Apr 3rd, 2012

With all the devices either finding themselves updated, or being released with Ice Cream Sandwich (Galaxy Nexus, S2 and HTC Ones come to mind), you may have been wondering overall, how much of a market share Google’s latest firmware has been gaining. Well, wonder no more, friends. The Android Developers site has updated the data on their Platform Versions dashboard, and ‘ol ICS has made a sizeable leap, finding itself installed on a whopping 2.9% of current Android devices. Okay, while not all that impressive, it’s a nice improvement from the 1.6% we saw back in January.

The Platform Versions chart is a tool for developers to plan which version of Android to better cater their apps to. Gingerbread is still running strong with many devices today still launching with the now aged OS. This likely wont change until the end of this year when more devices — even lower-end entry level devices — begin launching with ICS. We’re moving on up!

[Android Developers]