trend of new ideas like that and challenge android to become better. Just because we all love android the way it is doesn’t mean that its peaked, there are plenty of ideas nobody has put into action yet. Bring it :)

      1. agreed with both of you! I did notice the wireless monitor sharing which is cool however 3 of my htcs have this option and have for some time, BUT for the sake of not being a fanboy, RIM enterprise users are going to be stoked to have the ability to give presentations from there phone through a wifi powered projector or tv. SMART move on their part, for us androidions it is fun to play angy birds on a 55 inch tv but for the typical BB user that will be a huge feature for them! I hope RIM continues to push and we all need to remember they shaped much of the world we live in!
        (also I wonder if 10 supports powerpoint as android does, that would be another huge leap in the right direction)

  23. Call screen mod to be out on Android within a week I bet. Looks like ICS a bit.

  24. I think the phrase goes something like this:
    Too little, too late.

  25. I think BB is still the most secure OS out there and there are a lot of people who would stick to the company as long as they keep up with the devices and newest in Camera, Screen, Screen Size and modern looking devices etc. Make a 4.5 inch BB with no keyboard. People want a nice looking device that is for both fun and business.

  26. I doubt rim is trying to trump android. I don’t see my BB leaving my sight any time soon. But it won’t be replacing my android either.

  27. why is everyone thinking the keyboard was so slick? Did you notice how long it took him to type that one sentence? Time it. I took out my Nexus and typed the same thing in 3/4 the time. 

    1. In all fairness, I did not get the impression that he was trying to speed type.  It seemed like a way to say ‘hey, we got predictive text in the keyboard’ with flat out saying ‘hey, we got predictive text in the keyboard.’

    2.  Yeah, i am going to have to agree with vitamin. He wasn’t doing speed typing. They wanted to show you how the predictive texting works. I like how that works! Swipe up to complete a word. Very simple. Also saves on screen space where you dont have a bar of words.

      Now, if i wanted to speed type with this, oh yeah this will be very fast.

  28. bwuhahahahah hehe hoh lolooll

    Oh wait.. you were serious?

  29. much nicer looking UI than android, which is decidedly un-sexy. I like the clean, smoothness and love the predictive text, better than my swiftkey.

  30. I used to love blackberry back in 09 I loved my blackberry pearl till I got a G1 and now using the Samsung Galaxy Note and after seeing this video I don’t see a reason for giving up my note sorry RIM but you lost me years ago. I hardly see people with a blackberry just like how you hardy see people with a windows phone

  31. Nice keyboard. I’m sure Android will get something like it at some point. Blackberries are good insofar as they are phones with email. For that, they’re beautiful. For everything beyond that, they stand no chance.

  32. Had to go to YouTube on my Rezzie to see sum of this… The camera app is pretty sick tho… I give ’em that… ‘Bout damn time RIM.

  33. I dont think bb10 is enough to compete with android and IOS yet, I think Rim is on the right track though even though it is going to be hard to get back to where they once were.

  34. Wow, it can make calls, text and airplay. Revolutionary!

  35. awww you can’t think of anything to say so you force people to look at wiki. fail jeans.

    1. You obviously didn’t CLICK the link. Here, I’ll help the lazy:

      “Betteridge’s Law of Headlines is an adage that states, “Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no'”.”

  36. Black Berry is dead!!

  37. I don’t see how anyone can tell.  There were no images of the home screens or how the OS functions.

  38. It’s not BB10 vs Android vs iOS.  It’s RIM vs Google vs Apple.  Buying a smartphone is more about buying into an ecosystem than it is about buying a device.  And for that reason, I believe Android will remain on top.  Google’s services/ecosystem is too strong and only getting stronger.

    I still have a desktop PC at home (for gaming). Back in the day I would have had many programs installed on it. An office suite, a photo editor, an email client, an instant messenger, along with many gigs of data files. Do you know what I have on it now (other than games)? A free, small footprint anti-virus program and Chrome. That’s it. I use Google’s services for everything else: Maps, Docs/Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Talk, and many useful Chrome apps.

  39. It took him the whole video to text a sentence ….

  40. Someone new for Apple to sue……It had rounded corners and Apple patent attorneys are currently submitting patents fro that keyboard as we speak…HAAHAHA 

  41. This actually looks quite good. You can’t go saying that Android instantly defeats this, because in the video, this looks like a very elegant OS, with some good new features. The fact is though it might be a bit too late from RIM.

  42. Is RIM kidding?  Honestly, this is what they showed:

    * A list… graphics stolen from android.
    * The ability to answer a call… slide stolen from WP7
    * Viewing a basic e-mail… stolen from everyone
    * A virtual keybaord… poor version stolen from swiftkey (did you notice how SLOWLY the guy typing was??)
    * Guy watching a full screen video… meh
    * Wireless video display to TV… stolen from 1/2 dozen other manufacturers

    And if you notice, the stuff people really care about, they did not show at all.  Such as:

    * Launcher
    * Multitasking
    * General graphics feel
    * Web Browsing
    * Notifications
    * Email integration
    * IM integration
    * Social network integration
    * Widget support/data accessibility
    * Gaming capabilities
    * 3rd party application API support

    Now, I do realize that the top list is a big deal for BB users, and that is all the more sad.  The reason BB has existed for so long is that companies pushed that terrible tech down to employees, but now that they are parting from that mode of operation, we are seeing RIM die slow and painful death.  If they really want to come back into the game, the second list is where they have to excel.

    1. So cruel :-) and yet so true…

  43. I love my android ics

  44. Its too little too late for Blackberry 10…

  45. I think you can’t hold it like that if you want to reject the call, otherwise the finger won’t reach the top of the screen :P

  46. Yeah, nobody leaves an OS for one that does the same thing, they leave for innovation.  A new predictive text keyboard, as slick as it looks, is not going to pull many away from Android.  Too little too late…

  47. The guy in the video took 15 seconds to write that message (1:21 to 1:36).  I tried it and it took me 8.

    You should try it and time it to see how long you take to type that little message.

  48. so when is apple suing them for using a phone that looks just like the iphone

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