Microsoft’s “Smoked By WP7” Challenge extended. Go loot them, Phandroids!


Didn’t get a chance to pick up a special edition “Hunger Games” laptop from HP during Microsoft’s Smoked By WP7 challenge? Good news for you, folks, ‘cos it’s been extended until the 5th of April.

A few limitations, though, this time. If you lose (and that is unfortunately very much possible, since the challenges you’d face over there are completely skewed to favor WP7) you’d only get a new phone if you are in the first 100 people at a particular store. If not, you go home with $25 store credit. Beat their device, and you get the PC, no matter how many people ahead of you do so.

Couple of tips before you go into battle: remove your lockscreen to save you time,  select your default apps so that you don’t get a query at the wrong moment, and practice, practice, practice!

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. is there a microsoft store in dallas?

    1. Nope, just Houston (the Galleria here).

      Only 15 locations- http://content.microsoftstore.com/Home.aspx (an Austin location coming soon but no Dallas).

  2. I would go if they had a store by me.

  3. Microsoft has stores???

    1. Apparently.  But hardly anyone knows they exist, much less where they are.  And THAT says more about Microsoft and Windows Phone than the results of any rigged challenge.

  4. Well isn’t that convenient for Microsoft. What is it only 8 states with stores. I was about to take my brothers sister and friends to the store and have them all ready to pwn a windows phone. If only NJ had one. I hope the phandroid readers take there android toting friends with them and get as many laptops as possible.

  5. “Couple of tips before you go into battle: remove your lockscreen to save you time,  select your default apps so that you don’t get a query at the wrong moment”

    You would be “cheating” if you done that…………..

    If you head over to the MS site and read their revised T&C’s they clearly thought that the first competition wasn’t stacked enough in their favour.

    “Your smartphone must be using the original, unmodified operating system that came standard on your smartphone.”

    “Before the challenge begins, Smartphones are required to exit out of any background applications either by closing each application individually and/or by power cycling the device, and contestants may be required to do so if asked by the Store Associate administering the challenge. Some Challenge scenarios reflect set-up and pre-installed apps.”

    BUT its OK for the MS rep to have live tiles etc pre-prepared, or like the blackberry owner they challenged to send an email to 5 contacts, the MS rep already had a contact group setup with exactly 5 contacts.


    1. Lets put it this way, if you win, but MS refuses to give you your prizes, write to us. We’ll try to kick up a shit-storm so you get what you deserve. PS, do keep widgets with weather info (for multiple towns) on your homescreen plus other stuff.

  6. Just curious.  I’ve read of several Android phones that have beaten this challenge.  Any iPhones?

  7. Too bad they Lost big time ! They have no store in Canton, MI.

  8. I just got back from my local Microsoft store and I smoked them with my HTC G2. Shows them how even a near 2 year old phone can still smoke a brand new Windows phone if optimized correctly!

    Android FTW! =)


    Thanks Microsoft for holding this contest and letting me win a brand new laptop! =)

    1. Wow, congrats.

      I wish I could try, but there is no MS store around here.

  9. I would totally do this but the nearest Microsoft store is about 2 hours from me.
    They should have done this at Bestbuy or something like that

  10. Dang, 18+ =(. I’m 16, I know I could win, I live a couple hours from a store, and I can drive. Oh well, even once I won, they probably wouldn’t give me the prize anyway.

  11. I wish the one in Danbury, CT was open I would love a new laptop

  12. Shocked there’s nothing near me in DC.  Ah well.  I wonder if they look to see if your phone is rooted/ROM’d?

    1. There is one in Tysons Corner Mall

      1. Yup and they are NOT doing the contest…Because they say that people in the DC Metro do something “unusual” things with their Android devices and that Government Agencies hack devices and the folks that work for those Agencies come in and smoke their phones…I was like LAWD!!!!


  13. My challenge was to check a friends status on Facebook, and send them an SMS about it. I list should have used my thunderbolt with HTC sense right from the friendstream app you can read the status click their picture and send them an SMS. Darn

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