Android Overload: iPhone Outselling All Android Devices (Combined) on AT&T and Sprint, Sony Replacing Xperia S’s Affected By Yellow Displays and More


In case you’re new around here, you have just entered into the world famous Android Overload. This is the one place you can always turn, when you have an insatiable appetite for even more things Android. Since not every story that comes our way is published to our front page, we place them here. So, that you guys can give them the final once over before they sink into the abyss of the world wide webs. Find something interesting? Let us know.

  • OfficeSuite Pro 5 now 80% off in the Play Store until April 4th. [Play Store Link]
  • See AT&T’s tower improvements in select cities using their map. [AT&T]
  • This is how Google (and Apple) help police bypass Android (and iOS) lockscreens. [Cnet]
  • Settlement talks fail. Google and Oracle head to court to settle patent dispute. [AllThingsD]
  • Select OnLive games are up to 70% off. Play on computer, tablet or phone. [OnLive]
  • Google Wallet co-founding engineer leaves to join Square. [NFCTimes]
  • iPhone users rely more on WiFi than Android users. [Cnet]
  • Reddit is Fun now back in the Google Play Store. [Play Store Link]
  • Sony claims to have optimized all of ICS to fit it on Xperia devices. [SonyDeveloperWorld]
  • iPhone is outselling all Android smartphones combined on AT&T and Sprint. [AllThingsD]
  • Sony issuing replacements for Xperia S affected by yellow screens. [Cnet]
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  1. You should do a survey on who buys them the most male or female? All I have to say is the iPhone is too small for me. Also the size is for people with small hands. That is not a chick magnet!!!

    1. I know more than a few people who switched from Droids to iPhones (on Verizon) because there aren’t currently any reasonably sized (i.e. <4") Android phones (excluding entry-level trash).

  2. does it surprise you on Sprint?  Hesse hasn’t offered me shit in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, because that Epic Touch was SUCH a crappy phone… [/sarcasm]

      1. But the Epic Touch is on a crappy network…so doesn’t that make the phone crappy? Once LTE phones come out, Sprint will then have decent phones to consider.

        By the way, I have an Evo 3D on Sprint and cannot wait to get rid of it.

      2. for the millionth time – the SG2 has a crappy display resolution.  not enough pixels for the display size.  SG2 is a decent phone but not a worthy upgrade to the OG EVO!  especially not in 2011/2012.

  3. Hmm so police can have Google reset the password? Someone should make an app that monitors for Gmail password changes and, when triggered, wipes the phone. If that’s even possible?

    1. it’s only the unlock pattern and the cops can do it on the iphone too. 

      if you’re doing something illegal with your phone, you’re dumb enough to get busted with it.

  4. Not to say that the iPhone is not a decent phone, but people are sheep.the iPhone has become more of a status symbol to the majority…id say maybe 25% of the people purchasing them actually pay close attention to specs. Functions etc the rest are just grabbing one because everybody else has one…

    1. Hey, I heard you were going to be jumping off a bridge later today? Sounds hip. Can I jump too?

      1. Wait for me!

    2. You have any facts to back up your stupid claims? Probably not. Try again. Maybe  you won’t fail as hard as you just did.

      1. You have any facts to disprove his “stupid claims”?  Or are you just going to sling some name-calling and pretend like you own the place?

        The fact of the matter is that Apple has done so well by having a quality (for the most part) device that a entire culture is built around.  The success of Apple is very closely tied to the “cool factor”.  It is very much a status symbol, and icon.  Just like Coca Cola’s success is tied to it’s brand awareness (see the numerous taste tests it loses to Pepsi), Apple’s success comes largely due to successful marketing that gets you and I to feel like we’re part of something bigger when we own an iPhone (no, I don’t, I rock my CM9 ICS Epic 4G).

        But please don’t belittle yourself by calling names and pretending like you are some authority with just as little fact as you blame the other guy providing.

        1. Are you talking facts like customer satisfaction surveys.  Because you know that kinda / sorta would be a good fact.  And if people were just sheep buying the iPhone mindlessly – when they had to use said device then they might not like it. But if say people you know kinda / sorta like using the iPhone – and then tell their friends and family – that could kinda / sorta you know bust that whole mindless sheep comment.  And where would one find survey’s like that.  How about JD Power.  And what they found here – http://thenextweb.com/apple/2012/03/16/apple-tops-j-d-power-smartphone-customer-satisfaction-rankings-for-the-seventh-time-in-a-row/ – is well People really really like the iPhone.  More so than any Android phone.  So Facts you ask for Facts you get.  Sorry they don’t mesh with that whole well thought out mindless sheep argument above.  

          1. He never said people weren’t satisfied with the iPhone when they got it, he said:
            “the iPhone has become more of a status symbol to the majority…id say
            maybe 25% of the people purchasing them actually pay close attention to
            specs. Functions etc the rest are just grabbing one because everybody
            else has one…”

            I think his point stands, that iPhone owners don’t look at the specs/functions of the phone. If they did then they might not be so satisfied. For most people it’s a massive upgrade over their old feature phone, and they don’t know it’s limitations. If the majority of iPhone owners were technically-inclined then they might realise it’s less of a mobile computer and more of an appliance, and they might choose differently. The (deliberately engineered) limitations of the iPhone are what make it simple to use – but also of less use to anyone who wants it as a proper mobile computer.

            I think we can argue til the cows come home which is the “better” system, but it depends on your expectations. Most people’s expectations are that “It makes me look cool and affluent, it has apps, it can do calls, texts and emails pretty well.”

            I think you’re correct that the iPhone gets a lot of word of mouth recommendation, and it’s a great phone for MOST people. And Apple can also afford to give good service with the huge margins they make off the people that buy an iPhone.
            But that doesn’t invalidate the OP’s point that Apple has deliberately made it into a status symbol, and that most people buy it because of that, and that most people don’t look at the actual functions beyond the limited set I just outlined. Because they don’t need to. Good for them.

    3. Sadly yes

    4. Over 50% of smartphones are Android phones.  30% are IOS.  

      Anyone who still thinks this is a horse race is dillusional even though it was always apples and oranges anyways.

  5. Sprint better hope the iPhone is outselling Android considering the investment they made in order to offer it.

  6. Interesting that despite what carriers say about average buyers liking skins and not being interested in a Nexus phone, and marketing being muxh less for the Nexus than Razr, the Nexus was the most popular Android phone on VZW for most of this survey. It only fell into second most popular android on vzw once the Maxx came out, but one should note that this survey counts the regular Razr and the Maxx as one phone.

  7. I know the Sprint whores are shilling the iPhone like crazy. Not sure if they’re getting a SPIFF for selling them, but I know the little turd who sold me my Epic Touch was asking if I wanted to wait since a new phone was “right around the corner.” I told him no, if the Galaxy Nexus hit soon, I’d live with it. He then said “I meant the iPhone!” I think he was ready to cry at my reaction: I laughed at him and said that I wouldn’t own that Sh*$ if he gave it to me… :)

    Oh, and one of my co-workers went in to replace her aging EVO, and was downgraded to an iPhone… I think it’s probably a good choice for her though, she’s not exactly tech savvy… It was funny to see her transformation from “It’s so ugly and plain!” to “Oh my gawd! This is the best phone I’ve ever owned!” on the silly thing though… :D

  8. That’s why Sprint hasn’t released hardly anything as of late. They planned to shove that Iphone down everybody’s throat!

  9. That’s what an analyst believes. That’s not really news.

    1. From the “iPhone outselling” article: “In fact, we believe iPhones are outselling all other smartphones combined at Sprint and AT&T…”

      Funny how the “In fact, we believe” is dropped from the headline.

  10. If Android manufactures want to lock down Android devices to root and have a zillion different versions out here yes, iPhone will win in the end..

  11. Don’t you have to enter an incorrect pin/password a minimum number of times before being able to unlock your Android device with the Google account and password?  And aren’t there apps available that will wipe the device after entering an incorrect pin/password a certain number of times?  Combine these two, and isn’t it possible to have the device self-wipe before being able to enter the Google account credentials?

  12. It’s awesome to see grown adults taking the iPhone this personally.

  13. I’m pretty sure Sprint stores are telling their reps to sell as many iPhones as possible.  My friend got pushed into one for $99, which is a good deal, but he said they definitely were trying to sell the iPhone and not anything else.  They have a contract with Apple to sell a certain number of phones over 3 years or so, so I think they are pushing it as hard as they can.

  14. iphone always out sell any models of android. 

  15. Chevy Malibus outsell all models of Ferrari combined. That doesn’t mean the Malibu is better.

  16. According to some recent info, carrier margins get spanked big-time when selling i-Phones due to carrier subsities required to make the i-Phone competitive in price. Sprint’s numbers are the worst re this. Gotta wonder if data plan price hikes aren’t going to follow on the heels of the increased i-Phone sales. Last but not least, after everybody that can afford to (both in dollars and contract-windows) ponies up and satiates that 4s craving, watch Apple pull a suprise release of the i-Phone 5 they couldn’t quite squeeze out last fall…

  17. It doesn’t mean iPhone is better! Chill people.

  18. Lol @ people getting upset ..I’m not discrediting the phone itself, what I’m saying is the majority of the people who are buying them are buying them just because…..its become a fad, a trend, a accessory… if you believe otherwise I hate to inform you but your lieing to yourself…facts are just facts… kids, soccer moms, etc etc…you can’t really believe that these demographics are sucked in by specifics, processors, screen types etc etc..your devotion to apple is clouding your judgement because you think I said something negative about the phone or Apple but in reality I didn’t…

  19. Heard Android has instagram, you guys going to get frazzled over that too …?

  20. Doesnt matter folks.

    Anyone one on here remember where Android was in 2008? 2009? The beginning of 2010?

    Both the iPhone and Android are good phones. Good enough that ppl continue to buy them. Look…..Apple users arent sheep, they just want what they want. Same for Android users. And Android cant be all that bad….this is going on mid 2012. Compare this to the beginning of 2010 for marketshare. Ppl keep buying Android cuz overall its a decent product. Might not be the best in all areas…but neither is any other mobile phone, OS.

    Many must dont remember that once upon a time RIM and Win Mo were 1 and 2 in market share. Palm was in the mix too….Now look where all 3 are….the iPhone put them on the ropes and Android put em on the canvas. Ppl buy what they want and dont buy what they dont want. Sometimes its really that simple. Android and the iPhone are kings of the hill right now…no matter how many iPhones outsell Android and no matter how much market share Android has.

    Now….time to read about the AT&T tower improvements. I just got a PS Vita and in y area data reception is actually better than Verizons. I might be on the verge of switching carriers. That LTE speed is gonna be hard to give up tho. I average 6 to 10 mbps in a weak reception area.

    Btw…another reason it doesnt matter….:


    So who do you believe? Believe who you want, get what you want….and just enjoy living life.

  21. Apples=sheeps

    don’t follows this fanatic trends if we defend our androids like some people around here your nothing less than another mindless fan of a piece of plastic. Use what is better for you and stop this stupid fanatic thing, neither ofboth companies are giving you a nickel. It looks like we need to keep convincing ourselves of how good android or ios is. Get over it.

    Ohh this iphone has the best environment and apps…

    Ohh the iphone is too small for my big macho hands…

    Come on the world is crumbling down and we are wasting our time over stupid things.

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