Sprint HTC EVO One Pictured?


Leading up to Wednesday’s event involving Sprint and HTC, we’ve been clawing and scratching for every bit of info we could get on their HTC EVO One. While we’ve been able to uncover a bit of the hidden picture, things are still pretty much up in the air.

Thanks to PocketNow, it’s possible we’ve gotten our first look at the device. The picture above gives us a look at both AT&T and T-Mobile’s options, as well as a third one in the middle which is unbranded, as far as we can tell. (There may be Sprint branding on the back of the device.)

It doesn’t look much different from the One X which is rumored to be the variant Sprint’s going after with this one. It’ll reportedly have a 1.5GHz S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4.7 inch HD display, 16GB of internal storage and 4G LTE. There’ll also be HTC Sense 4.0 on top of Android 4.0.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks like a larger Evo Design 4G with 3 buttons

  2. what’s up with the hardware buttons?

    1. Mmmmm… dem hardware buttons O_o

  3. Bottom right, hardware camera button?

    1. Ooooh, I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out. While I never used the one on my EVO 3D, I welcome any new additions to the device. Good eye sniper.

      1. I also welcome a hardware camera button.  Miss the one I had a few phones ago.  Did you make a Coheed reference?

        1. Lol, I can see why you thought I did, but I didn’t. Good song though.

  4. Why’d they change the housing?
    I like the original One X design better personally.
    Why do manufacturers feel the need to have so many different housings for the exact same phone just because it’s a different carrier?
    It makes assessories such a pain in the ass….

    1.  The carriers run the show in North America. They tell the manufacturers what they will buy.

      Carriers are the customers, not the end users. The end users are customers of the carrier.

    1. Good one. Hahaha

  5. More squared perhaps hinting at the metal instead of poly? Also if that is a camera button that’s another plus for sprint.

    1. The poly bezel on the original Evo was solid, not similar to the metal that was used on the Evo 3D.  The metal bezel is too soft.  It’s bends easy and the paint comes off it with light use. If it’s metal I can only hope they’ve addressed the quality issues.

      1. I was thinking it was the same treated metal as they are using on the one s.

        1. I could only hope you’re right! 

  6. If you look at the date on the weather widget the middle one has the date April 4 which is the day Sprint & HTC are going to unveil something I like the look & body of AT&T’s version! So its either Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S3 for me I just like Samsung phones & Super Amoled!

  7. I think they took a step back with this housing. it’s not as sleek on the sides as the other versions. I need more angles, tomorrow can’t get here fast enough! I’m not counting it out just yet. Let’s see that glorious kickstand and chunky 2650 mah bettery it supposedly packs.

  8. LCD 2 or bust. Simply can not justify upgrading to AMOLED or Pentile with an option like that available.

    1. Screens are a major deciding factor in a future phone. And yeah, just as you said, SLCD2 or bust. 

  9. It is the worst looking one out of the three. It is too squared off at the top of the screen. It actually looks like crap. How disappointing. Maybe I won’t buy this. My phone has to look good, and this doesn’t.

    If this is true, Sprint really screwed up. For the first time, I am seriously considering leaving Sprint.

    1.  it looks like the big brother to the EVO 4G (aka Supersonic). I have no complaints about it’s look. I actually like it.

      1. I agree, Nessie… I don’t really care that much what a phone looks like. I’m a guy after all. Give me functionality over form. And that battery makes up for a LOT.

        As to the OP gs6456: You’re going to leave Sprint because a phone isn’t pretty enough? Seriously? Wow! I mean, if you don’t like Sprint’s service, I can see it… But the phone’s looks are actually making you consider jumping? Are you a girl, or just a metro sexual?  Actually, don’t answer that. I don’t really care and it’s not my business. I support your right to be a prissy person. If your phone “has to look good” then more power to ya. Enjoy paying more money for less service so that you can have a pretty phone. Do you put little panda charms on it as well? Just wondering…

    2. if you care so much about looks get an iphone

  10. Major disappointment if that is what they unveil tomorrow. Please let that not be the new evo…. Please!!!

  11. The center phone has the new & ugly visual voice mail icon that’s currently on my Evo 3D so that might just be the Sprint version.  But like everybody said, the housing isn’t as nice as the others.  But if that is a camera button on the lower right hand side then that’s a major plus for me.

    The T-Mobile phone seems to have a lot of real estate up top.

  12. I had such high hopes for this phone being the perfect blend of style and substance, and now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m really pissed off. Mainly because I’ve been team Sprint for so long, but this is just a slap in the face. If this is true, this is a major misstep.

    1. The phone still reminds me of all the other versions they have released over the last 2 years since the original evo 4g. Its not horrid but it is not exactly screaming sexy. The internals of the phone is what attracts me to it, its downright powerful and the S4 chipset is the best alongside Huawei’s own processor. The only reason this attracts my attention is becuz it reminds me of how reliable my Evo 4G has been for the last 2 years. Plus HTC’s bootloaders get unlocked pretty quickly by Developers to allow custom roms and squeeze even more performance. If i dont win the Galaxy Nexus off of sprints sweepstake contest, then this will be my option.

  13. I was all about getting the Nexus when it came this April to Sprint, but when I saw the review from Engadget, I now say, Fuk the nexus. This phone tops all phones hands down. 

  14. I’m all for the superior hardware.. you won’t hear my crying that it doesn’t have a quad core when it houses a superior dual core, larger battery and dedicated camera button (it seems).

    But.. the design IS dissapointing. The bezel looks like it’s from the original EVO or even the G1. I understand that Sprint wants to set the EVO apart from other HTC devices but it shouldn’t be known as the ‘ugly’ one.

  15. My phone gets buried in a big ass Otter Defender case, so I personally don’t care what it looks like.

  16. And yeah, as mentioned, that’s Sprints voicemail icon.. And that silver button on the bottom right isn’t on the other two phones. Awesome catch. Definitely a plus.

    I am pretty confident this will be our next phone… And it will be thru Best Buy given the $50 gift card for each phone.

    Also, plan to pit them against Radio Shack like I did two years ago for the EVO. Walked out with free blue tooth device, case and InvisiShield screen protector installed on all 4 phones. It was like Christmas.

  17. Lol how can, you guys make judgements on the look of the phone without even seeing the real version first. Wait for the announcement and check it out then :)

  18. Why does the Middle one have Play and the ones on the outside only have Market?

  19. Memory card slot & removable battery??????

  20. I don’t mind the appearance. I am a heavy user and need it to stream music and browse throughout the day. I need a changeable battery so I can have a couple of charged spares on hand. So it looks like I am staying with my EVO 3D a little longer.

  21. Function over form. Get an iPhone if you don’t like the looks. Personally I like the looks of the original One X, but if this adds extra function, like hardware camera button, (please please please) or bigger battery, then please give me the uglier one. I just hope it stays as thin.

  22. I guess I’m in the minority here. I like the rectangular look of the EVO lineup. Although it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me. Everyone is complaining now… come tomorrow they will be singing a different tune.

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