Android 4.0.4 for Nexus S 4G leaked


The Nexus brand has taken quite a bit of a hit over the recent few weeks, with Google failing to provide what we have all considered the defining feature for the handsets (quick and timely updates).

It’s disheartening to see that only a subset of the Nexus S users are on ICS, but we’ve finally got some good news: BriefMobile has managed to get their hands on all the files for an upcoming 4.0.4 OTA. Head over to their website to get all the files and instructions.

Thanks, Korey Nicholson!

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Nice. The first bit of good news to actually be true today. I thought this was an April Fools joke at first. :)

    Another post I read today that I THOUGHT was a joke, but turns out it’s true, too: No pizza in the new Ninja Turtles movie. (

    Ugh. At least I got some good news today. Gonna flash this to my wife’s Nexus S now!

  2. Where’s the leak for the GN(CDMA)?????

    1.  um, the cdma gn 404 leak came like a month ago and the source for 404 dropped so there are roms for it all over now

  3. I like how their site has to specifically point out:


  4. I hope they fix the wifi, and 3g

  5. sheesh it’s about time.

  6. I got the OTA to 4.04 a couple nights ago – it fixed the SVOX UK voice being able to work on a phone set to US English as the default language (like Gingerbread could do before.)  I’m so happy navigation sounds sexy again!!  I’ve gotten super lucky it seems, got ICS in December (day before my family’s Galaxy Nexi arrived even) and it’s all gone according to plan with timely updates.. so just fyi it did go well for some, felt like sharing a success story since there are so many sad ones, but I’m sure this will come across as a nah na na na nah nah report.  And maybe it is..  -Nexus S on Tmob

  7. Switching to iPhone 5 tired of the Android delays and bull. I want the latest update so I buy a nexus. Still screwed f u Google

    1. Have fun with the fruit.  Seriously, the Galaxy Nexus isn’t technically on 4.0.4.  My Prime isn’t on .4, what do you want?

  8. Didn’t care for the Nexus S, and I hate the GNex, it’s currently collecting dust except for the occasional time that I take it out and mess around with it. When the Nexus One was released, it actually meant something. The fact that there are not just full ROMs, but other devices getting official 4.0.x before the Nexus S is a disgrace. It isn’t THAT old, and they don’t have to come up with updates for 197 different versions. I love Samsung LED TVs (cheaper than Sony, with a much better picture and warranty service- I’ve owned both and have actual experience in this and not just a Consumer’s Report article), they suck at making phones. Spare me the “Samsung was the top-selling brand of 2011”, just because something is a top-seller doesn’t mean it’s good.
     Of course, that’s just my opinion, but I really hope that HTC, or Motorola (not likely, as other manufacturers would look on that as favoritism) makes the Nexus 3.

  9. Damn people bitching on an update! What about unemployment? What about gas prices? Thank god you bitching people have Jobs.

    1. Yes, you’re right. Fuck updates while there are other, much more important problems in the world.
      In case you haven’t noticed, this is an Android fanboy blog, not a letter to your representative. Shall I take the money I was going to use to pay my monthly bill and give it to someone who needs it more than I do?
       As for gas prices, be very thankful that the federal government doesn’t tax them, if you think prices in the US are high, try looking at the prices in Europe.
       I understand the sentiment, but this is absolutely the wrong place for it, your energy would be better directed to your congressman/senator, and not a bunch of people who are worried about which version of Android they’re on.

  10. Hopefully it isnt too long for an official OTA. I might have to see if I can talk my kids mother into rooting and unlocking the bootloader on hers.

    What I do know is in her area Sprint sucks big time. Its kinda better in my area. Its best to know which carrier is the best in your area, where you hang out the most. I got a PS Vita and AT&T is actually better in my area than Verizon. They spedds cant compare to Verizons LTE where I live.

  11. still waiting on that i9020A leak/update…………….

  12. YESSSSS!!! finally!

  13. does 4.0.4 fix the battery draining problem?

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