Verizon Galaxy Nexus receiving Android 4.0.4?


The bug fixing update to Android 4.0.4 has yet to be officially pegged for release for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but some users seem to be seeing the update without an official peep from Verizon. At least two users have claimed to receive build IMM76K. Two unrelated reports does sound legit, but it’s still odd that these random devices are receiving the OTA.

If any of you have the phone unrooted be sure to check for the update in the settings menu and let us know if it comes up. If anyone has already received the update, let us know in the comments section below while we try to procure a change log. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

This should definitely be the Galaxy S3 [pics]

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  1. I heard a rumor about this as well and checked 20 minutes ago and no update for me as of yet!

  2. I”m trying to start a petition as of this morning to bring attention to the lack of support from Google / Verizon on this phone.  Funny it “possibly” is rolling out.  Just in case, for those who have a moment, please sign / share so we can show people are wanting to show demand for support on this device!  CHANGE starts with us!


    1. The Galaxy Nexus was to be a flagship device for Verizon from Google.”

      Really? Where did you get that information? Or was that something you thought up when you bought the phone? 

      You don’t like Verizon, then go with another carrier. Creating an online petition seems kind of immature. 

      1. Not to mention as pointless as real petitions.

    2. “GSM verizon owners have received an update recently in the past month,
      and Spring launched the same phone WITH a 4.0.4 update, but still no
      news for Verizon LTE holders” -You should proof read before you submit your petition. GSM Verizon LOL! Spring.. etc.

  3. No update here :/ as of 12:26 est

  4. got the 4.0.4 on miui for a while now…

    1. Not the same 4.0.4

  5. As of 9 am PST no ota update to my device. 

  6. Anybody that owns a VZW Gnex and doesn’t already have 4.0.4, doesn’t deserve and/or need it.

    1. Not all of us can root or want to spend the time doing it. My gnex is a company phone and i am not allowed to root. Do I still not deserve it?

      1. You don’t need it. I said “and/or” didn’t I? :P

        1. If you consider being able to make phone calls so the other person can hear you the whole time, then yes I NEED it, and no 4.0.4 ROM is going to fix that.

          I don’t care what you ROM snobs say (I used to be hardcore into ROMing on my last phone, I’m sick of it), running a 4.0.4 ROM will only fix OS level issues, not carrier/radio specific issues, you know the ones that really matter.

          1. I dont have that problem on mine, it might just be a defective device, also the signal issue on the nexus is actually a software one after the 0.4 update my signal is twice as strong 

          2. Its not a defective device as Verizon has stopped swapping them out because its 100% software.  Some people have gad 4 devices swapped out.  I have had two and still have the issue.

          3. Exactly I have been running a 4.0.4 Radio and Rom for months and the 1 way audio issue still exists.  

      2. You don’t have to root to get it… The update leaked months ago, you can just download it

        1. Everything I’ve read about the leak says you do.  At least temporarily.  Try again?

          1. Installed the original leak and this one both without rooting. Not even temporarily. 
            Try again?

    2. It’s a little much to say they don’t deserve or need it. I would go with they’re missing out by being stock.

    3. Really? 

      Do you feel tougher now? Guess you told us. Thanks for sharing your sad life with us. 

  7. Doubtful.  It’s either people trolling or a mistake on Verizon’s part.  Unless there’s an official announcement, I’m not buying it.

      1. I’ve seen this pic on two different sites and it’s ALWAYS the same.  10 e-mail messages.  ALWAYS the same.  Show me another with a different e-mail….and I still may not believe as it can be photoshopped.

        1. I’m totally with you on the skepticism, but I just found this. A picture of a store unit with 4.0.4. Makes me a little more hopeful. 

          1. Saw that one too. More encouraging. Just wish someone at Google or Verizon would make this clear

  8. I would check for an update but fortunately, I’m not running stock.

  9. I recently decided not to call people names or attack them personally…however, since this is a corporation…Verizon sucks hard. :-D

    1. Do I need to say it? Ok I will. Corporations are people, my friend. :)

      1. I wouldn’t say that exactly. Corporations are a collection of people who all combine to make something different than the sum of it’s parts. 

        1. No, I totally agree. I don’t actually think corporations are people.  

          1. Were you making a joke about the fact that they are often treated as a person by the law and I just missed it?

          2. lol Yeah, the Romney quote and the Supreme Court decision…  :D

  10. Apparently you guys did not get my email to a post of mine here on android forums showing pictures of the update coming through on my test device from Verizon.

    1. post it here…

      1. Here are the pics I posted on the forum earlier today. I received the update around 11 AM EST.

        1. Jealous!! any significant changes?  are you stock?

  11. I called verizon about my Gnex having some issues with calls dropping out, and they confirmed that an update was rolling out in May, I am already on 4.0.4 and still see the issue when on a call, I think it may be my HW ver. 9.  

    A friend of mine has a Gnex with HW ver. 9 and does not have this issue.  We both did a speed test at the same time in the same location and he was hitting about 10-15 mbps and I was only getting 3-5 mbps. My phone still has issues and will probably go to stock to see if I get the update  so I can call verizon back and see if they will replace my phone with one that has HW ver. 10. 

  12. Maybe that was a just Verizon just testing the OTA on those devices. They do that sometimes. Also people need to calm down. If you remember the Verizon Gnex was the first ones on 4.0.2 and for those who have rooted devices with 4.0.4 remember you have an older leaked version of 4.0.4. Maybe verizon put some more improvements to the radio with it although I’ve never had an issue with dropped calls.

  13. I second that, I have had no issues with reception at all, but if I had a major problem like that I would have tried a replacement within the 30 days and returned it if the problem persisted.

  14. Nothing for me as of 1:30 pm est. running stock 4.0.2

  15. one way audio is a known issue with the Galaxy Nexus.  Besides tons of people on forums complaining of it, the Verizon store rep said they are aware of it and working on a SW patch.  They are not exchanging / warrantying phones for this issue.

  16. Just checked my stock VZ GNex a moment ago. Still nothing.

  17. jesus, anyone who hasnt had 4.0.4 and has a gnex, doesnt deserve a gnex. honestly know, get a grip peeps

    1. Maybe we don’t all like to compromise our phone and choose to run stock.  Ever think of that?

    2. Here we go again…

      I don’t care what you ROM snobs say (I used to be hardcore into ROMing on my last phone, I’m sick of it), running a 4.0.4 ROM will only fix OS level issues, not carrier/radio specific issues, you know the ones that really matter.

    3. I hate when people say stupid sh** like this. please die. not everyone wants to root/rom their nexus but am perfectly capable of doing so

  18. Is it, LOL.

  19. Does anyone know how I can check exactly what update version of Android 4.0  my galaxy Nexus is running?  Huge thanks..

    1. settings/about phone

  20. I got it this moning

    1. No you didnt.

  21. 4.0.4 update not found(amirite?)

  22. No update here either.

  23. Don’t I recall Phandroid posting that 4.0.4 was imminent in February?

    By the way, update not available yet.

  24. Its up on xda.

  25. No update here 11:45pm est

  26. Well its about DAMN TIME!!!!!!

  27. No update for me stock ics

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