Mar 31st, 2012

Smartphones have become our go-to devices for a plethora of tasks. Undoubtedly, we have become much more productive when on-the-go. And according to an infographic provided by JIBE, this is also the case for those that are looking for employment.

It is usual to find companies that have gotten rid of paper applications. But the process has started to turn mobile, as well. According to a study conducted by Kelton Research, about 86% of job-seeking smartphone owners use their mobile device to find employment.

This comes as a rather surprising statistic – job searching may be convenient when done via a smartphone, but what is more surprising is the amount of people applying to jobs directly from their phones. According to this study, 47% of mobile job seekers will not wait until getting home to apply. They will simply apply straight from the device.

Also, 55% will sign up for available job alerts. And 23% share the information via e-mail, while 19% does the same via social networks. But while the convenience of mobile job searching can be enticing, it has its downsides.

Users complain that most career sites are not yet optimized for mobile, making the experience a bit more tedious. Furthermore, multiple tasks are hard to perform. Such discrepancies may cause the other 14% to find other ways of looking for a dream job.

As these issues start getting fixed, though, we can see a much larger transition to the newest way of finding employment. More and more sites are starting to optimize their sites for mobile, and multi-tasking is being improved by features like the Galaxy Note 10.1’s multi-screen functionality.

Thankfully, Android is very good at multi-tasking (while not perfect). I know I have found multiple jobs thanks to my phone (of course). But what about you? Have you used your smartphone to find a job? Do you prefer filling out a paper application and make direct contact with your employer?

[Via: Mashable]