Apr 3rd, 2012

In case you’re new around here, you have just entered into the world famous Android Overload. This is the one place you can always turn, when you have an insatiable appetite for even more things Android. Since not every story that comes our way is published to our front page, we place them here. So, that you guys can give them the final once over before they sink into the abyss of the world wide webs. Find something interesting? Let us know.

  • OfficeSuite Pro 5 now 80% off in the Play Store until April 4th. [Play Store Link]
  • See AT&T’s tower improvements in select cities using their map. [AT&T]
  • This is how Google (and Apple) help police bypass Android (and iOS) lockscreens. [Cnet]
  • Settlement talks fail. Google and Oracle head to court to settle patent dispute. [AllThingsD]
  • Select OnLive games are up to 70% off. Play on computer, tablet or phone. [OnLive]
  • Google Wallet co-founding engineer leaves to join Square. [NFCTimes]
  • iPhone users rely more on WiFi than Android users. [Cnet]
  • Reddit is Fun now back in the Google Play Store. [Play Store Link]
  • Sony claims to have optimized all of ICS to fit it on Xperia devices. [SonyDeveloperWorld]
  • iPhone is outselling all Android smartphones combined on AT&T and Sprint. [AllThingsD]
  • Sony issuing replacements for Xperia S affected by yellow screens. [Cnet]